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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the famous religious sites in Kanyakumari?

Rb Trivedi DEC 10 2012
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Maybe its the water, maybe its geography or maybe its the aura- something about Kanyakumari makes the place divine and pure. No, this is not a new thought but seem to be an ancient belief as seen from the numerous temples spreading across the town. So, don’t be surprise if you start chanting a mantra all of a sudden or feel like offering flower to a deity. Its all apart of Kanyakumari.  

  • Kumari Amman Temple

    The legends and myths associated with the virgin goddess, Kumari Amman or Kanya Kumari, itself will pull you toward this temple. From her love of Shiva to the ruby on her nose ring, which can be seen far from the sea, confusing sailors in thinking it is a lighthouse- everything enchanting and mysterious seem to converge in this temple. Start your worship from the Navaratri Mandapam with a prayer to Kala Bhairava and as you
    further walk to the inner part of the temple, the blue stone idol of the goddess will be there in all its divinity and glory. If you are offering flowers to the goddess, keep some as you will also have the opportunity to worship
    Tyagi Sundari and Indra Vinayak.

  • Our Lady of Ransom Church

    This is a church is in its full splendour with colourful stained glasses that throws multi-hued lights on the inside, a cross made of pure gold and three white spires that rise up to the blue sky. The description of this church does not end here, if it can all be captured in words. Step inside the church and you will not find the usual rows of identical benches at all. Surprise? Well, you will be more than surprise if you look up towards the altar. A statue of Virgin Mary, clad in sari, stands tall, blessing you. Isn’t this enough to visit Kanyakumari? But then, again, these are not the only unique things about this church. The evening view of the church against the crimson sky and the night view as it lights up are not to be missed. These sights will make you feel as if your prayers have been answered.

  • Thanumalayan Temple

    Definitely a must-see! Even if you are an atheist or a cynic, this place will still charm you. The seven-storeyed gopura with intricate carvings in the shape of a pyramid, a 22 feet Hanuman statue carved out of a single granite rock and a Nandi statue of lime and mortar are sure to keep you in wonder of the advanced architectural style. And if the sanctity of the place is waking up the believer in you, the main statue of linga represents not only one or two but the three main gods of the Hindus- Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. So, feel blessed in this place and if by chance you heard a faint music inside the temple, no, its not something supernatural. Someone must have struck one of the  four pillars which produce music. Touch it and find out for yourself!

  • Nagaraja Temple

    Nagaraja Temple might be a little scary in the beginning but go a little further and the temple will take you to a different world altogether. Dedicated to god Nagaraja, literally translated as serpent king, this temple is filled with images of snakes and serpents. Some Jaina idols and images are also inside the temple as it was believed to be a Jaina temple before the Hindus took over. The temple also has some element of Chinese architecture, especially the entrance and the a garden full of beautiful Naga flowers. The scary part might return again when you get the offerings or prasad- scoop of sand from the ground where the idol is placed! But this is what makes Kanyakumari unique.

You might wonder if it is really possible to find all this places in Kanyakumari, in such a small town. But doesn’t it answer the question why it is so famous? It does, right? Right. So, pack your bags, book your tickets and head off to this small town. It has big and big things in store for you!

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