Attention Train Passengers! Indian Railways to Collect These Fines on Breaking Rules

The Indian Railways is used for travelling by millions of passengers across the country. To ensure that the journey is pleasant and safe for every traveller, the Railways has various rules in place.

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Breaking these rules can lead to fines and even imprisonment. To make sure your train journey is smooth and safe, here are the fines you must keep in mind for your next trip:

1. Travelling without a ticket will result in a minimum fine of Rs.250 along with additional charges depending on the distance. If one fails to pay, he/she will be presented in front of a magistrate and fined for up to Rs.1000. Failing to pay this can result in being jailed for up to six months.

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2. If you have booked an e-ticket, make sure to produce an original ID to validate your e-ticket. If you don’t have an original ID, you will be considered as a passenger travelling without a ticket and fined accordingly.

3. Drinking on the train or travelling on a train while drunk is a serious offence. This will result in the passenger being removed from the train along with being fined Rs.500 and even being imprisoned for six months.

4. Since smoking on the train is prohibited, anyone caught doing so will be fined.

5. Pulling the chain without a valid reason like a medical emergency or a fire can result in imprisonment for up to one year, or incurring a fine of up to Rs.1000, or both.

So the next time you travel by train, keep these rules in mind in order to have a happy journey!

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