Garot railway station

Garot railway station

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list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
59356 Mtj Rtm Passenger Mathura Jn Ratlam Jn 15:20 15:21 1 min
12416 Ndls Indb Exp New Delhi Indore Jn Bg 06:27 06:28 1 min
59804 Kota Rtm Pass Kota Jn Ratlam Jn 08:27 08:28 1 min
12466 Intercity Exp Jodhpur Jn Indore Jn Bg 16:39 16:40 1 min
12465 Ranthambore Exp Indore Jn Bg Jodhpur Jn 10:52 10:53 1 min
19038 Avadh Express Gorakhpur Jn Bandra Terminus 12:50 12:52 2 min
12415 Indb Ndls Exp Indore Jn Bg New Delhi 20:54 20:55 1 min
19040 Avadh Express Muzaffarpur Jn Bandra Terminus 12:50 12:52 2 min
19020 Dehradun Exp Dehradun Bandra Terminus 09:54 09:55 1 min
19019 Dehradun Exp Bandra Terminus Dehradun 16:05 16:07 2 min
02415 Indb Ndls Spl Indore Jn Bg New Delhi 21:20 21:22 2 min
19039 Avadh Express Bandra Terminus Muzaffarpur Jn 12:30 12:31 1 min
19037 Avadh Express Bandra Terminus Gorakhpur Jn 12:31 12:32 1 min
05831 Vadodara - Kota Passenger Special Vadodara Jn Kota Jn 17:50 17:52 2 min
05832 Kota - Vadodara Passenger Special Kota Jn Vadodara Jn 13:36 13:37 1 min
59803 Nad Kota Pass Ratlam Jn Kota Jn 16:30 16:32 2 min
59831 Brc Kota Passenger Vadodara Jn Kota Jn 18:24 18:25 1 min
59832 Kota Brc Passenger Kota Jn Vadodara Jn 12:39 12:40 1 min
69156 Drd Vr Passenger Mathura Jn Ratlam Jn 15:29 15:30 1 min
69155 Rtm Mtj Passenger Ratlam Jn Mathura Jn 10:34 10:35 1 min
02460 Indb Ju Sup Spl Indore Jn Bg Jodhpur Jn 10:43 10:44 1 min
02459 Ju Indb Sf Spl Jodhpur Jn Indore Jn Bg 15:44 15:45 1 min
02416 Ndls Indb Spl New Delhi Indore Jn Bg 04:52 04:54 2 min

Rating and reviews of Garot

reviewed on Aug 03 2021
Far from the city. Problems occur in transport from city to railway station.
reviewed on Jan 08 2021
very good I am jurny of mahakal
reviewed on Dec 22 2020
बहुत अच्छा यात्रियों को भोजन बहुत ही
reviewed on Nov 22 2020
my wife is trivling. dyrghyrh urbjrgh this
reviewed on Aug 26 2020
reviewed on Aug 26 2020
svachchhta. bhojan. suraksha
reviewed on Jul 26 2020
फ़सल के संसद समझ को के समझ हो मन को बंद हो से को सो मन बच गए समझ हो मन के बढ़ मन हो बढ़ गए
reviewed on Jul 26 2020
ठीक है अच्छी है अच्छी है साफ सफाई
reviewed on Jul 08 2020
reviewed on Jul 08 2020
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