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masti time
11 Oct 2014
Hi I am laksmi soni and I am electronics engg I love to travel specially some spiritual place like haridwar and kasi. Two of mine friends always go with me and I love that one thing I also like to say about my travel stuff I never forget my camera.
04 Sep 2014
haridwar is regarded as one of the seven holiest palce to hindus. According to the samundrra manthan , haridwar along with ujjain, nashik,pryag is one of four sites where drop of amrit, the elixir of immorality accidently spilled over from the pitcher while being carried by the celestial bird gurada.
holy place & wonderful sceneries plus greenery
07 Jul 2014
haridwar.. most peacful city in my opinion.. river ganga itself says everything about haridwar. a must visit place.. cheetal dam and the surroundings nearby.. the road to dehradun and the forest on both ends.. just amazing to travel by a two wheeler.. many sacred places to visit.. nd the attraction of haridwar offcourse. harki pauri.. dun forget to visit
haridwar the hub of tempels
02 Jul 2014
This is the best place to visit if you are religious person.This is the home of river ganga maa This is an ever young place you can come to any time of year but the best time to come here is in march april or oct nov.It is near by Delhi so you can come here by rail road or by air too.The best places to visit is har ki pori,kankhal mandir,saptrishi aashram,kaanch ka mandir and many can easily get good hotel rooms starting 1000 rs/per day all type of food is available there in the morning you can roam all over the city in the evening you can attend the ganga aarti at har ki pori. there are many near by place to haridwar like rishikesh chila wild life century etc to visit.
hari ka dwar
01 Jul 2014
My experience of visiting haridwar was wonderful. The best part of haridwar is that there are lot of temples and the worst part is that place is crowded place. I suggest visitor to visit har ki paudi and all temples.
29 Jun 2014
It is one the best places where one can enjoy the temples and river the Ganges . There are many temples in Haridwar like Chandi Devi temples , Manasa Devi temples etc . One can also visit nearby Rishikesh and Mussoorie from Haridwar . Don't miss the Har Ki Puri and the Chanda Devi temples .Really I want to visit there again . You must also visit and don't forget to attend Ganga Aarti on evening at ganga ghat .
Dev Bhoomi
28 Jun 2014
My Friend Planed Haridwar Trip But I am Not Interested . some how i am also come here but after coming here i am thinking if i miss this trip . i am a fool. beautiful place . all haridwar surrounded with the beautiful temples . food and lodging very cheap here. all green here pollution free good for health also
The city of temples
28 Jun 2014
It is one of the best places where one can enjoy the temples and river the Ganges. Haridwar is best known for its Har-Ki-Pauri ghat where the kumbha mela is held. There are many temples in Haridwar, like Manasa devi, Chandi devi temples, etc. One can also visit nearby Rishikesh and mussoorie from haridwar.
Good Experience at haridwar
27 Jun 2014
nice and good. very much enjoyable. spended very nice time . bathing in the holy river ganges is an exceptional experience Food, sight-seeing and shopping: attractions- river ganges, rishikesh, laxman jhoola,and all the tempels fooding- chotiwala and in haridwar there are lot of restaurants delivering traditional foods.
Haridwar is a best holiest Place..
26 Jun 2014
Haridwar is just an awesome place , which I eve viewed. Haridwar is known as Hari ka dwar which means A gateway of Lord Vishnu...
Haridawar - City of God
26 Jun 2014
Haridwar is out of seven holy cities of India according to Hindu religion Ganga Ghat is a place here ,from where river Ganga flows Har Ki Podi is near to the Ghats. Rammandir,Vishu Mandir are superb .Hanuman Mandir is best,the have used parallel mirrors to create infinite images.Maa Santoshi temple is has artificial caves,but they are narrow.Its so peace giving
haridwar the holy place of maa ganga
25 Jun 2014
recently i visited haridwar to worship maa ganga, this place is popular because of river ganga thousands of people come daily to snan in harki paudi.. and it is a believe that maa ganga remove all sins.. i like this place alot
25 Jun 2014
"Gateway of God", and the breath taking city, replete with temples, is a magnet for religious pilgrims from all over the globe. Religious festivals hold even further draw, and tourists can't helped but be compelled by the city's aura of intense spirituality. Don't miss the Har Ki Pauri and The Chandi Devi Templ.
had a memorable experience
24 Jun 2014
I visited this place one month back and had a memorable experience. Bathing in river ganga was also a very relaxing experience. For enjoying the most every one should visit in springs and autum seasons. And I also visited manasa devi and chandi devi temples near haridwar. I want to visit there again.
city of ganga
24 Jun 2014
haridwar , the city of holy river ganga, a place where the river ganga strikes early and at its full flow, the power and purity of this river is felt at this place , the daily arti of ganga its done in the evening and is the greatest charm there. Many dharmsala are situated in this city which provides accomodation at either low or free of cost. This is a place where peoples are believed to get rid of all there sins and evils, people from long distances comes to take the holy water and keeps at there home, also the jal of ganga is taken by the kawariyas to bath lord shiva on the occasion of shivratri. a place to visit and rejoy yourself

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