Jaora railway station

Jaora railway station

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train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
02901 Mumbai Bandra T Udaipur Inaugural SF Express Bandra Terminus Udaipur City 23:45 23:47 2 min
19653 Ratlam Ajmer Express Ratlam Jn Ajmer Jn 07:10 07:12 2 min
19657 Veer Bhumi Chittaurgarh Express Indore Jn Bg Udaipur City 13:04 13:06 2 min
19658 Veer Bhumi Chittaurgarh Express Udaipur City Indore Jn Bg 01:30 01:32 2 min
19654 Aii Rtm Express Ajmer Jn Ratlam Jn 19:50 19:52 2 min
22995 Bdts Aii Sup Exp Bandra Terminus Ajmer Jn 03:30 03:31 1 min
07129 Kcg Aii Spl Kacheguda Ajmer Jn 04:30 04:32 2 min
07227 Nlr Aii Spl Nellore Ajmer Jn 16:05 16:07 2 min
07228 Aii Nlr Mtm Spl Ajmer Jn Nellore 06:05 06:07 2 min
12995 Bdts Aii Udz Ex Bandra Terminus Udaipur City 03:19 03:20 1 min
19711 Jp Bpl Exp Jaipur Bhopal Jn 04:05 04:07 2 min
19328 Cor Rtm Passenger Udaipur City Ratlam Jn 07:03 07:05 2 min
19327 Rtm Udaipur Exp Ratlam Jn Udaipur City 17:14 17:16 2 min
79304 Nmh Rtm Demu Chittaurgarh Ratlam Jn 17:14 17:16 2 min
79303 Rtm Nmh Demu Ratlam Jn Chittaurgarh 10:40 10:42 2 min
79302 Bhl Rtm Demu Bhilwara Ratlam Jn 08:33 08:35 2 min
79301 Rtm Bhl Demu Ratlam Jn Bhilwara 19:07 19:09 2 min
20902 Aii Bdts Link Sf Ajmer Jn Bandra Terminus 02:08 02:09 1 min
59307 Indb Aii Link E Indore Jn Bg Jaipur 23:28 23:30 2 min
12996 Udz Bdts Sf Exp Udaipur City Bandra Terminus 02:43 02:44 1 min
59811 Haldighati Pass Ratlam New Agra Fort 09:24 09:26 2 min
22996 Aii Bdts Sf Exp Ajmer Jn Bandra Terminus 02:43 02:44 1 min
19329 Veer Bhumi Exp Indore Jn Bg Udaipur City 22:24 22:26 2 min
19330 Virbhumi Cor Exp Udaipur City Indore Jn Bg 01:30 01:32 2 min
22901 Bdts Udz Aii Exp Bandra Terminus Udaipur City 10:20 10:21 1 min
22902 Udz Bdts Sup Udaipur City Bandra Terminus 02:08 02:09 1 min
17020 Hyb Jp Exp Hyderabad Decan Jaipur 20:28 20:30 2 min
17019 Jp Hyb Express Jaipur Hyderabad Decan 23:25 23:27 2 min
14802 Indb Ju Exp Indore Jn Bg Jodhpur Jn 07:08 07:10 2 min
14801 Ju Indb Exp Jodhpur Jn Indore Jn Bg 19:50 19:52 2 min
19712 Bpl Jaipur Exp Bhopal Jn Jaipur 23:28 23:30 2 min

Rating and reviews of Jaora

reviewed on Mar 19 2020
all station is clean today ...
reviewed on Mar 14 2020
good health wonder full indor
reviewed on Mar 10 2020
मुझे ट्रेन का सफर अच्छा लगता है
reviewed on Mar 10 2020
मुझे ट्रेन का सफर अच्छा लगता है
reviewed on Mar 09 2020
train sarvice is soo good
reviewed on Mar 08 2020
sandar meet sita ram deshnok
reviewed on Mar 08 2020
reviewed on Mar 05 2020
trein me.smiel.bhot aati he clining nhi h.complte
reviewed on Feb 23 2020
today and tomorrow morning I will have been working for your kind consideration for your email security settings and then we are looking forward this message and deleting and the same problem
reviewed on Feb 21 2020
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