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schedule of Hwh Ndls Express - 12323

The Hwh Ndls Express - 12323 runs from HWH (Howrah Jn, Kolkata) to ANVT (Anand Vihar Trm, New Delhi). Hwh Ndls Express runs on 2 days of week. The Hwh Ndls Express train departs from Howrah Jn railway station, Kolkata at hrs and arrives at Anand Vihar Trm, New Delhi at 17:05 hrs. The total running duration of 12323 train is 22h 15m , stopping at 9 stations during the journey. With ixigo, know more about the Hwh Ndls Express - 12323 schedule, seat availability, route map, timetable, PNR status, and fare.
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  • Koderma
  • 1
  • 00:30
  • 00:32
  • 2 min
  • 382 km
  • 2
  • 4
  • 55 m
  • GAYA
  • Gaya Jn
  • 1
  • 02:05
  • 02:10
  • 5 min
  • 458 km
  • 2
  • 1
  • 47 m

coach position and seat layout of Hwh Ndls Express - 12323

Hwh Ndls Express - 12323 has 23 coaches in total, and you can also get information about coach position and seat layout.
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Coach Position
*Coach position is historic data and does not represent current status.
Seat Layout

Hwh Ndls Express - 12323

The Hwh Ndls Express - 12323 train runs from Kolkata to New Delhi 2 days of week. It is a popular Kolkata to New Delhi train and covers a distance of about 1434km . You can check Hwh Ndls Express - 12323 seat availability, positioning of your coach at the platform, stoppage time at a particular station, and the 12323 route map. You can also use ixigo for finding out hotels in New Delhi and make an advance booking for a comfortable stay. For budget travellers, there are a number of cheap hotels in New Delhi with good facilities and services. You can also check how to reach Kolkata to New Delhi through different modes of transportation in the best possible way.

ratings and reviews of Hwh Ndls Express - 12323

23 Dec 2017
Surbhi Shukla
20 Dec 2017
Akash Biswas
Dec 01 2017
Satish Kumar
Nov 30 2017
Rohit Singh
i want to say railways plz do something for this train...mind spoiling train
Nov 14 2017
Biswajit Paul
Nov 07 2017
vinod goswami
Oct 17 2017
Zahid Ali
Oct 17 2017
uttiya saha
Oct 02 2017
Alamin Kayal
Sep 27 2017
Pappu Shaw
Aug 16 2017
ashish yadav
Aug 15 2017
Gaurav G. Kumar
Aug 05 2017
Sarfaraz Ahmad
Aug 03 2017
Payal Singh
Aug 02 2017
Subrata Pal
Jul 29 2017
Sagar Sharma
Jul 01 2017
Sushil Nonia
pantry gard kb aayega esmai
Jun 23 2017
Achal Bharti
it looks good with all LHB coaches. food availability is good at every stoppage. it delays around 2hrs. neat and clean AC coaches.
Jun 07 2017
Birpal Singh
1400+km distance from 24 hrs, not good in digital india ,Pse increase speed of all trains pse
Jun 07 2017
Vinit Kumar
Very good train please reservev this train
May 27 2017
shamsh ansari
very nasty and no food puntuallity is unsatisfactory.
May 20 2017
anmol singh
like all other trains of indian railways in speed and in getting late. nothing special.
May 13 2017
Rajat Banerjee
May 10 2017
Raees Azam
bad experience..always late... no catering..
Apr 21 2017
Satyaprakash Singh
actually I am traveling for short distance so food is not required for me except this everything is fine for me
Apr 21 2017
Shivam Gaur
it was too bad trains ,worst cleanliness and it delays by 3.30 hour late on my journey
Mar 21 2017
Prakriti Saksham
late train...no pantey car no cleanliness no safety stop at every station train maintainance is very poor
Jan 09 2017
Vishal Gupts
in winter can late but its almost in time & not very stoppage its good thing
Dec 21 2016
Mohd Arif
everything is good but measure thing is soooo wrost l'k running speed
Dec 03 2016
Ramesh Ram
Nov 18 2016
Ravi Kumat
Nov 09 2016
Chunnu Ahmed
Nov 05 2016
kamal singh
Oct 26 2016
Varun Bhatt
My Journey Date was on 21st Oct, 2016. Train started On Time, It was before time till Mughal Sarai. But then onwards, it started going delay. A lot! The Train was to reach Anand Vihar @5:10PM, BUT it took more than 6 hours to reach..!! It reached on exact 11:35 PM! -_- Don't go with this train, if you are out of city, and if you're planning to reach your further destination by metro..! You will have to book, or take cab, or ask your known ones, to receive you. The train is nice compare to other regular trains. You need to get your own food on train, or need to order (If you don't trust outside food, then it's better to get it from home or your trusted outside food makers only) Cons : Delayed Train, more than 4+ hours. No Pantry Please No TIPS to anyone! Only give if you really genuinely like their services, or only if it was extraordinary one! Pls don't tip, if you don't like, or don't feel to do so. Say that, I have already paid you from my Train Ticket and I feel no need to pay you TIP! If you pay tip, if they desperately asks you, then you are only encouraging them to beg more and that creates more problems for others. I hope, you understand. Thank you for reading.
Oct 22 2016
Vikrant Tyagi
Oct 08 2016
Sanjay Kumar Ram
to improve ur lunch facility and maintain Train Timing
Sep 14 2016
Saurabh Verma
cleanniness is great, it is delayed 1 hour from howrah to anand vihar. fare is good. i liked this train
Aug 20 2016
Nandy .
too late.... prefer another train on this route
Apr 30 2016
Mohammad Shameem
CNeat an clean coaches, good condition toilets, running on tim upti hwh to mgs.. @ but one issue is there of pantry...
Apr 03 2016
Akshay Kumar
This train runs out of before schedule and I have experience it most of the time while travelling to Delhi & Howrah. It is well maintained with all LHB Rakes which is quite nice looks to be like Rajhdhani train. The train that provides me full comfortable journey to New Delhi
Mar 02 2016
Ajay Saini
poor train no food no water always late
Nov 28 2015
Gurveer Singh
It's a very poor train. Never runs on time. No pantry and non existant catering makes it even worse.
Nov 22 2015
Rahul Singh
if u want to travel by this train keep food and beverage at least 2 day. bcz no pantry car and when u reach ur destination not kown . tiresome experience with this train
Nov 21 2015
Akhilesh Singh
Hjffjo bvgvkkgvnkjggbj hgfglibjkovbmjhglpkf
Oct 28 2015
Jhonsun pandey
Sep 02 2015
Shekhar Verma
Always late at delhi but i prefer this train for journey.
Jul 25 2015
Raghuveer Meena
bakwas train.. no food, no water, no cleaning toilets, dirty bedsheets & towel.
Jul 22 2015
subhransu biswas
always late.
Apr 08 2015
Prabir Palita
Feb 13 2015
Saif Akram
Dec 07 2014
Kartik Kumar Mahato
Aug 27 2014
Jul 30 2014
pantry should be provided b coz this is long distance train
Jul 10 2014
Feb 19 2014
frequency to be increased
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