Now Travel from Mumbai to Delhi in just 13 hours

Indian Railways has come up with a mega plan that will cover the country’s most high-profile route, which is Delhi-Mumbai, in just 13 hours. Currently, Rajdhani Express covers the distance in about 16 hours. The move is expected to make this link a “true overnighter,” official sources said.

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The existing 24-coach Mumbai Rajdhani train has a sanctioned speed of 130 km/h, but due to the curves and other speed restrictions along the 1386 km route, the average speed of the train turns out to be around 90 km/h making the duration of the journey around 15.35 hours.

Recently, the first trial of this service was conducted using the Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches of the Rajdhani. Now, the Railway Ministry is assessing the results and will conduct further trials, said sources. Also, members of the Railway Board will discuss issues related to this new service in a meeting to be held this month. Ravindra Gupta, Railway Board member (Rolling Stock) who proposed this service, is spearheading the project.

In recent years, the Mumbai-Delhi route, which is mostly patronised by business travellers, has seen a significant shift in favour of airlines. So, a true overnighter will claw back a sizable pie of that market, said Ministry officials.

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