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Etti Bali May 27 2015

Suggest some road trip games for fun.

Pritha Manchanda May 27 2015
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Don’t know how to make your road trip exciting and interesting? Break the monotony by playing these road trip games to have fun along the way. After all, it’s not the destination but the journey that matters the most!

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By Greyerbaby

Spot the vehicle:

If you are surrounded by car enthusiasts in your cab, spotting the vehicle can be one of the best road trip games you can play. The first who spots the model of the vehicle passing by, gets to win some reward points and challenge the other fellow contestants by adding his twist to the game.

By PublicDomainPictures

Rock, Paper, Scissors

The classic game, Rock, Paper, Scissors is surely going to entertain all age groups. Make a fist and say out loud, “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, swinging your fist on each beat. On the third beat count, you are supposed to make one of the three hand gestures. A closed fist represents rock, an open hand represents paper and two fingers making the symbol “V” represent scissors. Winning depends on the hand gesture you make. For eg: rock can destroy a pair of scissors, scissors can cut a paper, and a paper can cover a rock. In case, your opponent makes the same hand gesture, it’s a draw. Have you decided what gesture you’ll be sticking to?

Rock-Paper-Scissors, Game, Roshambo
By Open Clips

The Memory Game

Only those who have eaten almonds in their childhood can survive this game (wink)... AAH.... don’t take this seriously! The memory game is the simplest of all; start the game with a name of a place or an object. Ask the next challenger to come up with another name along with remembering the name you suggested. Likewise, following challengers take names along with the already existing ones. The catch is to remember the series in the correct order. Let’s see how sharp is your memory!

From the official website of nectar.reportbee.com


If you need some quiet time for yourself, then “statue” is the best game you can play. Say “statue” and observe who all can pull this without moving and uttering any word for long. And, the one who manages to do the same for a longer time gets to play the next host!

By Somor


Many of us have been a part of storytelling in some way or the other, whether it’s in the form of giving excuses in school or narrating cooked up stories for not being able to complete a given task. You can simply start off the game with “Once upon a time” and offer others to complete the story for you in a systematic order. You may even ask others to rhyme each line of the story; this will make the game all the more engaging and challenging.

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By 742680

Storytelling is one of the most exciting road trip games where you use your imagination and encourage others to brush theirs. And, once you have reached your destination you can ask your kid to write his/her experience or yourself share it as a blogger.

Smallest, Biggest

The objective of this game is to find the smallest and biggest of anything and everything you see on the road, whether it's a building, car, truck, sign or any other item. Whoever spots the smallest or biggest of items gets to sit at the window seat (what a great reward to win on a road trip!).

Road, Asphalt, Turn, Sign, Autumn, Nature, Overcast
By Public Domain Pictures

Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee game is quite famous among children, as it offers a learning experience to them. Don’t worry, all age groups can play this game. All you have to do is, say a word and see whether the challengers can spell the word correctly or not, in case they are able to, they can continue accepting challenges or else leave in between. You can keep playing this game until you find your speller champ!

By official website of Spelling Bee

Hum Along

Bathroom singers and other well-trained singers, this game is just meant for you. Hum a tune and let others guess the song. Make sure you rehearse well before you go for it, or else the challengers might find it hard to recognize the tune. Fun, entertainment and music--all in one!

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By Public Domain Pictures

Now that you have some of the ideas for coolest road trip games with you, you’ll hardly have any time to say, “Are we there yet?”.
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