Flying for the first time? Travel like a pro with this ultimate guide

Are you going to board a flight for the first time? If yes, there will be a lot of questions in your mind, some of which might be embarrassing for you to ask your jet-setter friends. First-time flyers are usually anxious and fearful about what to do at the airport or aboard the plane. Fear not! We have put together some useful tips to help you breeze through your first flight with excitement and confidence.

Be ready with the paperwork

For international travellers, the most important document is their passport and visa. Ensure that it has at least three months remaining before its expiry. If you have booked your ticket online and don’t have a print-out, your confirmation mail has all the information you need at the check-in counter. At the check-in desk, you will get a boarding pass which will have  your flight number, departure time and seat number. If you are flying within the country, an identification card (aadhaar card or pan card) is a must.

About the luggage

Even those who fly often, sometimes gets confused by airlines’ baggage allowances, but as a newbie flyer, it is more important to know about the weight limits allowed by the carrier you are flying with. All airlines have restrictions on the sizes of bags, both for hand luggage and cabin bags. If your luggage exceeds the weight limits, you might have to pay extra for the same. Most of the domestic airlines offer a checked-in baggage allowance of 7 to 10 kgs. Also, make sure that the dimensions of your hand baggage do not exceed the allowed range.

Going through security check

After getting your boarding pass, the next step is the security check. Keep your IDs and boarding pass handy at the gate. Take off your shoes and jacket on reaching the screening machines. Walk through the metal detector and retrieve your belongings from the end of the conveyor belt.

Find your gate

You can check your gate number on your boarding pass or the information display system. Signs at the airport will help you get to your gate. If the gate isn’t open at the time you reach, you can spend your time reading a book or sipping coffee at the waiting area/lounge.

Locating your seat

The numbers written above each row indicate the seat numbers. You can stow small bags under the seat and larger ones on the overhead bins. For any food and refreshments, you can press the button on the top to call the flight attendants.

Land and Exit

Once your flight lands, collect your baggage from the overhead bin and walk out of the plane. Follow the signs or check electronic display to claim your baggage. You might have to wait a little until the conveyor starts moving and your bag arrives. Exit the airport.

And you made it! You can now explore your destination and make the most out of your trip.

Bon Voyage!!