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East Coast Exp 18646 Train

Runs on: SMTWTFS
Hyderabad Decan
30hr 20min
60 Stops
Howrah Jn

East Coast Exp 18646 Train Information

East Coast Exp (18646) train runs from Hyderabad Decan to Howrah Jn. This mail express train covers a distance of about 1590 km. The fare classes on 18646 train are 2A,3A,SL. The following train ticket quotas are available on East Coast Exp: GN,TQ,SS,LD.

Train Details

Classes2A, 3A, SL
Service Days Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Duration30hr 20min
TypeMail Express

East Coast Exp 18646 Schedule, Routes & Time Table

Train no. 18646 East Coast Exp is one of the major trains on this route for travellers. It starts from Hyderabad Decan station and ends at Howrah Jn. Due to its 61 stoppage stations, the total time taken by this train is around 6hr 20min. You can easily book train tickets at ixigo for any stations between Hyderabad Decan and Howrah Jn and enjoy amazing deals.
Stn CodeStn NameArrivesDepartsStop timeDistancePlatformRouteDayAvg delay
HYBHyderabad Decanstarts09:50-0411On Time
SCSecunderabad Jn10:1510:205min10 km211On Time
BGBhongir10:5911:001min56 km211On Time
ALERAler11:1911:201min79 km211On Time
ZNJangaon11:3411:351min94 km211On Time
KZJKazipet Jn12:3812:402min142 km211On Time
WLWarangal12:5312:552min152 km111On Time
MABDMahbubabad13:4013:411min212 km111On Time
KMTKhammam14:3014:322min259 km111On Time
BZAVijayawada Jn16:3016:4515min359 km611On Time
EEEluru17:3317:352min418 km211On Time
TDDTadepalligudem18:1018:111min466 km211On Time
NDDNidadavolu Jn18:3018:322min486 km111On Time
RJYRajahmundry19:1519:172min508 km311On Time
DWPDwarapudi19:3919:401min528 km111On Time
SLOSamalkot Jn20:0520:061min559 km111On Time
PAPPithapuram20:1820:191min571 km111On Time
ANVAnnavaram20:3620:371min595 km311On Time
TUNITuni20:5220:531min612 km211On Time
YLMEllamanchili21:2321:241min652 km211On Time
AKPAnakapalle22:0922:101min676 km311On Time
DVDDuvvada22:5022:522min692 km411On Time
VSKPVisakhapatnam23:4000:0121min709 km412On Time
SCMSimhachalam00:1700:192min717 km212On Time
KTVKottavalasa00:3500:372min735 km312On Time
VZMVizianagram Jn01:0601:082min770 km412On Time
CPPChipurupalle01:3301:352min800 km112On Time
CHESrikakulam Road02:0502:072min839 km212On Time
NWPNaupada Jn02:4402:462min886 km212On Time
PSAPalasa03:1803:202min912 km312On Time
SPTSompeta03:4803:491min943 km312On Time
IPMIchchpuram04:0304:041min961 km212On Time
BAMBrahmapur04:3404:395min986 km112On Time
CAPChatrapur04:5404:551min1007 km112On Time
KITKhallikot05:2605:271min1044 km212On Time
CLKAChilka05:3805:391min1054 km-12On Time
BALUBalugaon05:5005:511min1062 km312On Time
KAPGKalupara Ghat06:2006:211min1089 km212On Time
NKPNirakarpur06:3506:361min1107 km112On Time
KURKhurda Road Jn07:1007:3020min1132 km112On Time
BBSBhubaneswar07:5808:035min1152 km312On Time
BRAGBarang08:2108:221min1168 km112On Time
CTCCuttack08:4208:475min1179 km112On Time
KNPRKendrapara Road08:5508:561min1183 km112On Time
DNMDhanmandal09:1809:191min1215 km512On Time
JJKRJajpur K Road09:4909:501min1251 km212On Time
KRIHKorai Halt09:5709:581min1256 km-12On Time
BTVBaitarani Road10:0510:061min1263 km212On Time
BHCBhadrak10:3810:402min1295 km312On Time
MKOMarkona10:5210:542min1309 km-12On Time
SOROSoro11:1011:111min1323 km112On Time
BLSBalasore11:3811:435min1357 km312On Time
ROPRupsa Jn11:5912:001min1375 km212On Time
BTSBasta12:1112:121min1384 km-12On Time
JERJaleswar12:2812:291min1404 km212On Time
BLDABelda12:5412:562min1437 km312On Time
KGPKharagpur Jn13:4313:485min1475 km512On Time
PKUPanskura14:2814:302min1520 km-12On Time
MCAMecheda14:4314:452min1532 km-12On Time
SRCSantragachi Jn15:2915:312min1583 km412On Time
HWHHowrah Jn16:10ends-1590 km-12On Time

East Coast Exp 18646 Train FAQ

Q. How much distance does East Coast Exp 18646 cover?

A. East Coast Exp 18646 covers a distance of 1590 km.

Q. When does East Coast Exp 18646 reach Howrah Jn?

A. As per Hyderabad Decan to Howrah Jn train time table 18646, East Coast Exp arrives at Howrah Jn at 16:10.

Q. What is the total number of stations that East Coast Exp 18646 passes through?

A. East Coast Exp 18646 passes through 61 stations on its train route.

Q. What is the origin and destination of East Coast Exp 18646?

A. East Coast Exp 18646 operates from Hyderabad Decan to Howrah Jn.

Q. What is the departure time of East Coast Exp 18646 from Hyderabad Decan?

A. As per the 18646 train schedule, East Coast Exp 18646 departs from Hyderabad Decan at .

Q. How many days in a week does East Coast Exp 18646 operate?

A. As per the 18646 time table, East Coast Exp runs 7 days in a week.

Q. What is the code of the origin station for 18646 East Coast Exp?

A. The code of the origin station for East Coast Exp 18646 train is HYB.

Q. What is the code of the destination station for 18646 East Coast Exp?

A. The code of the destination station for East Coast Exp 18646 train is HWH.