5 Kumbh Mela Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Kumbh Mela, a massive gathering of hindu bhakts (devotees) from all over the world is believed to be the largest religious gathering on earth. However, it is much more than just a gathering or a fair. It is a cultural retreat, a celebration of divinity and spirituality.

But did you know there are several myths associated with the same? 😯

So with Ardh Kumbh Mela starting in just a few days, it is time we burst the bubble. So, here are 5 kumbh mela myths you must know.

Myth: Oh! It has uncontrollable chaos and crowd
Fact: No! It is an extremely well managed fair

UP government has an estimate budget of more than Rs.4,200 crore to make Ardh Kumbh a fuss-free event for all the pilgrims. From introducing 800 special trains to installing more than 1,22,000 toilets, it will be an extremely memorable event for everyone.

Myth: The city will have major traffic congestion
Fact: Proper traffic control and important facilities are available

For the convenience of the pilgrims, shuttle buses and CNG autos will operate inside Prayagraj. Also, sign boards will be placed on main routes of the city which will have information like schedule of trains, distance from parking area to the mela and so on.

Myth: The mela is full of diseases!
Fact: There is a disease surveillance unit

There will be ‘epidemic intelligence officers’ who would coordinate with medical units to keep the mela safe from infections. What a great news!

Myth: No proper place to stay!
Fact: Luxury tents are available

Now soak in the spirituality at Kumbh with luxury tents costing up to Rs.35,000/night. There are also budget accommodation options with cottages starting from Rs.2,500/night and dormitories at just Rs.1,000/bed.

Myth: You will lose a twin/sibling in the mela
Fact: You will find yourself instead!

Firstly, this last kumbh mela myth is so filmy! With a new app developed by the UP Police, now losing anything or anyone is nearly impossible. But yes you can surely find yourself again amidst the spiritual masters and scholars.

So what are you waiting for? Start planning for a memorable trip. Till we meet again, happy travels!

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