Muniguda railway station

Muniguda railway station

all trains stopping at this railway station

Overall rating: /5.0 - from total - see latest 10 reviews
Cleanliness: /5.0
Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
list of trains
train no. train name from to
12375 Running Status Mas Asn Express Mgr Chennai Ctl Asansol Jn
12376 Running Status Asn Mas Express Asansol Jn Mgr Chennai Ctl
01843 Running Status Bbs Adi Spl Exp Bhubaneswar Ahmedabad Jn
80636 Running Status Bnc Hte Suvidha Bengaluru Cant Hatia
80635 Running Status Bnc Suvidha Spl Hatia Bengaluru Cant
08447 Running Status Bbs Krpu Spl Bhubaneswar Koraput
08448 Running Status Krpu Bbs Spl Koraput Bhubaneswar
113352 Running Status Dhanbad Express Alleppey Dhanbad Jn
07313 Running Status Ned Festival Spl Mysuru Jn Yesvantpur Jn
18212 Running Status Jdb Durg Exp Jagdalpur Durg
18638 Running Status Bnc Hatia Exp Bengaluru Cant Hatia
22848 Running Status Ltt Vskp Sup Exp Lokmanyatilak T Visakhapatnam
13576 Running Status Jsme Tbm Exp Jasidih Jn Tambaram
08197 Running Status Tata Kcg Spl Tatanagar Jn Kacheguda
18637 Running Status Hte Bnc Exp Hatia Bengaluru Cant
08198 Running Status Kcg Tata Kacheguda Tatanagar Jn
20810 Running Status Nagawali Sf Exp H Sahib Nanded Sambalpur
18211 Running Status Durg Jdb Exp Durg Jagdalpur
22837 Running Status Dharti Aaba Exp Hatia Ernakulam Jn
22838 Running Status Dharti Aaba Exp Ernakulam Jn Hatia
13352 Running Status Dhanbad Express Alleppey Dhanbad Jn
118517 Running Status Krba Vskp Exp Korba Visakhapatnam
117481 Running Status Bsp Tpty Express Bilaspur Jn Tirupati
18112 Running Status Ypr Tata Exp Yesvantpur Jn Tatanagar Jn
58528 Running Status Vskp Raipur Passenger Visakhapatnam Raipur Jn
58527 Running Status R Vskp Passenger Raipur Jn Visakhapatnam
58530 Running Status Vskp Durg Pas Visakhapatnam Durg
58529 Running Status Durg Vskp Pgr Durg Visakhapatnam
08527 Running Status Visakhapatnam - Subedarganj Special Raipur Jn Visakhapatnam
08528 Running Status Subedarganj - Visakhapatnam Special Visakhapatnam Raipur Jn
22973 Running Status Gimb Puri S Fast Gandhidham Bg Puri
18438 Running Status Jnrd Bbs Exp Junagarh Road Bhubaneswar
02844 Running Status Adi Kur Spl Ahmedabad Jn Khurda Road Jn
08517 Running Status Korba - Visakhapatnam Special Korba Visakhapatnam
07482 Running Status Bilaspur - Tirupati Special Bilaspur Jn Tirupati
112807 Running Status Samta Express Visakhapatnam H Nizamuddin
03352 Running Status Alappuzha - Dhanbad Special Alleppey Dhanbad Jn
118108 Running Status Jdb Rou Express Jagdalpur Rourkela
122847 Running Status Vskp Ltt Express Visakhapatnam Lokmanyatilak T
112843 Running Status Puri Adi Exp Puri Ahmedabad Jn
122974 Running Status Puri Gimb Exp Puri Gandhidham Bg
120809 Running Status Nagavali Express Sambalpur H Sahib Nanded
118302 Running Status Rgda Sbp Express Rayagada Sambalpur
118301 Running Status Sbp Rgda Express Sambalpur Rayagada
13575 Running Status Tbm Jsme Exp Tambaram Jasidih Jn
18189 Running Status Tata Allp Exp Tatanagar Jn Ernakulam Jn
08518 Running Status Vskp Krba Spl Visakhapatnam Korba
18107 Running Status Rou Jdb Express Rourkela Jagdalpur
18005 Running Status Hwh Sbp Jdb Exp Howrah Jn Jagdalpur
02973 Running Status Gimb Puri Spl Gandhidham Bg Puri
13351 Running Status Dhn Alappuzha E Dhanbad Jn Alleppey
18437 Running Status Junagarhroad Exp Bhubaneswar Junagarh Road
