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Reema Bhalla Jan 22 2015

Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle.

Kanika Nevatia Jan 22 2015
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Get to know more about the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and prepare to be left intrigued. Find out more about what lies behind the mysteries of what is also known as the “Devil’s Triangle”.


The Bermuda Triangle is believed to be part of the Atlantic Ocean between Florida, the island of Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

The Bermuda Triangle (by NOAA's National Ocean Service)

The Mystery

Many ships and airplanes are said to have disappeared in this area. There have been many unexplained accidents in this area. For instance, an entire squadron of US Navy bombers is said to have disappeared while flying over this region. No bodies or debris were ever recovered. Other boats and planes have also supposedly vanished around this area even in good weather. What’s surprising is that none of them sent out any distress messages. Many people have also reported that they have experienced supernatural forces in this region such as instruments on ships going haywire.

Ship Wreck (by Fishyone1)


There are many myths associated with these mysterious occurrences. The most common of these is the presence of pirates in the area who apparently don't let ships pass by, although this would still not explain the disappearing planes. Another myth is that there are extraterrestrials or UFOs in the area that are responsible for these incidents. Some also speculate the existence of the lost continent of Atlantis in the region.

Pirate Ship (by bobchin1941)

There are also various scientific explanations to the occurrences at the Bermuda Triangle. Some believe that the area possesses certain magnetic anomalies due to which instruments such as compasses stop functioning and ships go astray. Others believe that there is a large volume of methane gas in this region. This natural gas is apparently responsible for ships and airplanes being sucked into the sea.

Compass (by Calsidyrose)

Prominent Incidents

Some of the well known mysterious occurrences to have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle include:

USS Cyclops - This ship with a crew of 309 went missing without a trace in March of 1918.

Carroll A. Deering - In January 1921, the cargo carrier was found wrecked at Diamond Shoals located off Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. Though the ship seemed quite intact, all the crew members vanished and were never heard off.

Flight 19 - A squadron of 5 torpedo bombers disappeared in December 1945. One of the search and rescue aircrafts deployed to look for the aircrafts, with a crew of 13 men, also disappeared.

Ship wreck (by jonathan.leung)

Tudor Star Tiger - A Tudor Mark IV aircraft disappeared in Bermuda Triangle shortly before it was to land at the Bermuda Airport in January 1948.

Marine Sulphur Queen - The 524 foot carrier transporting molten sulphur set sail on 2 February 1963 from Beaumont, Texas with a crew of 39 people. It was reported lost in the Florida Straits on 4 February.

USS Scorpion - The nuclear-powered submarine of the United States Navy disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in May 1968.

These are just some of the myths, mysteries and occurrences attached to the Bermuda Triangle. If you know of any other interesting facts about the Bermuda Triangle leave a comment and add to the list.

This region may be situated in Forth Dimension of the World that is invisible and mysteries to some extent
I read that this passage was used to transport African slaves to USA. When one or two of these ships suffered a fire outbreak. The salves died trapped in the fire. So they haunt the place to trap others as well. I have heard the Atlantis story as well..!!
yeah its all abut the 4th dimension which we are not able to see
Top Secret Researchers Play Their Vital Role Named Bermuda They Might B Clever But Dont Ever Think People Around U R Fools Good Luck
Gokul Prasath Jan 31 2015
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The fourth dimension is a pretty good assumption but if it is so then why didn't anyone figured it out yet ..... We do have a lot of intelligent people around.... God I wish I wud know the Bermuda's mystery before I die... It's been haunting me ever since my childhood stories....
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