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iXiGOers Jun 19 2013

Which are the most haunted places in Bangalore?

Reema Bhalla Jun 19 2013
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These haunted places in Bangalore can scare anyone out of their wits. From a witch in a white sari to unexplained sounds coming from a house, there are many stories of paranormal activities in Bangalore waiting to be explored, whether they are true or not can only be told by people who have experienced it themselves.


Photo by Nick Harris1

Haunted Mansion in St. Marks Road

A dilapidated house, an old Hillman Minx car near the entrance gathering dust, articles like statues, furniture etc. lying around but nobody dares to steal them, from people being attacked by a supernatural force to getting an eerie feeling by just simply walking past the home, this has a lot of creepy facts associated with itself. It belonged to two Anglo-Indian spinster sisters, Vera Vaz, 80 and her younger sister Dolce Vaz, 75 who was murdered in this house in front of her sister by an unknown assailant, it is said that she was buried in the house itself which now stands deserted as nobody wants to live here or buy this property.

The house has 8 interconnected rooms with one room leading to another, there is an inverted cross spotted in this house as well as a statue supposedly of either Mother Mary or Jesus Christ with its head and neck missing. Many people have claimed to witness paranormal activities here like sounds of piano during the night, unexplained noises and in one case a person has reported a burnt mark on his back. Though the house is locked now, one can still peep inside it to witness the remains of the years gone by.

(Check before you visit though, some of the sources have suggested that it was demolished in February 2014).

From the official website of supernaturalmonitor.blogspot

Bangalore International Airport

Apart from its state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Bangalore International Airport has also made news for a rather unusual and scary reason, that of being one of the most haunted places in Bangalore. Many people have reportedly seen a ghost around the Cargo section, a pilot once saw a lady in a white sari with her hair loose, thinking that she might have got lost around the place he asked the staff to help.

When the airport staff reached to help her she disappeared. Some people have also claimed to see her on the runway and that too headless. It has also been reported that through the infrared the presence has been confirmed. Whether true or not, these stories have added a spooky dimension to this rather unusual place to be haunted by a ghost otherwise.

http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Bengaluru_%28Bangalore%29_International_Airport.jpgPhoto by Praveen Sundaram

Kalpalli Cemetery

Some people have reportedly seen a very scary looking man inside the graveyard premises. People who have visited this place during the night have also confirmed feeling some unidentified presence around themselves making them anxious and uneasy.

Address: Kalpalli Cemetery
Sarvagna Nagar

Even though Bangalore has a lot other places to be explored, but these most haunted places are a must-visit to add a bit of spooky element to your visit.

Loose hairs and missing a head? Are you sure your not making this up ?
Shimmy OG Oct 20 2013
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My friends had an encounter at the haunted house at St. Mark's Rd one evening. They had to jump a barricade and one of them stepped on a fire burning there. His legs got burnt. Later another friend swore that he saw a face peeking through the window. Few minutes later one of the friends received a message from another friend saying "Contact me as soon as possible". Well, none of them even took out their cell phones amidst all this madness. The one who received the message could then feel a presence around him. He spazzed out and kept asking others to turn around to see if someones following. I did not believe all that it until I read this.

hey its true coz we friends gonna explore as if we are reaserching on these paranormal activities...pls reply soon
no i bro we got into it but we didnt experience anything like that our school nis near that
Sadly that place has now been demolished. I always wanted to go there but couldn't. Though I wouldnt have gone inside, but to just see it from outside.
Is that area or place in St Marks road still scary and haunted ??? After its demolished also????
the st marks road house has been demolished ! I pass through this place almost everyday an I very sure of it being no more
all these ghost stories are a creation of some stupid humans.
I'd like to visit the Haunted house near St.Marks Road
me to... i like to observe the house
lets check this house out. what do u guys suggest????
House is no more it was demolished during the mid of 2014.
Simplest way of keeping the thieves and tresspassers away....
but it is demolished now right?
but it is demolished now right?
but it is demolished now right?
how sad i really wanted 2 check out this place
well okay if its not xsisting any more then pls don't say its a haunted plce in b'lore
i want to see can any one help
even i like to how sad it was demolished
i want 2 see an i wnt 2 go there ...
Sampreeth Kabadi Oct 21 2014
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I guess we can plan for sme other place guys ...I heard n rajasthan the ghost r visible to d human
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