07481 Running Status Tpty Bsp Spl Tirupati Bilaspur Jn
02410 Running Status Ers Hte Exp Ernakulam Jn Hatia
02409 Running Status Hte Ers Spl Hatia Ernakulam Jn
02888 Running Status Vskp Festivl Spl H Nizamuddin Visakhapatnam
18111 Running Status Tata Ypr Exp Tatanagar Jn Yesvantpur Jn
17482 Running Status Tpty Bsp Exp Tirupati Bilaspur Jn
18006 Running Status Koraput Hwh Exp Jagdalpur Howrah Jn
02376 Running Status Jsme Tbm Sf Spl Jasidih Jn Tambaram
02375 Running Status Tbm Jsme Exp Tambaram Jasidih Jn
08574 Running Status Bgkt Vskp Spl Bhagat Ki Kothi Visakhapatnam
08638 Running Status Bnc Hte Spl Bengaluru Cant Hatia
08190 Running Status Ers Tata Spl Ernakulam Jn Tatanagar Jn
08573 Running Status Vskp Bgkt Spl Visakhapatnam Bhagat Ki Kothi
02858 Running Status Vskp Festivl Spl Lokmanyatilak T Visakhapatnam
08637 Running Status Hte Bnc Spl Hatia Bengaluru Cant
18574 Running Status Bgkt Vskp Exp Bhagat Ki Kothi Visakhapatnam
18573 Running Status Vskp Bgkt Exp Visakhapatnam Bhagat Ki Kothi
18108 Running Status Jdb Rou Spl Jagdalpur Rourkela
18518 Running Status Vskp Krba Expres Visakhapatnam Korba
18517 Running Status Krba Vskp Spl Korba Visakhapatnam
20838 Running Status Jnrd Bbs S F Junagarh Road Bhubaneswar
20837 Running Status Bbs Jnrd S F Bhubaneswar Junagarh Road
17481 Running Status Bsp Tpty Exp Bilaspur Jn Tirupati
22847 Running Status Vskp Ltt Express Visakhapatnam Lokmanyatilak T
12843 Running Status Puri Adi Spl Puri Ahmedabad Jn
12844 Running Status Adi Puri Exp Ahmedabad Jn Puri
12807 Running Status Vskp Nzm Special Visakhapatnam H Nizamuddin
12808 Running Status Samta Express H Nizamuddin Visakhapatnam
18302 Running Status Rgda Sbp Express Rayagada Sambalpur
58301 Running Status Sbu Krpu Passenger Sambalpur Koraput
58302 Running Status Krpu Sbp Passenger Koraput Sambalpur
22974 Running Status Puri Gimb Exp Puri Gandhidham Bg
08107 Running Status Rou Jdb Spl Rourkela Jagdalpur
03351 Running Status Dhn Allp Spl Dhanbad Jn Alleppey
08189 Running Status Tata Ers Spl Tatanagar Jn Ernakulam Jn
20809 Running Status Nagavali Express Sambalpur H Sahib Nanded
18301 Running Status Sbp Rgda Express Sambalpur Rayagada
02086 Running Status Ned Sbp Spl H Sahib Nanded Sambalpur

Rating and reviews of Muniguda

reviewed on Sep 29 2022
driving around humidity border
reviewed on Sep 23 2022
cleanliness after complaining, foo is ok, safety is also ok
reviewed on Sep 19 2022
Mainly I want to say about food. I didn't like food of train.
reviewed on Sep 04 2022
food is not good 😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌😌
reviewed on Aug 28 2022
reviewed on Aug 28 2022
OK acha gurus outside nrryir
reviewed on Aug 26 2022
Nice journey for everyone, and food is very good super thanks indian railway
reviewed on Aug 19 2022
this train neet and clean well maintained all staf
reviewed on Aug 07 2022
not cleaning to the train
reviewed on Aug 04 2022
bad bad bad for trien time
Find out the list of trains that arrive at Muniguda railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Muniguda - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Muniguda railway station are 12375 MAS ASN EXPRESS, 12376 ASN MAS EXPRESS, 01843 BBS ADI SPL EXP and 80636 BNC HTE SUVIDHA. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Muniguda railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Muniguda to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.