Satnali railway station

Satnali railway station

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Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
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train no. train name from to
59726 Running Status HSR SDLP RE PASS Hisar Rewari
14705 Running Status Dee Bgkt Express Delhi S Rohilla Bhagat Ki Kothi
14706 Running Status Bgkt Dee Express Bhagat Ki Kothi Delhi S Rohilla
54012 Running Status Sadulpur - Tilak Bridge Passenger Sadulpur Jn Tilak Bridge
54011 Running Status Nzm Re Passenger H Nizamuddin Rewari
74845 Running Status Re Sdlp Hsr Passenger Rewari Hisar
74847 Running Status Re Sdlp Hsr Passenger Rewari Hisar
74846 Running Status Hsr Sdlp Re Passenger Hisar Rewari
54768 Running Status Tkj Sgnr Pass Tilak Bridge Shri Ganganagar
54767 Running Status Sgnr Tkj Pass Shri Ganganagar Tilak Bridge
59728 Running Status Re Sikr Passenger Rewari Sikar Jn
59727 Running Status Sikr Re Passenger Sikar Jn Rewari
74848 Running Status Hsr Sdlp Re Dmu Hisar Rewari
54809 Running Status Re Ju Passenger Rewari Jodhpur Jn
54810 Running Status Ju Re Passenger Jodhpur Jn Rewari
14021 Running Status Sainik Express Delhi S Rohilla Jaipur
14022 Running Status Sainik Express Jaipur Delhi S Rohilla
15624 Running Status Kyq Bgkt Express Kamakhya Bhagat Ki Kothi
22422 Running Status Salasar Sup Fast Jodhpur Jn Delhi S Rohilla
22421 Running Status Salasar Sup Fast Delhi S Rohilla Jodhpur Jn
59729 Running Status Sikr Re Passenger Sikar Jn Rewari
59730 Running Status Re Sikr Passenger Rewari Sikar Jn
19728 Running Status Rewari - Sikar Express (unreserved) Rewari Sikar Jn
19727 Running Status Sikar - Rewari Express (unreserved) Sikar Jn Rewari
54316 Running Status Hisar - Rewari Passenger (via - Sadulpur) (unreserved) Hisar Rewari
54315 Running Status Mb Sre Passenger Rewari Hisar
54309 Running Status Dli Re Passenger Old Delhi Hisar
54310 Running Status Re Dli Passenger Hisar Old Delhi
54790 Running Status Bkn Re Passenger Bikaner Jn Rewari
54789 Running Status Re Bkn Passenger Rewari Bikaner Jn
04789 Running Status Sadulpur - Rewari Mela Special (unreserved) Rewari Bikaner Jn
04790 Running Status Rewari - Sadulpur Mela Special (unreserved) Bikaner Jn Rewari
15623 Running Status Bgkt Kyq Exp Bhagat Ki Kothi Kamakhya
14727 Running Status Shri Ganganagar - Tilak Bridge Express Shri Ganganagar Tilak Bridge
14728 Running Status Tilak Bridge - Shri Ganganagar Express Tilak Bridge Shri Ganganagar
14824 Running Status Rewari - Jodhpur Express (unreserved) Rewari Jodhpur Jn
14823 Running Status Jodhpur - Rewari Express (unreserved) Jodhpur Jn Rewari
04727 Running Status Sgnr Tkj Spl Shri Ganganagar Tilak Bridge
04823 Running Status Ju Re Spl Jodhpur Jn Rewari
04824 Running Status Re Ju Spl Rewari Jodhpur Jn
02444 Running Status Ju Dee Sf Spl Jodhpur Jn Delhi S Rohilla
04728 Running Status Tkj Sgnr Spl Tilak Bridge Shri Ganganagar
05623 Running Status Bgkt Kyq Spl Bhagat Ki Kothi Kamakhya
05624 Running Status Kyq Bgkt Special Kamakhya Bhagat Ki Kothi
09727 Running Status Sikr Re Exp Spl Sikar Jn Rewari
09728 Running Status Re Sikr Exp Spl Rewari Sikar Jn
02443 Running Status Dee Ju Sf Spl Delhi S Rohilla Jodhpur Jn

Rating and reviews of Satnali

reviewed on Jun 02 2022
all okay station with good naming
reviewed on May 20 2022
reviewed on May 19 2022
Awsome Food and facilities
reviewed on May 02 2022
reviewed on Apr 10 2022
aney things else jdi hei iip JB g
reviewed on Mar 20 2022
tyijvcgklg k LBC GH(m. kvc
reviewed on Mar 20 2022
choudhary baghasara purvi SALASAR sujangarh churu Rajasthan
reviewed on Mar 20 2022
Rajesh kumar choudhary baghasara purvi
reviewed on Jan 09 2022
a short town station. management is good.
reviewed on Nov 06 2021
good fascinating 👌 👍 👏 😀 😊 ☺ 👌 👍 👏 😀 😊 ☺ 👌
Find out the list of trains that arrive at Satnali railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Satnali - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Satnali railway station are 59726 HSR SDLP RE PASS, 14705 DEE BGKT EXPRESS, 14706 BGKT DEE EXPRESS and 54012 SADULPUR - TILAK BRIDGE PASSENGER. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Satnali railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Satnali to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.