IRCTC Train Enquiry

How can I check my train ticket in IRCTC? To enquire about your train ticket, simply enter your PNR by visiting the IRCTC website.
What is the train enquiry number? The train enquiry number is 139
Can I do train enquiry on mobile app? Yes, you can by downloading ixigo trains app on your mobile.
How to do train enquiry for seat availability? Simply download ixigo trains app to check seat availability
How to do train enquiry for running status? Download ixigo IRCTC trains app for running status and other train enquiry features.
The boon of Internet has manifested itself in many avatars over the last couple of decades and IRCTC train enquiry is amongst one of the most visible effects of the same, at least, in India. IRCTC stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation and it is an Indian Railways subsidiary involved in numerous operations such as online ticketing processes, catering, and tourism. The launch of its website,, especially revolutionised the way of planning rail travel in the country. In fact, IRCTC started the concept of booking rail tickets over the Internet in India. While ticketing is a core functionality, the website has also evolved as a free one stop shop for seeking lots of IRCTC train enquiry and fare availability. Here’s some more on the same.
  • IRCTC train enquiry provides a wealth of information on the various policies concerning the administration of the Indian Railways. 
  • While general IRCTC train enquiry information is largely accessible to most people, one needs to create a User ID and Password for making Indian railway reservation.
  • Some of the topics covered by IRCTC train enquiry include PNR Prediction, live running status of trains, availability of berths on IRTC, changes in reservation status, train schedule information, irctc seat availability with fare and timings.

IRCTC Special Trains List

Traditional Method of Obtaining Train Enquiry

Well, this option of getting train enquiry is physically very taxing, mentally quite frustrating, and not to mention, highly tedious and time consuming. This involves getting up early in the morning and making a dash for the reservation counter at the railway station, while hoping that people have not already started queueing up since the night. This is an all the more worrisome factor during festivals and holiday times as the rush for rail tickets increases phenomenally. After spending so much of time and effort at the reservation counter, you may finally learn that there are no seats left. In fact, the tickets may even get sold out before you get your turn at the reservation counter. So, making an IRCTC train enquiry and fare availability over the Internet is anyday more preferable to waiting at the railway station.
Online train seat availability status is displayed on ixigo’s trains search page, while android users can find live seat availability information at Indian rail & trains app on the Google Play Store.


IRCTC Train Enquiry FAQ

Q. Which number do I call to enquire about my train?

A: One of the largest rail networks in the world, Indian Railways caters to 23 million passengers daily. To check your train details, you simply have to call on train enquiry number 139. It is part of Indian Railways initiative highlighting the slogan ‘One Nation, One Railway and One Enquiry System’. Passengers can get information about any train through this number. Also, this number is accessible from any part of the country. Use this number to enquire about PNR status, arrival and departure of trains, availability of seats and berths in various classes of different trains and fares of various classes. Check IRCTC Train Enquiry

Q. What is the method to book tatkal ticket fast?

A: Since tatkal tickets get booked within seconds, keep details such as passenger name and age, journey date, your source and destination stations, passenger berth preferences, and bank details ready. Indian Railways’ introduced its ‘Tatkal Scheme’ in 1997 to provide tickets to passengers who are looking to travel at a short notice. They can be booked on payment of an extra charge on a first-come-first-served basis for all but first AC seats. Tatkal ticket charges are fixed at 10% of the basic fare for second class and 30% of the basic fare for all other classes. Check Here

Q. On irctc, how can I check my train?

A: You can check the details of your trip using the 10-digit PNR number that gets generated whenever a passenger books tickets with Indian Railways. It is available with both online and offline bookings. Checking the details of your train on IRCTC is very simple. You simply have to visit the IRCTC website and enter your PNR number, the details of your train will be visible to you. You can check train status 

Q. If I want to check my railway ticket online, how do I do it?

A: To get information regarding your railway ticket, all you have to do is download the ixigo trains app. Once you’ve downloaded, add your PNR number in the list and find all details related to your train and ticket in one place.

Q. Where can I check my train platform number?

A: ixigo trains app can help you with this problem. Download the app from the app store and tap on the ‘Platform Locator’ feature. Once you’ve put in the number of your train, it will show you a detailed list of all the stations that particular train will cover, including the platform number and the time it will arrive at.

Q. How do I enquire about my train from my mobile?

A: To enquire about your train, just call on the national train enquiry number 139. It can be reached via any phone number and from any part of the country..