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Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 Train

Runs on: SMTWTFS
Howrah Jn
29hr 20min
117 Stops

Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 Train Information

Hwh Jyg Passenger (53041) train runs from Howrah Jn to Jaynagar. This passenger train covers a distance of about 720 km. The fare classes on 53041 train are . The following train ticket quotas are available on Hwh Jyg Passenger: GN,TQ,SS,LD.

Train Details

Service Days Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
Duration29hr 20min

Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 Schedule, Routes & Time Table

Train no. 53041 Hwh Jyg Passenger is one of the major trains on this route for travellers. It starts from Howrah Jn station and ends at Jaynagar. Due to its 118 stoppage stations, the total time taken by this train is around 5hr 20min. You can easily book train tickets at ixigo for any stations between Howrah Jn and Jaynagar and enjoy amazing deals.
Stn CodeStn NameArrivesDepartsStop timeDistancePlatformRouteDayAvg delay
HWHHowrah Jnstarts07:15-0-11On Time
SRPSerampore07:3707:381min20 km311On Time
SHESeoraphuli07:5007:511min22 km411On Time
CGRChandan Nagar08:0008:011min33 km311On Time
CNSChuchura08:0808:091min36 km311On Time
BDCBandel Jn08:2308:274min40 km111On Time
MUGMagra08:3408:351min47 km211On Time
PDAPundooah08:5208:531min61 km211On Time
BOIBainchi09:0209:031min70 km-11On Time
MYMMemari09:2609:271min82 km-11On Time
BWNBarddhaman Jn09:5710:025min107 km211On Time
TITTalit10:0910:101min114 km-11On Time
KANKhana Jn10:2010:211min120 km-11On Time
JTLJhapater Dhal10:2910:301min125 km211On Time
BPSBanpas10:3510:361min130 km211On Time
NRXNoadar Dhal10:4210:431min135 km211On Time
GKHGuskara10:4910:501min140 km211On Time
PCQPichkurirdhal10:5710:581min146 km111On Time
BDHBhedia11:0511:061min151 km111On Time
BHPBolpur S Niktn11:1511:172min159 km111On Time
PNEPrantik11:2311:241min163 km111On Time
KPLEKopai11:3311:341min170 km211On Time
AMPAhmadpur Jn11:4211:431min178 km111On Time
BSLEBataspur11:4911:501min184 km111On Time
SNTSainthia12:0012:011min192 km311On Time
GHLEGadadharpur12:0812:091min199 km111On Time
MLVMallarpur12:1612:171min207 km311On Time
TPFTarapith Road12:2312:241min212 km111On Time
RPHRampur Hat13:0013:1010min220 km211On Time
SDLESwadinpur13:1713:181min226 km-11On Time
NHTNalhati Jn13:2613:282min234 km311On Time
CTRChatra13:3513:361min242 km-11On Time
MRRMurarai13:4413:451min250 km-11On Time
BSBRBanshlai Bridge13:5413:551min255 km-11On Time
RJGRajgram14:0214:031min262 km311On Time
NGFNagarnabi14:1014:111min267 km311On Time
PKRPakur14:2114:265min272 km111On Time
TBBTilbhita14:3214:331min277 km-11On Time
KLPKotalpukur14:4114:421min284 km-11On Time
GMANGumani15:2215:231min291 km-11On Time
BHWBarharwa Jn15:3515:438min298 km111On Time
BKLEBakudi15:5315:541min306 km-11On Time
DDXDhamdhamia15:5916:001min310 km-11On Time
TPHTinpahar Jn16:1016:111min315 km111On Time
KXEKalian Chak16:1816:191min320 km-11On Time
TLJTaljhari16:2616:271min325 km-11On Time
KPTOKaranpur Ato16:3616:371min332 km-11On Time
MJPMoharajpur16:4616:471min339 km-11On Time
SLJSakrigali Jn16:5616:571min345 km-11On Time
SBGSahibganj Jn17:2017:4525min353 km311On Time
KRMAKaramtola17:5617:571min362 km111On Time
MZCMirza Cheuki18:0518:061min368 km111On Time
AMPLAmmapalli Halt18:1118:121min372 km-11On Time
PPTPirpainti18:1818:191min376 km-11On Time
SVRPShivanarayanpur18:3018:311min385 km-11On Time
BKSLBikram Shila18:3918:401min389 km-11On Time
CLGKahalgaon19:0319:085min397 km211On Time
EKCEkchari19:2119:221min401 km111On Time
GGAGhoga19:2919:301min406 km-11On Time
LMMLailakh Mamlkha19:3819:391min412 km-11On Time
SBOSabaur19:5119:521min419 km-11On Time
BGPBhagalpur20:3020:4010min427 km-11On Time
NATNathnagar20:5720:581min430 km211On Time
MPYMurarpur21:0421:051min435 km-11On Time
CTMPChhit Makhanpur21:0821:091min437 km-11On Time
AKNAkbarnagar21:1421:151min441 km-11On Time
MVVMaheshi21:2021:211min445 km-11On Time
SGGSultanganj21:3621:371min451 km211On Time
GNNAGangani21:4421:451min458 km-11On Time
KPRDKalyanpur Road21:5321:541min464 km-11On Time
BUPBariarpur22:0222:031min469 km111On Time
RPURRatanpur22:3022:311min474 km-11On Time
JMPJamalpur Jn23:3423:395min480 km-11On Time
DRTPDasharathpur23:4223:431min486 km111On Time
DRHDharhara23:4923:501min492 km111On Time
MSDNMasudan23:5623:571min498 km-11On Time
AHAAbhaipur00:0800:091min502 km112On Time
KJHKajra00:1800:191min509 km112On Time
URENUren00:2400:251min513 km112On Time
DNREDhanauri00:3200:331min519 km112On Time
KIULKiul Jn01:5002:1020min525 km-12On Time
LKRLuckeesarai Jn02:1402:162min526 km212On Time
MKBMankatha02:2402:262min532 km-12On Time
DJSDhurant Jwas Halt02:3102:321min534 km-12On Time
DMRXDumri Halt02:3802:391min537 km212On Time
BRYABarhiya03:1403:162min541 km-12On Time
HTZUHathidah Upper04:2704:281min551 km112On Time
RJORajendra Pul04:3304:352min555 km112On Time
DKGSDinkar Gram Sim05:1105:132min557 km212On Time
BJUBarauni Jn05:3006:0030min564 km912On Time
BUJBarauni Flag06:0506:061min567 km212On Time
TGATeghra06:1206:142min571 km212On Time
BCABachwara Jn06:2306:252min580 km212On Time
STJTSathajagat06:3306:352min587 km-12On Time
DSSDalsingh Sarai06:4106:432min591 km112On Time
NAZJNazirganj06:5106:532min599 km112On Time
UJPUjiarpur07:0407:062min606 km312On Time
SPJSamastipur Jn07:2507:3510min615 km-12On Time
MKPRMuktapur07:4107:432min619 km112On Time
KSPKishanpur07:5007:522min625 km112On Time
RBZRambhaddarpur07:5908:012min631 km112On Time
HYTHaiaghat08:0908:112min636 km112On Time
TLWAThalwara08:1908:212min642 km112On Time
LSILaheria Sarai08:3108:365min647 km112On Time
DBGDarbhanga Jn08:4508:5510min652 km212On Time
KKHTKakarghatti09:0309:052min658 km112On Time
BJIHBijuli Halt09:1109:121min661 km112On Time
TRSTarsarai09:1809:202min665 km-12On Time
SSNSShaheed S N Singh Halt09:2609:271min668 km112On Time
SKISakri Jn09:4709:492min671 km-12On Time
UGNAUgna Halt09:5509:561min676 km112On Time
PDWPandaul10:0110:032min679 km112On Time
MBIMadhubani10:2810:302min688 km-12On Time
RJARajanagar10:5010:522min698 km-12On Time
LLPRLalit Lakshmipr10:5911:001min702 km112On Time
KJIKhajauli11:1311:152min708 km112On Time
KRHAKorahia11:2411:251min713 km112On Time
JYGJaynagar12:35ends-720 km212On Time

Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 Coach Position & Seat Layout

Hwh Jyg Passenger - 53041 has 10 coaches. You can also get information about your coach position.
There is no seat map for this coach
Coach Position
*Coach position info is based on historic data. It does not represent current status
Howrah Jn
Seat Layout
Hwh Jyg Passenger Coach Position and Seat LayoutHwh Jyg Passenger Coach Position and Seat Layout

Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 Train FAQ

Q. How much distance does Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 cover?

A. Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 covers a distance of 720 km.

Q. When does Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 reach Jaynagar?

A. As per Howrah Jn to Jaynagar train time table 53041, Hwh Jyg Passenger arrives at Jaynagar at 12:35.

Q. What is the total number of stations that Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 passes through?

A. Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 passes through 118 stations on its train route.

Q. What is the origin and destination of Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041?

A. Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 operates from Howrah Jn to Jaynagar.

Q. What is the departure time of Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 from Howrah Jn?

A. As per the 53041 train schedule, Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 departs from Howrah Jn at .

Q. How many days in a week does Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 operate?

A. As per the 53041 time table, Hwh Jyg Passenger runs 7 days in a week.

Q. What is the code of the origin station for 53041 Hwh Jyg Passenger?

A. The code of the origin station for Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 train is HWH.

Q. What is the code of the destination station for 53041 Hwh Jyg Passenger?

A. The code of the destination station for Hwh Jyg Passenger 53041 train is JYG.
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