Barauni Flag railway station

Barauni Flag railway station

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55229 Running Status Barauni - Patliputra Memu Barauni Jn Patliputra
55237 Running Status Bju Spj Passenger Barauni Jn Samastipur Jn
55238 Running Status Spj Bju Passenger Samastipur Jn Barauni Jn
55538 Running Status Spj Kir Passenger Samastipur Jn Katihar Jn
55537 Running Status Kir Spj Passenger Katihar Jn Samastipur Jn
55539 Running Status Kir Hjp Passenger Katihar Jn Hajipur Jn
55540 Running Status Hjp Kir Passenger Hajipur Jn Katihar Jn
53131 Running Status Sdah Mfp Passenger Sealdah Muzaffarpur Jn
53132 Running Status Mfp Sdah Passenger Muzaffarpur Jn Sealdah
55549 Running Status Bju Hjp Passenger Barauni Jn Hajipur Jn
55550 Running Status Hjp Bju Passenger Hajipur Jn Barauni Jn
55526 Running Status Spj Bju Passenger Samastipur Jn Barauni Jn
55525 Running Status Bju Spj Passenger Barauni Jn Samastipur Jn
63279 Running Status Bju See Passenger Barauni Jn Sonpur Jn
63286 Running Status Sonpur - Barauni Memu Sonpur Jn Barauni Jn
75241 Running Status Katihar - Samastipur Demu Katihar Jn Samastipur Jn
75242 Running Status Samastipur - Katihar Demu Samastipur Jn Katihar Jn
05264 Running Status Kxj Agtl Special Samastipur Jn Katihar Jn
05263 Running Status Agtl Kxj Special Katihar Jn Samastipur Jn
53042 Running Status Jyg Hwh Passenger Jaynagar Howrah Jn
53041 Running Status Hwh Jyg Passenger Howrah Jn Jaynagar
05501 Running Status Bhagalpur - Saharsa InterCity Special Barauni Jn Samastipur Jn
05502 Running Status Shc Bgp Spl Samastipur Jn Barauni Jn
03296 Running Status Anvt Pnbe Ac Spl Patliputra Barauni Jn
03295 Running Status Pnbe Anvt Spl Barauni Jn Patliputra
03284 Running Status Patna - Barauni Exam Special MEMU Patna Jn Barauni Jn
03283 Running Status Barauni - Patna Exam Special MEMU Barauni Jn Patna Jn
03315 Running Status Katihar - Samastipur Exam Special MEMU Katihar Jn Samastipur Jn
03316 Running Status Samastipur - Katihar Exam Special MEMU Samastipur Jn Katihar Jn
03380 Running Status Patna - Barauni Memu Special Patna Jn Barauni Jn
03379 Running Status Barauni - Patna Memu Special Barauni Jn Patna Jn
03368 Running Status Bangaon - Barasat Matua Mela Special Sonpur Jn Katihar Jn
03367 Running Status Barasat - Bangaon Matua Mela Special Katihar Jn Sonpur Jn
75240 Running Status Samastipur - Barauni Demu Samastipur Jn Barauni Jn
63283 Running Status Bju Ppta Passenger Barauni Jn Patna Jn
63288 Running Status Patliputra - Barauni Memu Patliputra Barauni Jn
63284 Running Status Ppta Bju Dmu Patna Jn Barauni Jn
63287 Running Status Barauni - Patliputra MEMU Barauni Jn Patliputra
63285 Running Status Barauni - Patna Memu Barauni Jn Patna Jn
63280 Running Status Patna Barauni Special Patna Jn Barauni Jn
63201 Running Status Barauni - Samastipur MEMU Barauni Jn Samastipur Jn
63202 Running Status Samastipur-Barauni MEMU Samastipur Jn Barauni Jn
63303 Running Status Katihar -Samastipur Memu Katihar Jn Samastipur Jn

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Find out the list of trains that arrive at Barauni Flag railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Barauni Flag - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Barauni Flag railway station are 55229 BARAUNI - PATLIPUTRA MEMU, 55237 BJU SPJ PASSENGER, 55238 SPJ BJU PASSENGER and 55538 SPJ KIR PASSENGER. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Barauni Flag railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Barauni Flag to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.