Success Story of Kumbh: Best Swachhata Score This Year

Known for its Naga sadhus, saints and spirituality, Kumbh Mela is in news for different reasons this time. Making history, Kumbh Mela 2019 has been titled as the ‘cleanest Kumbh’ in India this year.

Talking about its swachhata, the Uttar Pradesh government has backed up the Mela with 20,000 sanitation workers with 1500 swachhgrahis (clean India volunteers). These employees and volunteers are educating and motivating people to keep the premises clean and hygienic.

This year the Kumbh Mela has 1.2 lakh toilets for proper sanitation and temporary Sewage Treatment Plants to avoid the faecal waste ending up directly in the Ganga. All these swachh targets have been kept in mind following the theme of Kumbh Mela, ‘Swachh Kumbh, Surakshit Kumbh’ (Clean Kumbh, Secure Kumbh).

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Sanitation workers are on duty 24×7, wearing their swachhagrahis jacket and equipped with brooms at all times. This has majorly helped the premises to be a clean affair.

There are dustbins, trash skimmers and waste picking vehicles deployed at every ghar for keeping the area clean at all times. The trash collectors gather waste like ash, clothes, flowers, etc. from the surface of the river to keep it clean.

These steps taken for the Kumbh Mela this year are expected to make it India’s cleanest festival.