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Honey Chitkara Mar 11 2014

Which are the best dhabas in Bangalore?

Benazir Khan Mar 11 2014
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This piece of news on a dhaba in Bangalore, one after the other, is going to be both exciting and a slight bit of a disappointment for the carnivores among you, but nevertheless exciting. Bangalore’s local delights, despite coming of age still seem to be leaning on their favourite South Indian snacks which are all vegetarian and served with fresh chatnis and pachhadis to top it all - in the best dhaba in Bangalore, one after the other.

However, the cosmopolitan cravings do not lay low, there is still a mixed bag of delectable offerings of other cuisines which will bring you back a full circle experience on the plate, all in all. The culinary discourse is going to be one hell of a ride for the herbivores.

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR)

Rumour has it that a certain Chief Minister, Karnataka, was once patiently waiting in queue in what can be touted as the best dhaba in Bangalore, to get into the tiffin centre to grab a plate of masala dosa. A popular disclosure spread far and wide, by partakers of the simple pleasures offered by the place, this perhaps makes it easier to believe that the food here is really that good. 'Scrumptious,’ ranking as an understatement. Must tries here: Rava idli - (they are said to have invented an innovative modern take on it), filter coffee, masala dosa.

A photo of masala dosa at the tiffin room (by Scott Dexter)

Address: 14, Lalbagh Road, Doddamavalli, Sudhama Nagar, Bangalore
Contact No.: +91-80222-20022
Meal for two: INR 250

Adigas Fast Food

Most dishes are rice-based in this dhaba in Bangalore and the idlis are said to be items on the menu which can simply bowl one over - they are that top class and on top of the popular charts. Among other places to eat in Bangalore, this therefore does the trick for quite a few. The buzz around this place is simply infectious, as the fever does catch on to someone whose very culinary drill is driven towards South Indian. Must tries here: Medu Vada and the idlis served with a bowl full of sambhar, which are unputdownable.

A photo of vadas, which are made with a base of lentils (by Soumya dey)

Address: Panduranga Nagar, 204, Bannerghatta Road, Bilekahalli

Outer Ring Rd, Kaverappa Industrail Area, Stage 2, BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore
Contact No.: +91-80264-92442
Meal for two: INR 300

South Indies

A place for the home bird, head here to feel the warmth of the ambience of a home outside of home in what can be thought of as close to being the best dhaba in Bangalore. Or a mere redefinition of one. South Indies is also present in Pune, with a similar story to tell. The food enthuses the same essence when one digs in with an anticipatory bite. However, one often lands up with the dilemma of choice at the table, when the menu stares back with cuisine options and delights from four different South Indian states. Hence the name, for the multiple food lovers cocooned here for hours on end.

A photo of the traditional idli sambhar served here (by Soumya dey)

Address: 840/A 100Ft Road, Indira Nagar I Stage, Hoysala Nagar, Bangalore Contact No.: +91-80416-36363
Meal for two: INR 250

Uday Huts

This dhaba in Bangalore is popular for dishing out multi-cuisine favourites, some South Indian basics included. The simple way to make the most of the dhaba in this part of Bangalore, is to order from between the North Indian and Chinese cuisine spread out here. Aspiring to be one of the most delightful savouries in terms of Bangalore food, the stir-fried potatoes, vegetables and chicken at large look up to please your appetite. If you have a growling tummy, and want to just about finish off a good plate of food without spending anything at all, then this place will answer to your beck and call.

A photo of an Indian Chinese delicacy (by Robin)

Address: Opposite Jakkur Flying School, BB road international airport road, Jakkur, Bangalore - 560065
Contact No.: +91-98802-75789
Meal for two: INR 400

9th Mile Dhaba

Known mostly for its specialisation in serving some exquisite Punjabi specials on the platter, some must tries here include: Kebabs, Malai Kofta, Tandoori Chicken, rotis and Paneer Masala. This definitely qualifies to make it the best dhaba in Bangalore in its own right. There are several highway dhabas in India, which give you a very rustic, rural feeling, a little akin to how this place is done up. Set in the outdoors, replete with a mix of the courtyard and a hut-on-the-highway feel, the place is simply great to go out to, if one is looking for a quiet time outside the city with their partner or family, but not completely out of the way.

