What's new on ixigo?

ixigo is a search of the traveler, by the traveler and for the traveler. That's why we are constantly listening to your feedback and working on new features that make your travel search experience worthwhile. Here's a list of some of the latest additions to ixigo. If you like any of these new features, we would appreciate if you tell your friends about them.

New Features

  • ixigo Deals !
    Promotions, Discounts, Offers, 99 Rs. Fares, 50% Cashbacks, 1000 Rs. off and 5000 Rs. gift vouchers from a zillion different travel sites confusing you ? Well, ixigo has done what we were always good at doing - we've aggregated all the internet's travel deals for Indian consumers at one place and named it ixigo Deals. Now, you can be assured of knowing which promotion saves you the most, which credit cards to use, which site to book on and which dates to fly between in order to maximize the goodies you get in return.

  • International Flights out of beta !
    One year of hard work, dozens of technical integrations and lots of interesting insights from ixigoers finally allow us to present - ixigo International Flights in an all new avatar ! You will find much better connectivity (try Delhi - Madrid , Bengaluru - Sydney , Amritsar - Toronto . Oh, and dont forget to check other travel sites while you search on ixigo, just to be sure that we are giving you the best deals ! Keep the feedbacks coming - we know that better can be bettered too :)

  • More providers and suppliers for flights and hotels
    We know that being good just ain't good enough, so we keep adding more to our search. Now, when you search any domestic flight or international hotel, you will see a lot more options from a lot more providers.

