Modnimb railway station

Modnimb railway station

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Safety: /5.0
list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
11310 Miraj - Solapur Express (UnReserved) Miraj Jn Solapur Jn 18:37 18:39 2 min
11309 Solapur - Miraj Express (UnReserved) Solapur Jn Miraj Jn 08:20 08:22 2 min
51437 Kwv Mrj Passenger Kurduvadi Miraj Jn 11:16 11:17 1 min
11052 Kop Solapur Exp C Shahumharaj T Solapur Jn 03:15 03:17 2 min
11051 Sur Kop Exp Solapur Jn C Shahumharaj T 01:23 01:25 2 min
01481 Csmt Pvr Spl C Shivaji Mah T Pandharpur 09:21 09:22 1 min
01483 Lur Pvr Spl Latur Pandharpur 10:58 11:00 2 min
01484 Pvr Lur Spl Pandharpur Latur 14:23 14:25 2 min
01488 Pvr Pune Spl Pandharpur Pune Jn 15:23 15:24 1 min
01487 Pune Pvr Special Pune Jn Pandharpur 12:26 12:28 2 min
01482 Pvr Csmt Spl Pandharpur C Shivaji Mah T 17:54 17:55 1 min
51438 Mrj Kwv Passenger Miraj Jn Kurduvadi 09:19 09:20 1 min
51027 Fast Passenger C Shivaji Mah T Pandharpur 09:21 09:22 1 min
51028 Fast Passenger Pandharpur C Shivaji Mah T 17:54 17:55 1 min
22156 Mrj Sur Sfast Miraj Jn Solapur Jn 18:39 18:40 1 min
22133 Sur Kop Sf Exp Solapur Jn C Shahumharaj T 01:23 01:25 2 min
22155 Sur Mrj Sfast Solapur Jn Miraj Jn 08:46 08:47 1 min
22134 Kop Sur Sf Exp C Shahumharaj T Solapur Jn 03:15 03:17 2 min
11001 Snsi Pvr Express Sainagar Shirdi Pandharpur 11:34 11:35 1 min
11002 Pvr Snsi Express Pandharpur Sainagar Shirdi 13:24 13:25 1 min
51426 Mrj Prli Passengar Miraj Jn Parli Vaijnath 23:39 23:40 1 min
51425 Prli Mrj Passenger Parli Vaijnath Miraj Jn 13:33 13:35 2 min
51434 Pvr Nzb Pass Pandharpur Nizamabad Jn 06:35 06:36 1 min
51433 Nzb Pvr Pass Nizamabad Jn Pandharpur 04:24 04:25 1 min

Rating and reviews of Modnimb

reviewed on Feb 21 2019
Not so good but it is ocky for travel.
reviewed on Jul 05 2017
reviewed on Apr 28 2017
Good station.The station between Pandharpur & Kruduwadi.
reviewed on Sep 18 2014
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