Durga Puja Food Trail Around India: Take Your Pick!

A week long carnival, Durga Puja is all about drumbeats, conch shells, loudspeakers, food from thousands of stalls, lighting and cultural programmes! We bring to you an interesting Durga Puja food trail around India to get the best of festival food. Come, join us!


1. Delhi

Visit the bustling Chittaranjan Park and Kali Badi (Mandir Marg) in Delhi to soak up pujo flavours to the hilt while you treat your taste buds to spicy phuchkas, mouth-watering veg and non-veg rolls, kebabs and much more.

delhi (1)


2. Ranchi

A trip to Ranchi during Durga Puja is incomplete without visiting Bakri Bazar and Main Road in the city. Indulge in hot kachoris, delicious dhuskas, pakoras and aloo chaap and we are sure, you will be yearning for more!


3. Kolkata

A must visit city if you want to enjoy the best pujo celebrations in India, Kolkata is crazy during the week long carnival. Even though every nook and corner of the city is decked during puja, Maddox Square and Park Circus are the most happening hangout zones where you can satiate your hunger pangs with the choicest of dishes, from kebab wraps to kathi rolls, from samosa to sondesh, jhal muri to phuchkas–you name it and they have it!


4. Patna

How about planning a trip to Patna during the puja celebrations to get the best of this city? If the answer is yes, then you are in for a lovely treat! Places like Maurya Lok and Ashok Rajpath will be your best bets for enjoying the pujo fervor and also indulging in specialities like aloo chaat, litti-chokha, noodles and pav bhaji with extra dollops of butter!


5. Bangalore

Surprised to hear that the city of Bangalore also celebrates Durga Puja with beautiful pandals, glittering lights and the never-ending crowds? Visit areas like Koramangala and Ulsoor to be a part of the grand celebrations and also treat yourself with local specialities.


6. Mumbai

Don’t miss the puja celebrations at Balkanji Bari, Rani Mukherjee’s residence in Mumbai. Every year, the actress celebrates the puja with much ardour and fervour, inviting everyone for the aarti, bhog and darshan.

For that authentic Bengali flavour, head to sector 15 in Vashi where you get the best of Bengali dishes, from Mughlai parathas, kebabs, chicken rolls to Kolkata’s signature biryani. Have rasgulla and sondesh for your sweet cravings.


7. Guwahati

The extravaganza that takes place in the city of Guwahati during this festival is an unforgettable experience. To make the most of your puja festivities, we suggest you to visit Bharalumukh and Ganeshguri and come back with memories of a lifetime. Indulge in delicious fast food, piping hot momos, noodles and local dishes as well. Also, don’t forget to get some ice-cream for yourself.


Hop on to this exciting Durga puja food trail around India and take home delectable memories!