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18 Oct 2014
Mysore city is at 770m above sea level and 140 kms from Bangalore. Also known as the City of Palaces, Mysore retains a quaint charm, that never fails to enchant. Situated in the southern part of the Deccan Plateau, Mysore District is an undulating tableland, covered in parts by granite outcrops and fringed by verdant forests. From ancient times, this district has played a significant role in the history of South India. Mysore District is a popular tourist destination, offering several attractions ranging from the royal splendour of Mysore City and its fabulous Dasara Festival to exquisite temples, pilgrimage centres and scenic spots.
07 Sep 2014
Fabulous place , with cultural background. 2nd cleanest city in India. Fabulous communication with care.
Excellent historic place.
30 Jun 2014
I went to mysore palace last month and it was a really great experience.It is an excellent historic has amazing places(ivory,gold).its a place worth watching specially the great paintings in the hall and the golden palanquin and the simhasana.Its majestic and very artistic.The attention of details on the wall paintings,the design of the pillars are mesmerizing.but you cannot capture the artistry as no photography was allowed must leave your camera in the laockers,they will scan your bags for cameras and ask you to go back to put them away. you will have to enter barefeet,there is a shoe keeping stall but not should go this palace its beautiful and excellently built.Cant explain it in words how good it is.if you are living in mysore not been to mysore palace then you are missing something very beautiful.Must visit place.
Mysore Palace
30 Jun 2014
This was very big and outstanding palace I had ever seen in my life. There were big entrances and the palace was just awesome. The palace was so beautifully carved and the look of the palace in the evening was just speechless. Not just the palace, it had many temples as well. We had gone during late afternoon so we were able to see the evening part of it. The interior was so good that it reminded me of one of the movie sets. We learnt there that Dushera was the most perfect time for travelling here as it is well celebrated. So I would suggest people to go there during Dushera time if possible and do see it in the evening .
What a Royal Palace!!!!! I'll visit again.....
29 Jun 2014
The palace is very beautifully built and is mostly crowded by foreigners and tourists.....There is a great art gallery inside the palace and to take full enjoyment of the place...i would suggest you to take a guide with you who can explain you everything about the place......The only worst part is that the place has so much crowd.....
Mysore Palace
29 Jun 2014
You'll like Mysore Palace if you are a lover of historical places. There is a lot of art inside the palace. There are very beautiful paintings of Mysore city in the palace. There is a fixed path in the palace in which you can walk around the palace. There are guides and people available to tell you more about the history behind the palace. The best partt is the lighting of the palace at night which is very good. The worst part is that you'll find the palace to be very crowded.
mysore palace
28 Jun 2014
Mysore palce is known as the heart of the is seen muchore beautiful at sunday evening.its main attraction is its lightening and construction which is best seen ever at sunday is the best place to visit
28 Jun 2014
Mysore palace is a must visit palace due to its beautiful Design and being a very big palace.This palace has Beautiful lush green park on its backyard.This place looks absolute beauty in the night under lights.
A picturesque place for a tour
26 Jun 2014
The palace of Mysore takes you back to the days of British India. The palace itself is now a museum with lots of artifacts belonging to the mighty Mysore Rajas who fought the British. However, the place around the Palace is beautiful as well, the garden is huge and a perfect place for photography enthusiasts (photography is free outside the palace). I personally loved the surrounding gardens more than the palace itself. I've heard that the entire palace is lighted up with bulbs on Sunday evenings. Although I myself missed that, I'd recommend everyone to plan their tours on Sundays as the Palace lighting is reportedly one of the most magnificent decorations in India.
Majestic Beauty of Mysore.
26 Jun 2014
A typical representation of the city itself, an excursion to Mysore is completely lost without visiting this royal residence. Otherwise called 'Amba Vilas Palace', Mysore Palace is found in the heart of the city and is the authority home of the Wodeyars (recent imperial group of Mysore). This astounding castle is a standout amongst the most acclaimed vacation destinations in India, support just the captivating Taj Mahal (Agra). The structural planning of the royal residence is an amalgamation of Muslim, Rajput, Hindu and Gothic styles of construction modeling. This three-storied stone structure is encompassed by immeasurable territory generally manicured and rich enclosures. The wonderful building of the castle was composed by Henry Irwin, utilizing fine light black rock and profound pink marble (for vaults). The Mysore Palace houses numerous stunning carvings and showstoppers from everywhere throughout the world, and subsequently, has been changed over into a gallery for open review. This superb castle is lit up on Sunday nights and occasions with thousands knobs which sparkle against the inky dark night, introducing a standout amongst the most persevering pictures of the city. Despite the fact that you can't enter the Palace however you can go in the arrangements and revel in this delightful show. The enlightened Palace is a positively brilliant sight, and worth arranging your outing around. To revel in the excellent perspective do recall to arrive somewhat ahead of schedule to settle at a vantage position. The best part about it is that the castle is lit in one stroke, instead of in parts. Along these lines, land before the royal residence is going to be lit up to feel the genuine appeal.
Magnificent and Beautiful
26 Jun 2014
Mysore Palace is one of the most authentic structures. I had visited there at the time of 'Dasara' so I was lucky enough to see all the three gates opened and decorated and it was so beautiful that I didn't want to come back from there. I was in awe by seeing it's magnificent size and also of it's beautiful Indo-Saracenic carvings.
Lighting of Palace -a must see
26 Jun 2014
Though it is like any other palace,the lighting of the palace is a must see(7-8 pm on sundays and govt. holidays.).the only pity is that they do not allow cameras inside.This palace has splendour written all over it.There is intricate carving on the doors,walls and roofs.The palace is huge,majestic and contains a lot of history.
The Best Palace
25 Jun 2014
We visited the Mysore Palace as part of the college tour and the palace was very big and it was beautiful. We learnt the history and gain the knowledge about the palace. The architecture of the palace was amazing and the way the sculptures and paintings in the palace arranged was best and good place for the sight seeing and also for the people who love to know the history. A nice palace in India.
Mysore palace , best ever
24 Jun 2014
Mysore palace is the best palace u can ever visit . there are so many old gems in display . ambari is awesome. whole palace is beautiful
Beautiful palace
24 Jun 2014
Mysore palace is a beautiful palace which cannot been seen in this country . every year the kings of mysore maharaja will come there . at that time they will decorate the palace with lightings which seems like a wonder palace. Its a great palace for tourist people.