Jawai Bandh railway station

Jawai Bandh railway station

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train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
19105 Yoga Express Ahmedabad Jn Haridwar Jn 16:10 16:12 2 min
19106 Yoga Express Haridwar Jn Ahmedabad Jn 10:15 10:17 2 min
12479 Surya Nagri Exp Jodhpur Jn Bandra Terminus 22:03 22:05 2 min
12480 Suryanagari Exp Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Jn 02:37 02:39 2 min
12990 Aii Ddr Sf Exp Ajmer Jn Dadar 22:43 22:45 2 min
12989 Ajmer Express Dadar Ajmer Jn 03:54 03:56 2 min
22474 Bdts Bkn Sup Exp Bandra Terminus Bikaner Jn 03:54 03:56 2 min
22473 Bkn Bdts Sf Exp Bikaner Jn Bandra Terminus 22:43 22:45 2 min
54804 Adi Ju Passenger Ahmedabad Jn Jodhpur Jn 14:23 14:25 2 min
54803 Ju Adi Passenger Jodhpur Jn Ahmedabad Jn 13:16 13:18 2 min
16508 Jodhpur Express Ksr Bengaluru Jodhpur Jn 12:59 13:01 2 min
54805 Jaipur Passenger Ahmedabad Jn Jaipur 09:28 09:30 2 min
16507 Ju Sbc Exp Jodhpur Jn Ksr Bengaluru 08:41 08:43 2 min
54806 Jp Adi Passnger Jaipur Ahmedabad Jn 15:45 15:47 2 min
19043 Bgkt Humsafar Bandra Terminus Bhagat Ki Kothi 11:39 11:41 2 min
19044 Bdts Humsafar Bhagat Ki Kothi Bandra Terminus 19:39 19:41 2 min
19031 Haridwar Mail Ahmedabad Jn Haridwar Jn 15:59 16:01 2 min
19032 Yoga Express Haridwar Jn Ahmedabad Jn 10:13 10:15 2 min
22932 Jsm Bdts Sf Jaisalmer Bandra Terminus 03:15 03:17 2 min
22931 Bdts Jsm Exp Bandra Terminus Jaisalmer 03:54 03:56 2 min
19573 Jaipur Express Okha Jaipur 08:48 08:50 2 min
19574 Jp Okha Exp Jaipur Okha 22:43 22:45 2 min
14707 Ranakpur Expres Bikaner Jn Bandra Terminus 18:18 18:20 2 min
14708 Ranakpur Expres Bandra Terminus Bikaner Jn 05:24 05:26 2 min
19708 Aravali Express Shri Ganganagar Bandra Terminus 14:46 14:48 2 min
19707 Amrapur Aravali Bandra Terminus Shri Ganganagar 11:04 11:06 2 min
02479 Surya Nagri Spl Jodhpur Jn Bandra Terminus 22:03 22:05 2 min
02480 Bdts Ju Spl Bandra Terminus Jodhpur Jn 02:37 02:39 2 min

Rating and reviews of Jawai Bandh

reviewed on Mar 22 2020
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reviewed on Mar 20 2020
hamsafar train in tha best train
reviewed on Mar 12 2020
good jdhgd jbscafss y hyegd didgd. jhcss us dbxus s djfhd d xusgvdfy
reviewed on Mar 09 2020
bout bdiya h sfaahi kaafi acchi h suraksa bi bout h
reviewed on Mar 09 2020
surksa acchi h saaf sfaahi bi thik h
reviewed on Mar 08 2020
now our railway service is very good this government is aware from last government
reviewed on Mar 08 2020
best experience of mine very safe nd cleanness
reviewed on Mar 07 2020
it's ok gi if ifffhf rt ydtufytdgg se it fu
reviewed on Mar 02 2020
gssjb nisbhus khsooge mvson
reviewed on Mar 01 2020
no Food stalls no security guard on station no coach indicator r there
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