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Avadh Express 19040 Train

Runs on: SMTWTFS
Muzaffarpur Jn
46hr 35min
81 Stops
Bandra Terminus

Avadh Express 19040 Train Information

Avadh Express (19040) train runs from Muzaffarpur Jn to Bandra Terminus. This mail express train covers a distance of about 2152 km. The fare classes on 19040 train are 2A,3A,SL. The following train ticket quotas are available on Avadh Express: GN,TQ,SS,LD.

Avadh Express 19040 Ticket Prices

July 2024
Sun, 14 Jul
Tue, 16 Jul
Thu, 18 Jul
Sun, 21 Jul
Tue, 23 Jul
Thu, 25 Jul
Sun, 28 Jul
Tue, 30 Jul
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Avadh Express 19040 Train Details

Classes2A, 3A, SL
Service Days Tue, Thu, Sun
Duration46hr 35min
TypeMail Express

Avadh Express 19040 Schedule, Routes & Time Table

Train no. 19040 Avadh Express is one of the major trains on this route for travellers. It starts from Muzaffarpur Jn station and ends at Bandra Terminus. Due to its 82 stoppage stations, the total time taken by this train is around -1hr 25min. You can easily book train tickets at ixigo for any stations between Muzaffarpur Jn and Bandra Terminus and enjoy amazing deals.
Stn CodeStn NameArrivesDepartsStop timeDistancePlatformRouteDayAvg delay
MFPMuzaffarpur Jnstarts06:00-0-11On Time
MTRMotipur06:2506:272min27 km-11On Time
MAIMehsi06:3806:402min40 km-11On Time
CAAChakia06:5206:542min48 km-11On Time
BMKIBapudm Motihari07:2207:253min80 km-11On Time
SGLSagauli Jn07:4107:432min101 km-11On Time
BTHBettiah07:5808:002min123 km-11On Time
NKENarkatiaganj Jn08:4708:525min160 km-11On Time
HIRHarinagar09:0709:092min175 km-11On Time
BUGBagaha09:3209:375min201 km-11On Time
PNYAPaniahwa10:4810:502min224 km-11On Time
KZAKhada10:5911:012min230 km-11On Time
SBZSiswa Bazar11:1511:172min245 km-11On Time
CPJKaptanganj Jn11:4111:465min271 km-11On Time
PPCPipraich12:1712:192min290 km-11On Time
GKPGorakhpur Jn13:0513:2015min310 km-11On Time
SWASahjanwa13:4813:502min327 km-11On Time
MHHMaghar14:0014:022min336 km-11On Time
KLDKhalilabad14:1214:142min344 km-11On Time
BSTBasti14:4014:433min374 km-11On Time
BVBabhnan15:1215:142min405 km-11On Time
SNCSnarayan Chapia15:2615:282min416 km-11On Time
MSWMaskanwa15:3615:382min421 km-11On Time
MURMankapur Jn15:5415:562min435 km-11On Time
GDGonda Jn16:3016:355min464 km-11On Time
CLJColonelganj16:5817:002min492 km-11On Time
JLDJarwal Road17:1617:182min509 km-11On Time
BUWBurhwal17:4317:452min524 km-11On Time
BBKBarabanki Jn18:1918:212min552 km-11On Time
GTNRGomati Nagar19:0419:062min572 km-11On Time
BNZBadshahnagar19:1719:225min576 km-11On Time
LCLucknow City19:5319:552min583 km-11On Time
ASHAishbagh20:2520:5025min586 km-11On Time
ONUnnao Jn21:4821:502min641 km-11On Time
CNBKanpur Central22:3022:355min658 km-11On Time
PHDPhaphund23:4223:442min740 km-11On Time
BNTBharthana00:2300:252min777 km-12On Time
ETWEtawah Jn00:4200:475min796 km-12On Time
SKBShikohabad Jn01:2401:295min852 km-12On Time
FZDFirozabad01:5401:595min872 km-12On Time
TDLTundla Jn02:5503:005min888 km-12On Time
AFAgra Fort04:0004:1010min911 km-12On Time
IDHIdgah Agra Jn04:2004:222min913 km-12On Time
KLBKiraoli04:5004:522min935 km-12On Time
FTSFatehpur Sikri05:0805:102min947 km-12On Time
RBSRupbas05:2405:262min961 km-12On Time
BXNBayana Jn06:5707:025min995 km-12On Time
HANHindaun City07:2507:272min1028 km-12On Time
SMVJShri Mahaveerji07:3607:382min1038 km-12On Time
GGCGangapur City08:0508:105min1072 km-12On Time
SWMSawai Madhopur09:0009:055min1136 km-12On Time
IDGIndargarh09:3009:322min1173 km-12On Time
LKELakheri09:4309:452min1183 km-12On Time
KOTAKota Jn10:4510:505min1244 km-12On Time
DKNTDakaniya Talav11:0311:052min1253 km-12On Time
MKXMorak11:4811:502min1306 km-12On Time
RMARamganj Mandi12:0012:022min1316 km-12On Time
JHWJhalawar Road12:1312:152min1328 km-12On Time
BWMBhawani Mandi12:3012:322min1344 km-12On Time
GOHGarot12:5012:522min1367 km-12On Time
SGZShamgarh13:0313:052min1377 km-12On Time
SVASuwasra13:2313:252min1391 km-12On Time
CMUChau Mahla13:4313:452min1407 km-12On Time
VMAVikramgarh Alot14:1814:202min1429 km-12On Time
MEPMahidpur Road14:5314:552min1452 km-12On Time
NADNagda Jn15:4515:472min1469 km-12On Time
KUHKhachrod15:5816:002min1483 km-12On Time
RTMRatlam Jn16:3016:4010min1510 km-12On Time
BMIBamnia17:1717:192min1555 km-12On Time
MGNMeghnagar17:4817:502min1590 km-12On Time
DHDDahod18:1718:192min1624 km-12On Time
GDAGodhra Jn19:3819:402min1698 km-12On Time
DRLDerol19:5920:012min1721 km-12On Time
BRCVadodara Jn20:4720:5710min1772 km-12On Time
AKVAnkleshwar Jn22:0922:101min1851 km-12On Time
STSurat23:2523:305min1901 km-12On Time
BLValsad00:3500:372min1969 km-13On Time
VAPIVapi00:5700:592min1993 km-13On Time
BORBoisar02:0802:102min2065 km-13On Time
BVIBorivali03:3503:405min2133 km-13On Time
ADHAndheri04:0204:042min2146 km-13On Time
BDTSBandra Terminus04:35ends-2152 km-13On Time

Avadh Express 19040 Train FAQ

Q. How much distance does Avadh Express 19040 cover?

A. Avadh Express 19040 covers a distance of 2152 km.

Q. What is the total number of stations that Avadh Express 19040 passes through?

A. Avadh Express 19040 passes through 82 stations on its train route.

Q. What is the origin and destination of Avadh Express 19040?

A. Avadh Express 19040 operates from Muzaffarpur Jn to Bandra Terminus.

Q. How many days in a week does Avadh Express 19040 operate?

A. As per the 19040 time table, Avadh Express runs 3 days in a week.

Q. What is the code of the origin station for 19040 Avadh Express?

A. The code of the origin station for Avadh Express 19040 train is MFP.

Q. What is the code of the destination station for 19040 Avadh Express?

A. The code of the destination station for Avadh Express 19040 train is BDTS.