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How is the nightlife in Gokarna?
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asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
If the relaxed, slow paced lifestyle of Gokarna hasn’t spoiled you yet, simply let go. The warmth of the sun, the intoxicating blue-ness of the sea and the swaying palm t ...more
Here's what I am planning, will have to try it out to know how painful / comfortable it is Take an overnighter to Hubli (reach around 6 - 7 am). From Hubli, there are ...more
How can one reach Gokarna?
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asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
Umpteen plans, myriad booking and unbound excitement. Amidst all the chaos and confusion, the thrill of planning a holiday surpasses it all. The means of reaching your de ...more
What are the different means of transport within Gokarna?
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asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
When you are in the midst of scenic beaches, lush forests and craggy rocky paths, walking is one of the most wonderful ways of discovering a place. The beautiful town of ...more
Which are the popular top-end hotels in Gokarna?
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
When the sun and sand call, you just can't refuse. The beach town of Gokarna is immersed in absolute surreal beauty. The cool, blue waters, swaying palm tre ...more
Which are the popular places of interest in Gokarna?
places to visit
asked by iXiGOers Sun, 09 Dec 2012
A paradise for beach lovers, a spiritual retreat for devotees, a haven for backpackers and a place you can call your own. The arresting beauty of Gokarna instantly takes ...more
How to go from Mysore to Jog Falls?
local info
asked by Sangeeta Kadam Thu, 23 May 2013
The Jog Falls are located in Shimoga.  Try typing Mysore to Shimoga in the search box above to find the cheapest and fastest modes to travel between ...more
Can you share some budget hotels near Jog Falls?
asked by Vinay Vinu Fri, 24 May 2013
Jog Falls are located at 15 minutes from Shimoga. Here are a few hotels here: Hotel Navratna International Address: Savarline Road, Shimoga Tariff: INR 44 ...more
Is it okay to visit gokarna now?
asked by Fadhil Siddiq Wed, 09 Apr 2014
April and May are hot summer months in Gokarna and the temperature easily rises to 38 degrees. You can check out weather in Gokarna to plan your trip better. ...more
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