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iXiGOers Apr 18 2013

Suggest a 2 day tour itinerary for Araku Valley.

Mercy Jacob Apr 18 2013
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If you are planning a vacation to the gorgeous Araku Valley, there is much to see and do in the small, unexplored valley. Cascading waterfalls, archaic caves and a bundle of other intriguing sightseeing spots await you here. Away from touristy hot spots, the refreshing beauty of the valley will leave short of words. Here is a two day itinerary for your trip to Araku lest you miss on something.

Day 1

If you reach here in the morning, you could rest at your hotel for a bit and settle in for a hearty breakfast. After which begins your memorable holiday at this gorgeous valley.

Start with the enthralling and unique Padmapuram Gardens. A km away from the Railway Station, the gardens were established in 1942 for providing vegetables to the troop fighters during the second world war. The lovely gardens eventually then became a ‘must see’ sightseeing spot. The variety of flora here will simply surprise you besides the intriguing Araku Tribal Museum which is situated in the gardens itself.

Offering interesting insights into the various tribal communities, the museum takes a look at the lifestyle, traditions and culture of the tribes. The rugged museum is reminiscent of an old world charm and houses a variety of clay figures amongst other things.

Besides being a marvel for history buffs, the tribal museum also houses a number of restaurants and a colourful shop selling tribal paraphernalia.

After a fulfilling journey back into history with some shopping and eating thrown in, you can now head to Matsyagundam. Also known as the ‘fish pool, it houses an impressive variety of fish and the Sri Matsyalingeswara Swamy Temple. The fish in the pool are considered to be protected and cannot be hunted or consumed. It is said that there was once a fight between the Singarajulu or snakes and the Matsyarajulu or the fish. After the fight, the Mother Fish rescued all the fish and took refuge in this village. Surrounded by astonishing folkfore, the spot really is a must visit.

A visit to Matsyagundam, you can head to the gorgeous Sangda Waterfalls. Located a few minutes from the fish pool, the falls are surrounded by cascading streams and the swiftly flowing waterfall makes this one of the best spots for a leisurely picnic.

As the sun sets and your action packed day comes to an end, you will be craving for a hot meal and the comforts of your bed. Bid goodnight to the valley for a night and prepare for another fun day at Araku.

Day 2

Another morning in the lovely town promises to be as exciting as your first day here. As you enjoy your cup of morning tea, take in the fresh air, abundant greenery and serenity of Araku. Away from traffic sounds and the usual chaos of daily mornings seems nothing less than a blessing. As you plan your day here, keep in mind the many sightseeing spots yet to be explored. Here is a two day itinerary to help you see the valley better for an unforgettable holiday.

You can start your day with the largest caves in the country, the Borra Caves. These enthralling caves are situated about 4 km from Araku Valley. With lots to explore and marvel at, don’t forget to view the stalactite and stalagmite formations which have now taken the shape of a lion’s face, owl and other such creatures. Standing at a height of 705 m, the view of the surrounding hills is quite spellbinding.

Katiki Waterfalls in Katiki are your next stop after the beautiful caves. Gently cascading through abundant greenery, the view of the waterfalls from below is breathtaking, to say the least. You can plan a lovely afternoon picnic here and simply relax and rejuvenate while admiring the untouched beauty of Araku Valley. If adventure is on your mind, you could try your hand at the many trekking trails spread around the majestic waterfall.

After an action packed morning and afternoon, all you must want now is to laze. Araku has the perfect spot for you, Bheemunipatnam Beach. Elegantly situated at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal and Gosthani River, the beach is surrounded by tall coconut trees and abundant greenery. Said to be an earlier important settlement during the 17th century, you can admire the ruins of monuments and forts around the beach. Perfect for both adventure and lounging about, you can either indulge in some exciting water sports or find your spot and settle in with a book.

As the sun sets, your day at Araku finally comes to an end. Watch the sun set as the waves splash and the trees dance to the wind. Admire the breathtaking, picture perfect beauty as you bid farewell to this lovely valley,

As you head back to your hotel after a fulfilling day, don’t forget to enjoy another hot meal while reminiscing about your memorable holiday.

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