Indian Railways To Have 150 Private Trains On 100 routes

Indian Railways will run 150 private trains on 100 routes. The bidding process for the routes will begin in January 2020.

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Due to the Finance Ministry’s Public Private Partnership Appraisal Committee’s (PPPAC) nod, private operators will now be able to engage with the Indian railways ending its monopoly on running passenger trains.


Some of the long-distance routes that have been identified are Mumbai-Kolkata, Mumbai-Chennai, Mumbai-Guwahati, New Delhi-Mumbai, New Delhi-Bengaluru among others.


Other routes include Mumbai-Varanasi, Mumbai-Nagpur, Surat-Varanasi, Chennai-Secunderabad and more. There will be several trains connecting the national capital of New Delhi to cities such as Patna, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Katra, Gorakhpur and more.


Out of the 100 routes, 35 will connect to New Delhi, 26 to Mumbai, 12 to Kolkata, 11 to Chennai and 8 to Bangalore.

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