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Bihar (State of Bihar) is a state in northern India. It is the 12th largest state in terms of geographical size at 38,202 sq mi (98,940 km) and 3rd largest by population. Almost 58% of Bihar (State of Bihar)is are below the age of 25, which is the highest proportion in India. West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh form the east and west boundaries, respectively, of the state and, it is bounded by Nepal to the north and by Jharkhand to the south.
The Bihar (State of Bihar) plain is divided into two parts by the river Ganges which flows through the middle from west to east. Bihar (State of Bihar) has notified forest area of 6,764.14 km, which is 6.8% of its geographical area. Hindi and Urdu are the official languages of the state, while the majority of the people speak Angika, Bhojpuri, Magadhi, Maithili and Bajjika. In 2000, Bihar was divided into 2 parts, the Southern part known as Jharkhand. Ancient Bihar was a centre of power, learning and culture in ancient and classical India. From Magadha arose India's first and greatest empire, the Maurya empire as well as one of the world's most widely adhered-to religions, Buddhism. Magadha empires, notably under the Maurya and Gupta dynasties, unified large parts of South Asia under a central rule. Its capital Patna, earlier known as Pataliputra, was an important centre of Indian civilization. Nalanda and Vikramshila were centres of learning established in the 5th and 8th century respectively in Bihar, and are counted amongst the oldest and truly international universities, where people all over the world came to study. Bihar has distinction of giving the world its first democracy through Lichchivi (modern days Vaishali) during ancient era. For many years, Bihar lagged behind other Indian states in social and economic development terms. Economists and social scientists claimed that this is a direct result of the skewed policies of the central government, such as the freight equalization policy, its apathy towards Bihar, lack of Bihari sub-nationalism (resulting in no spokesperson for the state), and the Permanent Settlement of 1793 by the British East India Company. The state government has however made significant strides in improving governance. The improved governance has led to an economic revival in the state through increased investment in infrastructure, better health care facilities, greater emphasis on education, and a diminution in crime and corruption. Indian and global business and economic leaders feel that Bihar now has good opportunity to sustain its growth and thus they have shown interest in investing in the state. In the period 2011-2012, Bihar was the country's fastest growing state in economic terms, with a growth of 13.1% for the year 2011–12. This followed a growth rate of 14.8% in the previous year. Recent commentators have referred to the improved law and order situation in the state and the economic growth, as well as the progress made in the areas of female empowerment, judicial reforms, tax reforms, and public safety. Between 2003 and 2008, the inflow of foreign tourists saw a near-sixfold rise from 61,000 to 346,000. In 2011, Bihar (State of Bihar) was identified as the "least corrupt state" in a study by economists Bibek Debroy and Laveesh Bhandari.
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great buddha statue
Great Buddha Statue, Great Buddha Statue Road, Daijokyo Buddhist Temple, Bodh Gaya, Bihar, 824231, India
☎ +91-631-2200747
archaeological museum
Archaeological Society of India Museum, Gaya Center, Bodh Gaya, Bihar, 824231, India
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Gandhi Maidan, Patna, 800001 Bihar, India
nalanda university ruins
Nalanda University Ruins, Nalanda, 803116, Bihar
Vikramshila Ruins, Atichak Village, Bikramshila Ruins, Kahalgaon Block, Bhagalpur, Bihar, 812001, India
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srikrishna science centre
West Gandhi Maidan Marg, Patna, Bihar 800001, India
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Gandhi Maidan, TN Banerjee Rd, Raja Ji Salai, Indira Nagar, Dujra Diara, ,Patna,Bihar,800001, India
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Sasaram, Bihar, India
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