A photo of a typical Indian dhaba (by Barun)

Address: Royal Orchid Resort, Bellary Road, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore Contact No.: +91-99020-00130
Meal for two: INR 400

Bobby Da Dhaba

Bobby Da Dhaba, clearly reigns as the only dhaba in Bangalore which truly comes close to giving one an experience and feel of a roadside dhaba. Quite a la the North Indian style, complete with benches, stools and the road running adjacent while you eat. The food served here is authentically Punjabi, unadulterated. Some must tries include: a diverse variety of stuffed parathas, with butter boiling on their surface, Aalu Mutter Gajar, Rajma Masala, Jeera Chawal, et al.

A photo of the typical Matar Paneer served up here (by Sonja Pauen)

Address: St. John's Road, Near Lavanya Theatre, Ulsoor, Bangalore
Contact No.: +91-080-22714071
Meal for two: INR 400

Puran Da Dhaba

A popular place owing to its ambience, as the best dhaba in Bangalore in its own right, Puran Da Dhaba is also one for the ones who favour Punjabi food like nothing else on the plate. Swinging between the traditional and rustic and the contemporary and chic, the place is a definite visit for someone who doesn’t mind a little play with the flavours on the palate. Must tryies here: Paneer tikka, Paneer Masala and naans.

A photo of the typical Paneer Tikka served up here (by Kirti Poddar)

Address: 6th Floor, The Pride Hotel, Richmond Road, Richmond Town, Bangalore Contact No.: +91-080-43484348
Meal for two: INR 500

Malgudi - The Dhaba

One of the fewer dhaba settings to offer South Indian cuisine in the rustic manner, the experience is a unique one in itself in this dhaba in Bangalore. The best part of the experience here, among other places to visit in Bangalore, is when one sits by the roadside and has to choose from among options as unique as the experience. Read - Kaane Masala Fry, Vendakkai Mory Curry, which are specials cooked with ladies’ fingers - a vegetable favoured to throw into most dishes here.

A photo of ladies' fingers - a favourite ingredient in the food here (by NJ..)

Address: 141, 5th Sector, Outer Ring Road, HSR Layout (Near Canara Bank), Bangalore
Contact No.: Not available
Meal for two: INR 350

Ramu Tiffin Centre

One of the smaller establishments in what is known as Thindhi Beedhi, the food served here is almost dished out for mass consumption at a go. You should consider booking an option to nest in, among several places to stay in Bangalore, in advance to make the most of the culinary experience in time here. This reads - best dhaba in Bangalore at so many levels. Plates and plates and pile ons of sambhar and dosas of a diverse kind, chutneys with a lot of mixes; make up the orders of the day here. There is no real sitting area, which only adds to the experience. Must tries include: Masala Dosa, Kali Dosa, Set Dosa, Onion Dosa and Bath Dosa.

A photo of the varieties of dosas dished out here (by wonderyort)

Address: Thindhi Beedhi, Food Street, Bangalore
Contact No.: Not available
Meal for two: INR 300

Vidyarthi Bhavan

Old is gold is quite a merriment of a supposition in this dhaba in Bangalore, as dosas with age-old traditional favours and simple ways of plating are what meets the eye once here, instantly. Delectably so, Vidyarthi Bhavan is a constant reminder of a world gone by, with the remnants of its essence in the culinary fare and even in the pace with which you eat. The place is so much in demand, you better get ordering your dosa with the accompanying filter coffee super quick and get eating even faster, as other lovers and partakers of similar guilty pleasures stay lined up for their own turn.

A photo of foaming and piping hot filter coffee (by Charles Haynes)

Address: 32, Gandhi Bazar Rd, Gandhi Bazaar, Basavanagudi, Bangalore
Contact No.: +91-080-26677588
Meal for two: INR 300

Food and the ideas surrounding it as such are many and fanciful, but what separates them from mere ideas, is the experience in the best dhaba in Bangalore, each one in their own right. So, dig in and follow up the contemplation not just in Bangalore, but in several places to visit in Karnataka. As fate might have it, you might even get to articulate the experiences and inspire others to take up the vocation of indulgence in food in the whole of the state, as a cultural entity separate from the other wings of society.
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