Kalka railway station

Kalka railway station

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Cleanliness: /5.0
Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
22925 Umb Klk Link Express Bandra Terminus Kalka 16:45 ends 0
52444 Sml Klk Special Simla Kalka 15:20 ends 0
52445 Klk Sml Spl Kalka Simla starts 07:00 0
52446 Sml Klk Spl Simla Kalka 21:10 ends 0
52443 Klk Sml Special Kalka Simla starts 13:05 0
52460 Sml Klk Special Simla Kalka 22:05 ends 0
52459 Klk Sml Special Kalka Simla starts 05:10 0
72452 Rail Motor Simla Kalka 21:35 ends 0
72451 Rail Motor Kalka Simla starts 05:25 0
14887 Klk Bme Express Kalka Barmer starts 21:45 0
12925 Paschim Express Bandra Terminus Amritsar Jn 16:45 ends 0
13008 U A Toofan Exp Shri Ganganagar Howrah Jn 05:50 ends 0
04503 Klk Svdk Spl Kalka Vaishno Devi Katra starts 01:30 0
04504 Svdk Klk Spl Vaishno Devi Katra Kalka 07:50 ends 0
54304 Klk Dli Passenger Kalka Old Delhi starts 07:40 0
54303 Dli Klk Passenger Old Delhi Kalka 23:15 ends 0
54531 Umb Klk Passenger Ambala Cant Jn Kalka 20:10 ends 0
54532 Umb Klk Passenger Kalka Ambala Cant Jn starts 13:05 0
22455 Snsi Klk Sup Exp Sainagar Shirdi Kalka 12:20 ends 0
22456 Klk Snsi Sf Exp Kalka Sainagar Shirdi starts 19:00 0
14095 Himalyan Queen Delhi S Rohilla Kalka 11:10 ends 0
14096 Himalayan Queen Kalka Delhi S Rohilla starts 16:55 0
52452 Shivalk Dlx Exp Simla Kalka 22:45 ends 0
52451 Shivalk Dlx Exp Kalka Simla starts 05:45 0
52455 Himalyan Queen Kalka Simla starts 12:10 0
52454 Sml Klk Express Simla Kalka 23:30 ends 0
52453 Kalka Simla Exp Kalka Simla starts 06:20 0
52458 Sml Klk Pass Simla Kalka 20:10 ends 0
52456 Himalyan Queen Simla Kalka 16:10 ends 0
52457 Klk Sml Pass Kalka Simla starts 03:30 0
14503 Klk Svdk Express Kalka Vaishno Devi Katra starts 19:00 0
14504 Svdk Klk Exp Vaishno Devi Katra Kalka 07:35 ends 0
22926 Paschim Express Kalka Bandra Terminus starts 10:20 0
12012 Kalka Shtbdi Kalka New Delhi starts 17:45 0
12011 Kalka Shtbdi New Delhi Kalka 11:45 ends 0
12006 Kalka Shtbdi Kalka New Delhi starts 06:15 0
12005 Kalka Shtbdi New Delhi Kalka 21:20 ends 0
14795 Ekta Express Bhiwani Kalka 11:10 ends 0
14796 Ekta Express Kalka Bhiwani starts 16:55 0
12312 Kalka Mail Kalka Howrah Jn starts 23:55 0
12311 Hwh Dli Klk Mail Howrah Jn Kalka 04:40 ends 0
14888 Barmer Klk Exp Barmer Kalka 05:50 ends 0

Rating and reviews of Kalka

reviewed on May 01 2020
बहुत ही है और फिर भी नही है तो ये है कि वह एक गाँव की
reviewed on Mar 28 2020
lakhan lal kushwaha giram patsn
reviewed on Mar 17 2020
reviewed on Mar 15 2020
good train and very saflyfull train and travel
reviewed on Mar 14 2020
mast injoy super very nice
reviewed on Mar 14 2020
nothanks Amar kono kichuur proyoojon nei
reviewed on Mar 13 2020
Kalka station is a very cleanliness place and and food festival exam food facilities also available
reviewed on Mar 13 2020
kalka station is very cleaniness statio and great food also available
reviewed on Mar 13 2020
acha hai sir kafii sudhaar hua hai
reviewed on Mar 13 2020
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