Features we launched before

  • Ever wanted to get alerted whenever fares dipped below your willingness to spend threshold? Well, look no further. Now you can create your own fare alerts, just choose your sector, date (or month) of travel and frequency of mail alerts, and bingo, you have it! Do check it out if you haven't tried it yet. It's real cool - most definitely one of our most requested features ever!
  • We love cooking. We also love your company. In fact we love it so much that we have cooked up a few spicy apps to make ourselves a bit more accessible. With new Yahoo! widget, Google Gadgets and Mozilla Toolbar, we can be with you wherever you are. So what are you waiting for? Go get us now! What's more, if you really really like us, then you can invite us on your blog or website - customize your very own ixigo search box, right here, right now!
  • It took us some time, but the wait is finally over. We are very pleased to bring the most usable train search interface in India to the ixigoers. Now you can search, filter, sort and find your train fares and availability in a snap with our user-friendly interface and then choose from among your favorite sites to book on. Needless to say, like all our other services, ixigo train search is also absolutely free (however the site you choose to book on might levy charges). Go give it a spin. Happy searching!!.
  • The wait is finally over ! India gets its first international airfares search engine. Now you can find out what web-fares your favourite international full-service and low-cost carriers are offering for your favourite destination. Moreover, search from anywhere in India to anywhere in the world. Such is the power of this new product. Go on .. Try Delhi-Singapore, Hyderabad-Dubai or Goa-London - take a pick! And remember, ixigo searches the "best rate guarantee" fares from airline site. Ready to be surprised.
  • We have added over 300 more hotels in India and 1200 more hotels globally, with 6 new content partnerships, taking the number of hotels in India that we search to over 6700 ! We have always followed a simple formula when it comes to adding more content : More choice = More power = More happy ixigoers . Give it a spin now.
  • We are very pleased to announce that after a year of us going live, we are now India's number 1 travel search engine! In what we think was a necessary next step, we have kicked out the beta from our logo and added a new kick-ass redesign. The same cool service, the same lightning fast search speeds and the same comprehensiveness that you love, all in a new shell.
  • If you found a great fare that you want to share with your friends or know someone traveling a particular route and have a great deal for them, then this new added functionality lets you do just that. Clicking on the post card icon below the fare results will let you 'share the fare' with your friends on facebook, orkut, instant messengers or email it all in an instant.
  • We have tied up with Ticketgoose.com and Mego.com to give you better routes, larger price ranges to search from and more hotels to search for. You now have access to over 60+ more new bus routes, 1000+ newer hotels and more hotels in 200+ cities. That means more ways to save money on your next trip!
  • Always wanted to search for travel while you are on the move, but never figured out how to get travel sites to work on your mobile? ixigo Mobile brings a full-featured flight and hotel search to your GPRS phone, packing photos, maps, filters, rich features into the size of your pocked. Our unique click-to-call booking mechanism ensures you can talk directly to your favourite airline or hotel booking provider and saves you time and booking fees that your travel agent charges.
  • Want to stay in Hawaii ? Do you know the best hotel deals in Paris? How about that budget hostel in Amsterdam? ixigo's hotel search has now gone global covering over 250,000 properties spread over 25,000+ cities. This not only makes it the most comprehensive hotel search on the planet, but also the fastest, keeping the ixigo tradition alive.
  • If you want to know about all the hotels in a given city, then this is where you want to be. The hotels directory page lets you view all the hotels located in a city (for example: Adelaide) with a host of information. Our weather gadget lets you know what the weather there looks like, our picture album collage lets you view the pictures of the city and the hotels and our map view shows you all the hotels on the map and lets you view their distances from each other as well.
  • Want to stay informed on all the hotel deals of a particular city? With our feature rich RSS feed for Hotels you can now do just that. Our Feed for hotels directly delivers the hotel deals of a particular city to your favourite reader and shows up to 40 results! You can customize this based on ratings (say between 3 star to 5 star or any ratings of your choice!) and the number of hotels you want displayed. It's Really Simple Search feed delivery.
    • More Hotels to Search!
      How do you better the most comprehensive hotel search engine in India? You make it more comprehensive, that's what! We have now tied up with HostelWorld, our new partner, to give you an ever wider range of budget hostels so that students and young backpackers can find the perfect inexpensive pad to rest at while they travel.
    • Flight RSS Feeds
      Want to always be instantly informed on the cheapest flight deals ? Need the lowest fares from a particular city to other destinations at your fingertips? We give you all this info at one place directly fed to your favourite RSS Reader updated once in 2 hours. Now, ixigoers dont have any excuses for missing out on flight deals that come and go.
    • Direct hotel deals listings
      Every hotel in India needs to be on here. Hotel property owners can now list their hotel in ixigo's search results. If you want to list your property with us but haven't invested in an online booking engine then no worries, under a new tab called direct deals our users can now view your hotel here. or property to show up in our searches and allow people to view and then call you when they search for direct deals.
    • Searchbox on Airline Pages
      We thought quick access to searching from a particular airline page would be really nifty, and this is precisely what we did. You can now use our snazzy and sexy searchbox from your favourite airline's page if you effortlessly wish to search without having to go to our homepage directly!
    • Creatives Page
      We pride ourselves on brainstorming and creating our own adverts. And from the hugely popular open your eyes to the recently released No Hassles, everyone of them has been fun to create. The Creatives page is thus a compilation of all our advertisements, print ads, media and other resources that we will add to keep the snazzy ixigoer experience top notch and colorful.
  • The best flight search and the most comprehensive hotel search in India is what we had offered you.

    But that was not enough and we wanted to do a step better! We thus offer you our latest service, ixigo's Bus Search! With 2300+ Routes for you to search through every nook and corner of India, we give you the cheapest bus tickets in India through multiple bus operators for your travel.

    So what do we have in store for you?

    2 Types of booking - You can now book directly or leave your contact details for the operator to get in touch with you. It's called the instant booking and the on request booking and it's fast.

    Useful filters to search - Whether its searching for a Volvo bus, an Ac Coach, a semi sleeper or an executive coach, we have it covered with our super useful filter system.

    Range bars - Need to know which bus leaves at a time convenient for you? No problem just use our departure time bar for both onward and return journeys. Need to know if you can fit the cost in to your budget? No problem again, just use your price bar to adjust the rate you want and narrow down the search to fit your exact needs.

    Boarding Points - Suppose you can't catch the bus at it's starting point, you should know where you can hop in between the journey, that's where this comes in. Showing all pickup points in a particular route, you can choose where to board the bus from and the time you want to board it as well!

