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Singareni Passenger 67202 Train

Runs on: SMTWTFS
9hr 12min
43 Stops
Bhadrachalam Rd

Singareni Passenger 67202 Train Information

Singareni Passenger (67202) train runs from Balharshah to Bhadrachalam Rd. This passenger train covers a distance of about 382 km. The fare classes on 67202 train are . The following train ticket quotas are available on Singareni Passenger: GN,TQ,SS,LD.

Singareni Passenger 67202 Train Details

Service Days Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Duration9hr 12min

Singareni Passenger 67202 Schedule, Routes & Time Table

Train no. 67202 Singareni Passenger is one of the major trains on this route for travellers. It starts from Balharshah station and ends at Bhadrachalam Rd. Due to its 44 stoppage stations, the total time taken by this train is around 9hr 12min. You can easily book train tickets at ixigo for any stations between Balharshah and Bhadrachalam Rd and enjoy amazing deals.
Stn CodeStn NameArrivesDepartsStop timeDistancePlatformRouteDayAvg delay
BPQBalharshahstarts11:00-0-11On Time
MAGHManikgarh11:0911:101min10 km21153min
VHGNWihirgaon11:1611:171min18 km11154min
WIRRWirur11:2311:241min28 km-1155min
MKDIMakudi11:3311:341min41 km1111hr
SRURSirpur Town11:4211:431min52 km1111hr 10min
SKZRSirpur Kagazngr11:5711:592min70 km2111hr 17min
ASAFAsifabad Road12:1112:121min84 km2111hr 26min
RECHRechni Road12:2312:241min98 km1111hr 28min
BPABellampalli12:4212:431min109 km2111hr 25min
MMZMandamari12:5112:521min118 km2111hr 28min
RVKHRavindrakhani12:5612:571min122 km1111hr 28min
MCIManchiryal13:0113:021min128 km3111hr 35min
PPZPeddampet13:0913:101min138 km1111hr 40min
RDMRamagundam13:1313:141min142 km3111hr 45min
RGPMRaghavapuram13:2113:221min152 km-111hr 47min
PDPLPeddapalli Jn13:2813:291min160 km2111hr 56min
KYOPKottapalli13:3313:341min168 km-111hr 56min
KOLRKolnur13:3813:391min173 km-112hr
OEAOdela13:4213:431min179 km1112hr
PTKPPotkapalli13:4613:471min182 km-112hr
BGSFBisugirsharif13:5413:551min193 km1112hr 5min
JMKTJamikunta14:0014:011min199 km2112hr 7min
OPLUppal14:2214:231min211 km1112hr 3min
HSPHasanparti Rd14:5414:551min223 km2111hr 52min
KZJFKazipet F Cabin15:2615:315min235 km-111hr 47min
WLWarangal15:5916:012min243 km1111hr 56min
CLEChintalpalli16:1516:161min256 km1111hr 57min
YGLYelgur16:2216:231min263 km2112hr 5min
NKDNekonda16:3216:331min273 km1112hr 5min
INKIntekanne16:4116:421min282 km1112hr 3min
KDMKesamudram16:4916:501min288 km1112hr 3min
TAATadla Pusapalli16:5816:591min298 km2112hr 1min
MABDMahbubabad17:0817:091min303 km1111hr 58min
GUUGundratimadugu17:2217:231min315 km1111hr 57min
GLAGarla17:3017:311min323 km1112hr 9min
DKJDornakal Jn18:1018:2010min328 km3111hr 38min
PCZPocharam18:2818:291min335 km1111hr 53min
KRAKarepalli18:4018:411min343 km1111hr 54min
GHPUGandhipuram Hal18:5018:511min349 km1112hr 15min
CMWChimalpahad18:5718:581min356 km-112hr 13min
TPYTadakalpudi19:0819:091min366 km-112hr 13min
BTPDBethampudi19:1719:181min373 km1112hr 10min
BDCRBhadrachalam Rd20:12ends-382 km2111hr 43min

Singareni Passenger 67202 Train FAQ

Q. How much distance does Singareni Passenger 67202 cover?

A. Singareni Passenger 67202 covers a distance of 382 km.

Q. When does Singareni Passenger 67202 reach Bhadrachalam Rd?

A. As per Balharshah to Bhadrachalam Rd train time table 67202, Singareni Passenger arrives at Bhadrachalam Rd at 20:12.

Q. What is the total number of stations that Singareni Passenger 67202 passes through?

A. Singareni Passenger 67202 passes through 44 stations on its train route.

Q. What is the origin and destination of Singareni Passenger 67202?

A. Singareni Passenger 67202 operates from Balharshah to Bhadrachalam Rd.

Q. What is the departure time of Singareni Passenger 67202 from Balharshah?

A. As per the 67202 train schedule, Singareni Passenger 67202 departs from Balharshah at 11:00.

Q. How many days in a week does Singareni Passenger 67202 operate?

A. As per the 67202 time table, Singareni Passenger runs 7 days in a week.

Q. What is the code of the origin station for 67202 Singareni Passenger?

A. The code of the origin station for Singareni Passenger 67202 train is BPQ.

Q. What is the code of the destination station for 67202 Singareni Passenger?

A. The code of the destination station for Singareni Passenger 67202 train is BDCR.