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Kochi to Raipur Flights

Book Kochi to Raipur flights at cheapest prices starting at ₹309247. Approximately 3 flights of different airlines fly between Kochi and Raipur. Save upto ₹325 on KCZ - RPR flight booking via ixigo. You can book return Raipur Kochi flight tickets.
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  • Lowest Fare
    Kochi to Raipur by Airline from INR 309247
    Kochi - Raipur
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August 2020
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    Kochi to Raipur by Airline from INR 309247
    Kochi - Raipur
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    Kochi to Raipur by Airline from INR 313698
    Kochi - Raipur
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    Kochi to Raipur by Airline from INR 336436
    Kochi - Raipur
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Kochi Raipur Flights - FAQs

  • Q. What will be the aerial distance between Kochi and Raipur in a direct flight and how many flights fly on this route on a daily basis?

    A. The aerial distance from Kochi to Raipur is 5248 km in a direct flight. Approximately 3 flights fly on this route on a daily basis. Check here to book now

  • Q. What is the hand luggage limit on a flight between Kochi and Raipur?

    A. The cabin baggage limit on Kochi Raipur flights vary from airlines to airlines. Please confirm the hand baggage limit with the concerned airlines. Click here to book now

  • Q. For travelling from Kochi to Raipur, how many flights fly on this route everyday?

    A. 3 flights fly on Kochi to Raipur route everyday. Choose any flight time as per convenience.

  • Q. To book a flight from Kochi to Raipur in the next 30 days, what is the lowest airfare at offer?

    A. ₹309247 would be the lowest airfare for a Kochi to Raipur flight, in the next 30 days. There are 3 flights that fly on this route. Book flight tickets online in advance to avail great deals and discounts.

  • Q. To travel from Kochi to Raipur, how many weekly flights fly on this route?

    A. 3 weekly flights fly on Kochi to Raipur route. The prices of these flights vary from Kochi to Raipur. Pick any flight that suits the schedule and offers great prices.

  • Q. Suggest the cheapest fare from Kochi to Raipur for today?

    A. The cheapest fare from Kochi to Raipur for today is ₹309247. The fare usually varies between Kochi and Raipur.

  • Q. How to book tickets online from Kochi to Raipur?

    A. Book tickets from Kochi to Raipur via ixigo. Login to & search for the destination with dates, choose the best fare, provide the details and book the flight.

  • Q. How is ixigo different from online travel agents?

    A. ixigo is not an online travel agency or agent. ixigo doesn’t sell tickets or hotel rooms. It simply helps in choosing from where to book, and to save time and money in the process.

  • Q. What is the check-in baggage limit for Kochi to Raipur flights?

    A. Depending upon the airline, the check-in baggage limit for Kochi to Raipur flights will vary. But it is usually 7 kgs. But don’t forget to check with the respective airline.

  • Q. What is the hand luggage allowance for Kochi Raipur flight?

    A. As per cabin class booking, the hand luggage allowance will range from 23 kgs to 60 kgs for Kochi Raipur flight. But do check with the airline.

  • Q. What is the advantage of web check-in while flying from Kochi?

    A. The advantage of web check-in when flying from Kochi is that one can reserve a seat and can even take a print out of the boarding pass.

  • Q. How to change the travelling date for Kochi to Raipur flights?

    A. To change the travelling date for Kochi Raipur flights, one can directly contact the airlines.

  • Q. How many scheduled airlines in india?

    A. Few are the Popular Airlines in India given below:

    1. Indigo Airlines

    2. Spicejet Flight

    3. Vistara Airlines

    4. GoAir Flights

    5. Air India Airline

    6. AirAsia India

    7. AirIndia Express

Cheapest Kochi to Raipur Flight Fares

Kochi - Raipur Cheapest FlightsFare (INR)Date of JourneyAirline NameBook Tickets
in 30 days
31 Jul
Kochi to Raipur by Airline from INR 309247
Kochi - Raipur
in 60 days
31 Jul
Kochi to Raipur by Airline from INR 309247
Kochi - Raipur
in 90 days
31 Jul
Kochi to Raipur by Airline from INR 309247
Kochi - Raipur
* Kochi to Raipur Flight Fares shown are indicative and subject to change until ticketed. Prices are guaranteed only at the time of purchase

Raipur Details

How to Travel to & from Raipur Airport

Chhattisgarh’s only airport, Swami Vivekanand Airport, is located at Mana between Naya Raipur and the main Raipur city. There are many transport mediums available to reach this place. It’s easier for travellers to reach there. It is located 14 km away from Pandri bus terminal and around 16 km away from the Raipur railway station. Local autos, taxis and many AC and non AC bus services are available from any part of the town. Buses run between Durg-Bhilai and Raipur airport on a daily basis.

Facilities at Raipur Airport

One of the busiest non-metro airports of India, Swami Vivekanand Airport at Mana, Raipur is equipped with many world-class facilities and amenities. It has one terminal and two gates (each for arrival and departure), it provides a number of facilities to its travellers. It consists of a Lost & Found Counter where a report about missing baggage can be lodged. Other facilities include ATM machines, baby care services, high-speed Wi-Fi, medical and first-aid services, mobile charging points, premium eateries and restaurants. Travellers can make the most of their free time enjoying these spacious and modern cafes and restaurants. With many excellent shopping stores at the airport, visitors can also shop in case of flight delay or otherwise.

Best Time to Visit Raipur

With many hidden gems to get discovered like Vivekanand Sarovar, Doodhadhari Monastery, Naya Raipur and many more, Raipur has a lot to offer to the travellers. Want to quench your wanderlust? Then to visit this beautiful city is between October and April. Weather remains extremely pleasant during this season. Temperature ranges between 14 degrees Celsius and 28 degrees Celsius. May-June becomes a little hotter due to rise in temperature in Chhattisgarh region. Temperature during these two months goes high up to 48 degrees Celsius. Monsoon is also one of the best times to explore this city. Travellers can explore various places of the city on foot or by using cycles or any local transport.

Top Routes to Raipur

New Delhi to Raipur Flights
Vistara|23rd Jul|₹2820
Mumbai to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹3233
Chennai to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹3547
Kolkata to Raipur Flights
Air India|23rd Jul|₹2625
Hyderabad to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹2610
Kochi to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|25th Jul|₹4176
Ahmedabad to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹4446
Pune to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹4276
Goa to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|25th Aug|₹4157
Trivandrum to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|8th Aug|₹4974
Patna to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹4084
Ranchi to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹4574
Jaipur to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|25th Aug|₹4120
Coimbatore to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|3rd Aug|₹5106
Lucknow to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹2306
Madurai to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|5th Aug|₹4184
Varanasi to Raipur Flights
IndiGo|26th Aug|₹4652

Top Routes from Kochi

Kochi to New Delhi Flights
|25th Aug|₹36421
Kochi to Mumbai Flights
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Kochi to Varanasi Flights
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Kochi Airport Details

Address not available

Raipur Airport Details

Name : Swami Vivekananda Airport
Address : Ramchandi, Naya Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492015
Phone : 077124 18167
Email : NA