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Tsk Lmg Special 15902 Train

Runs on: SMTWTFS
Tinsukia Jn
11hr 45min
44 Stops
Lumding Jn

Tsk Lmg Special 15902 Train Information

Tsk Lmg Special (15902) train runs from Tinsukia Jn to Lumding Jn. This mail express train covers a distance of about 336 km. The fare classes on 15902 train are 2S. The following train ticket quotas are available on Tsk Lmg Special: GN,TQ,SS,LD.

Train Details

Service Days Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Duration11hr 45min
TypeMail Express

Tsk Lmg Special 15902 Schedule, Routes & Time Table

Train no. 15902 Tsk Lmg Special is one of the major trains on this route for travellers. It starts from Tinsukia Jn station and ends at Lumding Jn. Due to its 45 stoppage stations, the total time taken by this train is around 11hr 45min. You can easily book train tickets at ixigo for any stations between Tinsukia Jn and Lumding Jn and enjoy amazing deals.
Stn CodeStn NameArrivesDepartsStop timeDistancePlatformRouteDayAvg delay
TSKTinsukia Jnstarts07:15-0211On Time
NTSKNew Tinsukia Jn07:2507:3510min3 km1113min
CGFCharali07:4707:492min9 km1116min
BDTBordubi Road07:5707:592min15 km1118min
DJGDuliajan08:0608:093min19 km11112min
NHKNaharkatiya08:2108:243min28 km11113min
BTZBalimara08:3208:342min34 km11113min
NAMNamrup08:4208:453min39 km11114min
BFDBorhat08:5408:573min44 km11114min
BRNRBaruanagar09:0509:072min51 km11111min
SPKSapekhati09:1509:183min57 km11111min
LPTALongpatia09:3409:362min65 km11114min
BOJBhojo09:4409:473min71 km11113min
SFRSafrai09:5810:002min82 km11119min
LXALakswa10:1110:132min92 km11117min
SLGRSimaluguri Jn10:3310:385min105 km211On Time
NZRNazira10:4510:472min109 km111On Time
MZAMezenga S10:5410:562min113 km111On Time
NMTNamtiali11:0511:072min120 km111On Time
AGIAmguri11:1911:212min131 km111On Time
SLXSeleng Hat11:3011:322min137 km1112min
LHLahing12:0712:092min143 km11110min
NCHNakachari12:1712:192min149 km1118min
MXNMariani Jn12:3512:4510min159 km21116min
KQYKharikatia12:5312:552min165 km11119min
TTBTitabar13:0313:052min172 km11127min
CFGChakiting13:1913:212min183 km11119min
KXLKamarbandha Ali13:2913:312min189 km11128min
FKGFurkating Jn14:0514:105min198 km11112min
JMIJamguri14:2414:262min207 km11123min
BHGNBhilgaon14:3614:382min214 km11127min
BXPBarpathar14:4814:502min222 km11129min
SZRSarupathar15:0215:042min231 km11122min
NJNNaojan15:1615:182min240 km11118min
CJAChongajan15:2815:302min247 km11119min
BXJBokajan15:3815:402min253 km11129min
KHKTKhotkhoti15:5015:522min262 km11124min
DMVDimapur16:0516:1510min268 km31112min
RXRRangapahar16:2816:302min279 km11134min
DSRDhansiri16:4016:422min286 km21136min
DPUDiphu17:1017:122min305 km21142min
NLNNailalung17:2417:262min314 km11117min
LCTLangcholiet17:3817:402min324 km11110min
BRLFBar Langfer S17:5117:532min330 km111On Time
LMGLumding Jn19:00ends-336 km211On Time

Tsk Lmg Special 15902 Train FAQ

Q. How much distance does Tsk Lmg Special 15902 cover?

A. Tsk Lmg Special 15902 covers a distance of 336 km.

Q. When does Tsk Lmg Special 15902 reach Lumding Jn?

A. As per Tinsukia Jn to Lumding Jn train time table 15902, Tsk Lmg Special arrives at Lumding Jn at 19:00.

Q. What is the total number of stations that Tsk Lmg Special 15902 passes through?

A. Tsk Lmg Special 15902 passes through 45 stations on its train route.

Q. What is the origin and destination of Tsk Lmg Special 15902?

A. Tsk Lmg Special 15902 operates from Tinsukia Jn to Lumding Jn.

Q. What is the departure time of Tsk Lmg Special 15902 from Tinsukia Jn?

A. As per the 15902 train schedule, Tsk Lmg Special 15902 departs from Tinsukia Jn at 07:15.

Q. How many days in a week does Tsk Lmg Special 15902 operate?

A. As per the 15902 time table, Tsk Lmg Special runs 7 days in a week.

Q. What is the code of the origin station for 15902 Tsk Lmg Special?

A. The code of the origin station for Tsk Lmg Special 15902 train is TSK.

Q. What is the code of the destination station for 15902 Tsk Lmg Special?

A. The code of the destination station for Tsk Lmg Special 15902 train is LMG.
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