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Reema Bhalla Jul 15 2015

Pickles from around India

Kanika Nevatia Jul 15 2015
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Are you a connoisseur of tangy, spicy treats? Lay your eyes on this list of pickles from around India and embark on a delicious trail across the country! We take you to the different states of India and the pickles you can relish there.

Rajasthan - Ker Sangri and Green Chilli

Known mainly for two delicious pickle preparations, the Green Chilli Pickle and Ker Sangri Pickle that you find in Rajasthan will surely blow away your senses. The green chillies are pickled with a mixture of amchur, mustard seeds, lemon juice and sometimes ginger and garlic. Ker on the other hand is a local berry which is pickled alongside Sangri, another local fruit.

Green Chilli Pickle

Punjab - Mixed Pickle

The state of Punjab is known for its scrumptious mixed pickle. Better known as “Pachranga” (a multicolored mixed pickle) in parts of Haryana, this pickle is truly a Punjabi delicacy. Pickle together cauliflower, carrots, turnips and even raw mangoes and you’ve got what is the perfect accompaniment to some piping hot aloo parathas right out of a Punjabi dhaba.

Mixed Pickle

Gujarat - Sweet Mango

Better known as “Gor Keri”, the sweet mango pickle found in the state of Gujarat is certainly a delight in every bite. The pickle is made by combining cubes of raw mango with mustard, fenugreek, coriander and various other spices. Appearing to have almost a chutney like texture, this is a rich sweet and aromatic accompaniment to your meal!

Sweet Mango Pickle

Andhra Pradesh - Garlic and Avakaaya Pickle

From a fresh, tangy garlic pickle to the ever famous Avakaaya Pickle, the state of Andhra Pradesh has some lip smacking treats in store for you. Believed to have originated in Tamil Nadu, the Andhra version is much spicier. The main ingredients in Avakaaya are mangoes and aavalu (powdered mustard) which are pickled along with a combination of various spices.

Avakaaya Pickle (by Miansari66)

Kerala - Meat, Prawn and Fish Pickle

Known for a variety of mango pickles such as Kadumanga and Kanni Maanga and the very popular Kaanthari (bird’s eye chilli pickle) you can’t possibly visit Kerala and not feast on the non-vegetarian pickles found there. From the tangy meat and fish pickles that melts in your mouth almost instantly, to the oh so spicy and lip smacking prawn pickle, Kerala pickle trail is bound to be spicy!

Meat Pickle (by Miansari66)

Assam - Ghost Chilli and Bamboo Shoot Pickle

If you are planning a trip to Assam then make sure you challenge yourself to taste the ever so famous “Bhoot Jholokia” or Ghost Chilli Pickle. Known to be one of the world’s hottest chillies, this is must try from the list of pickles from around India. In order to reduce the intensity of the chilli, it is often pickled alongside pork or other meats. Bamboo shoot pickle is also another speciality of this area that you must try your hands on.

Ghost Chilli Pickle

Kashmir - Apple Pickle

There is nothing like a fruity pickle to tickle your tastebuds. Coming straight from the beautiful state of Kashmir, this pickle is unique and scrumptious and will surely leave you craving for more. Often mistaken as a chutney instead of a pickle, it has a very mild flavour and mostly made out of raw mangoes along with apples.

Apple Pickle

Tamil Nadu - Vadu Maangai and Thokku

Vadu Maangai is a well known Tamilian pickle served in every Tamil Nadu vegetarian restaurants which is made up of small whole mangoes. When tiny little bite size mangoes are stuffed with some tangy spices, there is no way that you won’t fall in love with this pickle. Thokku is quintessentially a cooked-down relish made mainly from fruits, vegetables and herbs. Mango Thokku is very famous in Tamil Nadu and has an almost paste like appearance.


Nagaland - Pork Pickle

If you’re a hardcore non-vegetarian, then there is no way that you could travel to Nagaland and miss out on the Naga Pork Pickle. When chunks of succulent pork are pickled with perfectly measured out spices and herbs, it makes for a combination so delicious that you’ll want to pack heaps of the pickle to bring back home!

Pork Pickle (from the official Facebook page)

Goa - Stuffed Mango, Prawn and Fish Pickles

Just like Kerala, Goa too has its own version of pickled seafood. Prepared by pickling prawns or fish with local spices, you’ll want to eat these pickles with all your food. Goa is also known for a special stuffed mango pickle which is left to be cured for an entire six months for some authentic flavours.

Prawn Pickle

Apart from the above listed pickles, there are certain pickles that are made all over the country such as the famous and very simple “aam ka achaar” (mango pickle), red chilli pickle, lime pickle, amla (gooseberry) pickle, brinjal pickle, karela (bitter gourd) pickle and many more.

If you know of any other such pickles from around India that are your favourite, leave a comment and add to the list!

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