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Reema Bhalla Jan 13 2015

Things you need to know about the Indian Railways.

Kanika Nevatia Jan 13 2015
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You may have travelled by train in India numerous times but we bet there are many things you need to know about the Indian Railways! So read on and prepare to be left intrigued.

Train (by Jaaron95)

1. Seat Algorithm

When you book an Indian railway ticket online, the website uses a special algorithm to make sure that a female passenger gets a seat close to another female passenger. This is done with the view that a woman will feel more comfortable and safe when there are other women travellers nearby..

2. Berth Size

Did you know that the berth size on various trains of the Indian Railways are different! In a second AC sleeper, for instance, the approximate berth size on some trains may vary by as much as 7 cm!

3. Transferable Tickets

One of the things you need to know about the Indian Railways is that it is possible to transfer your train ticket to another passenger in certain cases. You can do so by making a request in writing to the authorized chief reservation supervisor of the departures station at least 24 hours before departure . You can transfer your train ticket to a member of your immediate family such as your father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, husband or wife. This facility is, however, available only in a select number of stations.

4. Change of Boarding Point

If you think you can board a train from any of the stations on its route just because you have a confirmed ticket, then think again! If you don’t board the train from your designated station, the traveling ticket examiner (TTE) is entitled to transfer the seat to another passenger. You can however, get the boarding point of your ticket changed at the reservation office at select stations. You need to make an application for change at least 24 hours before the train’s departure time. You will need your electronic reservation slip and a photo identity proof to make this change.

Railway Station (by Pratheepps)

5. The I-Ticket and E-Ticket

Did you know the difference between an i-ticket and e-ticket? You can book a ticket for someone online and have a hard copy of the ticket delivered to their doorstep. This is called an i-ticket. An e-ticket, on the other hand, exists on your IRCTC account and is printable.Do keep in mind that an i-ticket must be booked 4-5 days in advance as the railway department needs time to physically deliver it. Also, an i-ticket can only be cancelled at the railway station and not online.

6. Quotas

Most people are aware of the “general” and “tatkal” quotas. There are, however, several other quotas available that might make it easier for you to book a ticket. For instance, if you are a woman, you could apply for the “ladies quota”. The “lower berth quota” can be used to book a ticket for a senior citizen or a female passenger who is above 45 years of age and travelling alone.

Train (by Amolnaik3k)

7. Speed Up Tatkal Booking

Tatkal train bookings generally commence from 10 AM a day before the date of journey and tickets sell out within minutes. A hack that can be used to speed up your booking process is to use an auto fill plug-in or app. on your browser. You can use the plug-in to save your form details on the database in advance so that when you sit to book your ticket at 10 AM, you don’t have to waste any time filling out the form.

8. Current Reservation Window

It is a common misconception that you cannot get a reserved ticket on a train once the chart has been prepared. This is not true. In some of the main stations of the Indian Railways, there is a “current reservation window” that opens an hour before the train’s departure time. You can book reserved tickets here if they are available. This window closes 15 minutes before the departure of the train.

Seating chart (by brainholdclaw)

9. Auto-Upgradation

Did you know that just like flights, you can get your train ticket upgraded? So, for example, if you are travelling in Third AC, you could get an upgrade to Second AC. All you have to do is tick the “auto-upgrade” option box while booking your ticket online. If seats are available in the next higher class, you will be upgraded automatically.

10. Retiring Rooms

Checked out of your hotel, reached the station and then found out that your train is running very late? Don’t worry! You can check in to a “retiring room”, which is essentially a fully-furnished bedroom with an attached bathroom available for a reasonable fare at many of the important stations of the Indian Railways. You can book a retiring room in advance online if you have a confirmed ticket. The stay duration can be from 12 to 48 hours and most of these rooms are reasonably priced, clean and well maintained.

Chennai Central Station (by PlaneMad)

These are just some of the things you need to know about the Indian Railways. If you know of any other useful facts, leave a comment below and let us know. Happy travels!

Badam Vinay Jan 13 2015
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For tatkal booking easy way is to make passenger lists in your profile and add passengers from that list by selecting a name in list it fills certain columns automatically 
Damodar Prabhu Jan 14 2015
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There are some facilities like Break journey enroute if you are holding ticket for 500 km & above , circular journey ticket on prescribed route ....may also be included in the list for benefit of tourists.
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