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Some facts about flying from Chennai to Madurai:

Which airlines fly from Chennai to Madurai (MAA- IXM) ?
Airlines include SpiceJet , IndiGo , Air India , Jet Airways
How long does it take to fly from Chennai to Madurai ?
The shortest flight time from Chennai to Madurai is 1 hours 5 minutes.
What is the best flight for Chennai to Madurai ?
You can search on to find the best flight from MAA to IXM
What is the fare, price or rate for Chennai - Madurai airline ticket?
On average an Chennai - Madurai airline ticket costs Rs. 5746. However, you can search for latest fares and availability for Chennai to Madurai on
On average an Chennai - Madurai airline ticket costs INR 
What is the airport code of Chennai and Madurai ?
Airport code of Chennai is MAA and Madurai is IXM.
What are the past airfare trend from Chennai to Madurai ?
Get the past as well as current trends in airfare from Chennai to Madurai in an instant. Click here.

Flights from Chennai to Madurai

To witness a spectacular combination of history, modernity, rapid development, as well as traditions, Chennai is the best place to be at. The Tamil city is one of the metropolitan cities of India, and also is an inevitable part of the automobile industry in the country, proudly boasting the title of “Detroit of India.” From it’s sparkling gems of the past, which include temples, monuments, to its awe inspiring coastline, the city is brimming with magnificent aspects that one can certainly never get enough of. Moving ahead, some 460 km away, or an hour’s duration away by flight, there is another marvel of a city, Madurai. The second largest city of Tamil Nadu, if you take a Chennai to Madurai flight, in no time you can be hopping from the Detroit of India to the city of colorful gopurams (towers). The entire skyline of Madurai is embellished with the stunning towers of the Meenakshi Temple which give it an alluring as well as an interesting touch, thereby attracting hordes of travellers from around the world.

The average Chennai to Madurai flight travel time is of an hour, with a maximum buffer of 25 minutes, with certain airlines. To catch the early morning flight from Chennai, you can rely upon Spicejet Airlineswhich leave for Madurai from Chennai at 08:30 HRS, and reaches its destination at 09:30 HRS. There are around 8 Chennai to Madurai flights plying between these two cities on a daily basis, which make sure that the flyer, at any point of time can conveniently choose their preferable Chennai to Madurai flight timings to reach their destination conveniently. By the way, if you are amongst the lazy lot, and prefer to fly late, then you can catch the last flight on this route at 18:20 HRS, courtesy Jet airways.

Handling around 8 million passengers annually, the Chennai International Airport (MAA) is one of the largest and busiest airports in India. With a stable and well operated flying strip, the airport is the first ever in India to have domestic and international terminals located adjacent to each other. Not only is it sound infrastructure wise, but also happens to be one of the most good looking airports in India. The Madurai Airport (IXM) is known to be the fourth most busiest airport in Tamil Nadu, and is expected to reach its capacity by the end of year 2017. One thing that surely you mustn’t be aware of about this airport is that it was first used by the Royal Air Force in World War II in 1942. Didn’t know that, right? The airport is majorly operating for domestic flights, with international flights plying only to a couple of destinations, such as Colombo, Dubai, etc. So if you want to travel overseas to destinations that you cannot fly to from Madurai, you can always go to Chennai, right?

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Airport Information

Chennai Airport Address

Name : Chennai International Airport
Address : G. S. Satellite Road, Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600 027
Phone : 044 2256 0551
Email : N/A

Madurai Airport Address

Name : Madurai
Address : Airport Director,Airports Authority of India,Madurai Airport,Madurai - 625022 (TN)
Phone : 91-452-2690749
Email :

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