    We also have added an FAQ for the bus search so that all your queries are answered.
  • A lot of you wanted to be a part of the ixigo revolution and if you have a sizable website that brings in attention, you can now partner up with us and earn a lot of cash. With our affiliate program you can now power your travel search with us through the various types of affiliate models depending on the type of website you are and monetize your traffic better.

    And all it requires is a simple signup.

    Happy searching,
    The ixigo team
    • Business Class Search
      On the front page, you can now choose which class you wish to fly in between economy and business classes. Business class searches are displayed for premier service carriers which are Indian Airlines, Kingfisher, MDLR Airlines, Paramount Airways and Jet Airways.
    • Hotels 2.0 !!
      Seeking perfection is a common passion among us iXiGems. That's why we have been working on a smarter, faster, better hotels engine - Hotels 2.0 has arrived.
      iXiGO's hotel search is now revamped and offers far more features than you can imagine, including:

      Hotel Chains - You can now search for a group of hotel chains (such as Radisson, ITC Sheraton or the Oberois) within a city by choosing their names from the hotel chain list. This will instantly display hotels linked with that group in the search results.

      More Hotels in the offering - Our comprehensive hotel database just got bigger! Combined with Inasra, Travelguru and HostelWorld, we now have 6000+ hotels (from the previous 4200) for you to search through. This makes ixigo the most comprehensive hotel search. Ever.

      Search boxes with Hotels now - Those amazing widgets we rolled out for flights are now enhanced with hotel search as well. They come in the three standard appealing sizes. Now grab them and power your iframes with even more options.

      Hotel Description Boxes - with an improved design, more information and better placement of descriptions and pictures, this is our new-age lightbox designed to be simple yet informative, sleek yet elegant, and sexy yet serious :)

      Hotel Reviews - Now you don't just get to see the hotel pictures but you also get to read reviews and ratings of each and every hotel through our hotel review partners. This is available on the bottom right corner of our new hotel description box.

      City Map Views - With this feature you can now locate where exactly your hotel is located on a detailed city map. We now show you key landmarks within the searched city displayed on the city map view.

      Distance Filter - You can now filter the distance of the hotel from the city center, airport, railway station or your desired address. Moreover, you can now see all hotels within a given radius mapped on the city map view so that you can identify them more easily.

      Hotel Property Types - Now you can filter out hotels based on property types. So, if you want to see only hostels or guesthouses, just flick a few check-boxes and narrow down to the exact property you desire.
  • Whew ! If you were wondering what us iXiGems have been upto, your wait is finally over.
    ixigo hotel search has arrived. Continuing our pathbreaking innovations in comprehensiveness and speed, ixigo has launched India's biggest hotel search engine, aggregating over 4000 hotels from over 30 hotel booking sites in India and abroad, including budget hotels and hostels that can be booked in real-time. Our hotel search packs some powerful features never seen before on hotel search sites. For example:

    1) You've been pulling out your hair over painfully slow hotel search results? ixigo's new hyperthreaded search results delivery ensures a faster, smoother hotel search experience.

    2) Ever felt irritated by multiple pop up windows opened by other travel portals? On ixigo, you can view details, pictures, maps, prices for hotels seamlessly, without opening a new window.

    3) How many times did you want to find a particular brand of hotel within results or look at hotels in the vicinity of your conference? ixigo launches the world's first freeword text search within the hotel results, allowing you to narrow down by locality or name of the hotel.
  • We thought the time is right for adding a section to our site where the next big ideas from ixigo will take shape.

    As a part of this section, we are pleased to launch ixigo's Mozilla Plugin, iGoogle Gadget, Yahoo! Widget and Search Box.

    Happy watching !
  • You asked for it - We gave it to you. For those of you who have international credit cards and are sick and tired of figuring out which airline sites accept them and which don't, ixigo shows a new icon in the airline filters that shows you which airlines support international credit cards for bookings.

    So now, if you have a international card, just make sure you look out for this icon in the filters.

