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Etti Bali Jul 08 2015

Places where selfies are banned around the world

Kanika Nevatia Jul 08 2015
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Don’t you just love looking into your phone and clicking away? If the answer is yes, then you have been bitten by the selfie bug. However, make sure you stay away from these places where selfies are banned around the world!

Selfie Sticks in Disney Parks

You want to click a picture of yourself with one of the Disney characters? Sure, go ahead as long as you don’t pull out a selfie stick to click. As of July 2015, Disney Parks all over the world have banned selfie sticks. So whether you’re at Disneyland Paris or California, no selfies please!

Tiger Selfies in New York

If you thought you could click yourself a wicked selfie with a tiger in New York, then think again! Whether you are at a zoo or animal reserve, authorities in New York have banned people from clicking selfies with tigers and displaying them on social network sites.

Selfie Sticks in South Korea

Authorities in South Korea have banned the use of certain selfie sticks in the country as they believe that the bluetooth signal from these unlicensed sticks leads to the malfunctioning of other devices such as cell phones. Anyone found importing unauthorized brands may face a fine of up to $30,000 or spend up to three years in jail.

Concert Selfies in London

Attending a concert in the city of London? Ready with your selfie sticks for clicking some fabulous pictures with your friends? Before you do so, you should know that many venues such as the O2 Arena and Brixton Academy in Great Britain have started imposing bans on selfies and selfie sticks to avoid obstruction of view.

Selfie While Running from Bulls in Pamplona

You’ve surely seen a glimpse of the annual Running of the Bulls Festival of Spain in the movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, but did you know that last year, a participant of this event was fined $4,100 for taking a selfie while running from the bulls? Ever since, organisers of the event have banned participants from taking selfies.

Selfie with a Celebrity in Iran

Feel like clicking a selfie with your favourite soccer player? In case you’re in Iran, beware! The head of the Iranian Football Federation’s Moral Committee issued an order that bans players, team staff and coaches from getting selfies clicked with female fans. It is believed that this rule was made to avoid any form of harassment of players.

Selfies in the Mecca

Want the perfect click showing you visiting Mecca in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage? Well that won’t quite be possible! That’s because Islamic clerics have forbidden selfies in Mecca. It is believed that clicking selfies acts as a distraction to the rituals, prayers and peace required to fully immerse oneself in the holy experience.

Selfie Sticks at the Colosseum in Rome

If you’re planning a trip to Rome anytime soon you will surely pay a visit to the ever famous Colosseum. In doing so, make sure you leave your selfie sticks behind. Authorities have banned the use of selfie sticks in this monument as they believe it may damage the surrounding areas.

Now that you know of places where selfies are banned around the world, make sure you stand clear of them, or show restraint!

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