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iXiGOers Jun 19 2013

Which are the most popular haunted places in Delhi?

Kirat S Jun 19 2013
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Flowing saris, ghastly sounds, unexplained flashes of lights and a heavy dose of inexplicable phenomena. We’ve all grown up with our fair share of ghost stories, haven’t we? The curiosity to figure out the other side still nudges on and how. Well, here is something for all you curious souls out there, an extensive list of the most popular haunted places in Delhi.

W Block, Greater Kailash 1

Said to be one of the most popular haunted houses in Delhi, W - 3 still holds the fancy for most passer bys. According to news reports and local residents, an aged couple was murdered here about 20 years back. Their decomposed bodies were found months later in an underground water tank. Relatives did come forward to claim the house, yet due to unresolved property issues, the house lies vacant till this day. People have claimed to have heard sobbing, spine chilling screams and other inexplicable sounds from the house and prefer to stay away. Almost standing in a forlorn condition, you can spot the house if you are on your way to the popular Greater Kailash market.

Lothian Cemetery

Considered to be one of the oldest burial grounds for Christians, the cemetery is quite infamous for its ghost stories. The most popular being the one with the headless ghost. It is said a man dressed as a soldier roams about carrying his head in his hands. People have also spotted a child carrying something resembling a coffin on moonless nights. It is also close to the famous Red Fort.

Ridge Road

Amidst the hustle bustle of young college goers and the furore of popular markets nestles a quiet almost eerie lane. Known as the Ridge Road in the Delhi University complex, this road is said to be haunted. If you go straight from St. Stephens, you will hit this spooky street. The street is quite busy during the day with students, yet as dusk descends, it is best to stay away. Surrounded by a thick forest on both sides, people have claimed to have heard sounds of dry leaves being walked upon, the rustling of leaves and strange whispers without any apparent cause. As the street is lonely during the evening, it is best not to head there anyway for safety reasons.

Jamali Kamali Masjid

A part of the Mehrauli Archaeological Park, the masjid gets its name from the two sufi saints who were buried there in 1528. The masjid is most definitely claimed to be haunted. Passersby and visitors have heard sounds of animals crying besides growling and fighting sounds. Some go as far as to claim they have been slapped or pushed while roaming around the masjid. Since the entry to the complex closes at 6pm, it is almost impossible to experience the masjid at night, which we assume is a good thing. However, obtaining special permission from the authorities for research work may get you an entry to this spooky spot.

Agrasen ki Baoli

One of the most visited places in Delhi, Agrasen ki Baoli is also famous for its spooky stories. The mystic waters of the stepwell apparently gives a hypnotic pull which compels the person to jump. According to many ancient legends, this place was constructed in time of Maharaja Agrasen or Ugrasen of Agroha. Now it's a protected monument by the Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

So if you are in the mood for a nocturnal adventure, the above list of

the most popular haunted places in Delhi is a good start. Remember to inform somebody of your whereabouts and make sure your cell phone is fully charged before you head on this ghostly trail.

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