    Happy watching !
  • Heck ! We now have a zillion searches happening every week, and fellow ixigoers are finding some really great deals everytime they search. So, why shouldn't we all know about them ?

    We invented the box office to show you the great deals ixigoers are finding every moment of the day. Browse upto fifty lowest fares other ixigoers found, see the time when they found them, and if you are lucky, in one click you might catch the show on-time too.

    Happy watching !
  • Online travel agents are travel portals that sell airline tickets on their own site, mostly with added markup or fees, and rarely enough, at discounted prices.

    If you are still opening 3 browser windows and comparing ixigo results with those of your favourite online travel agents, ixigo makes the task a whole lot easier for you. Just check the boxes against those travel sites and launch the search. The search results on those sites will open in a new window, and of course, ixigo's own result page is always there for you. Happy Comparison !

    Oh! And before we forget to tell you, don't forget to enable popup windows for ixigo.com if you want to use this feature!

    Keep searching......
  • Not too sure about the dates you want to travel on ? Have a certain budget in mind for that weekend getaway to Goa ? Need to find out when fares are lowest over the entire month ? Or, just curious about how fares vary according to the date you want to fly on?

    ixigo announces this new cool tool that allows you to browse for lowest airline fares over the next 30 days. This feature is currently available on the most frequently searched sectors.

    Our fare outlook shows these fares on an easy-to-browse chart, where you can hover your mouse on the nodes to see details, or click on the nodes to launch a search for the chosen date.

    Sample our Bangalore to Goa or Delhi to Goa fare outlook. If you find some dirt cheap fares, do share your ecstasy ;-)

    Keep searching......
  • Ever needed to fly from Bangalore to Ranchi or from New Delhi to Trichi? Then you know what we are talking about ! You had wished, wondered and sighed when you searched those less-known routes on other travel portals and kept waiting for ages for that magical result within your budget that never appeared. Well, ixigo now gets you anywhere a flight goes to, thanks to the wonderful network of national and regional carriers throughout India. Search and compare all routing options between two cities in just one click !

    Bottomline - ixigo now connects all the smaller airports of India through their nearest airport hubs. The first travel search in India to do so. Just one more innovation to give you India's most comprehensive travel search experience!
  • iXiGO's quest for path-breaking features has resulted in another "first" for the Indian travel industry. Now, you can see multiple airline combinations, with different airlines for an onward & return flight. You can checkout and book this round-trip by clicking on separate links for onward and return journeys. Best of all, you can see & compare total prices for such combinations, inclusive of all taxes and fees.
  • Bored of going to the results page and selecting the flights you chose on ixigo one more time on the airline website? Confused because you see all-inclusive prices on ixigo and prices exclusive of taxes on airline websites? Well, we have worked hard with our airline partners to offer India's first direct-checkout experience - allowing you to complete the booking on the airline website in just one step where your details and payment information is required. Direct checkout functionality is offered on the following airlines - Go Air, Kingfisher, Spicejet, and Indigo. We are working hard to roll it out on more airlines.
  • Want to do the same search you did yesterday, or want to come back to the same result page in a couple of hours from now? Easy - just click on the bookmark icon on the top right of your search results and store it in your browser bookmarks (ouch, IE favorites). Did you know? You can also just copy-paste the URL from your browser in your IM/chat conversation if you are planning a trip alongwith your friends. Unlike other travel website, there are no expiring sessions or long, unfriendly URLs - yet another innovation from ixigo for your convenience.
  • Whether you want to print out our result page and take it home to discuss with your grandma, or you want to review them on your drive back home, ixigo has made it easier for you with the print icon added to the top right of the search results page. By clicking on the page, you will get a WYSIWYG print of your results page with any open details sections included.
  • We have updated air routes for airlines where new routes have been added recently, making sure every point to point connectivity in India is reflected accurately on our search.

    A big thanks to all the users who gave us their feedback - some of the suggestions have already been incorporated and we are working hard on others - keep reading and commenting on our blog for staying up to date.
  • Transparent pricing
  • Real-time search results
  • Filter your results
  • Remember your recent searches