Barmer railway station

Barmer railway station

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list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
24060 Barmer Old Delhi (Malani Express) Slip Barmer Old Delhi starts 18:30 0
54816 Bme Ju Passenger Barmer Jodhpur Jn starts 13:00 0
14659 Runicha Express Old Delhi Jaisalmer 09:30 ends 0
14887 Klk Bme Express Kalka Barmer 20:30 ends 0
15632 Ghy Bme Bkn Exp Guwahati Barmer 10:00 ends 0
14661 Ju Bme Exp Old Delhi Barmer 09:30 ends 0
02324 Hwh Festivl Spl Barmer Howrah Jn starts 15:55 0
74844 Bme Ju Dmu Barmer Jodhpur Jn starts 04:40 0
74843 Ju Bme Dmu Jodhpur Jn Barmer 03:35 ends 0
74840 Bme Ju Dmu Barmer Jodhpur Jn starts 00:30 0
74839 Ju Bme Dmu Jodhpur Jn Barmer 18:30 ends 0
24888 Bme Rksh Link Barmer Rishikesh starts 06:45 0
24887 Rksh Bme Link Rishikesh Barmer 20:30 ends 0
54882 Mbf Bme Passenger Munabao Barmer 12:45 ends 0
54881 Bme Mbf Passenger Barmer Munabao starts 07:30 0
54813 Ju Bme Passenger Jodhpur Jn Barmer 13:50 ends 0
54814 Barmer - Jodhpur Passenger (UnReserved) Barmer Jodhpur Jn starts 13:00 0
04805 Barmer Ac Exp Yesvantpur Jn Barmer 05:20 ends 0
04806 Bme Ypr Ac Spl Barmer Yesvantpur Jn starts 03:45 0
04888 Rksh Festvl Spl Barmer Rishikesh starts 06:45 0
04887 Bme Festivl Spl Rishikesh Barmer 20:30 ends 0
15631 Bme Ghy Express Barmer Guwahati starts 22:25 0
02323 Hwh Bme Spl Howrah Jn Barmer 07:20 ends 0
14662 Malani Exp Barmer Old Delhi starts 17:45 0
14805 Barmer Ac Exp Yesvantpur Jn Barmer 07:30 ends 0
14806 Bme Ypr Ac Exp Barmer Yesvantpur Jn starts 00:55 0
14888 Barmer Klk Exp Barmer Kalka starts 06:45 0

Rating and reviews of Barmer

reviewed on Jun 23 2021
kidney bijou jiijhj uuhh jjjgfbbbgh
reviewed on Jun 20 2021
mujae acchi suwidha milni chaeyae kyuki m ak sainik hoo joo deks hit m apni seva ka yogdan deta hoo
reviewed on Jun 17 2021
jog singh Goyal padru baana
reviewed on Jun 17 2021
धमधभझबयषर तफजमधनयषयंदथ झझ
reviewed on Jun 16 2021
padamaram DEWASi Nimbalana
reviewed on Jun 13 2021
neat and clean realway station barmer
reviewed on Jun 04 2021
bahut achaa bhojan hota very good
reviewed on Jun 01 2021
reviewed on Jun 01 2021
good morning and thank 37338did
reviewed on Jun 01 2021
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