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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the popular local food items in Matheran?

Vartika Kaushal DEC 10 2012
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Walking around this hill station and breathing in the fresh mountain air is certain to increase appetites. So when your stomach starts growling, here are some local goodies that you can feast upon:

  • Chikki

    If there is one thing that Matheran is famous for- it has to be Chikkis. These are a ready to eat sweet snacks made from nuts, sesame seeds and jaggery (somewhat like granola bars and brittles). They are commonly sold in shops and by street vendors. Usually made from peanuts, and cashew nuts, chikkis come in other flavours as well, like Coconut chikki and Sago chikki. Quite nutritious with high iron content, these are great for killing hunger pangs when there are no restaurants nearby. So make sure you are carrying a good stock of these nutty delights.

  • Vada Pav

    Ah! This is a trademark Maharashtrian street fare and hugely popular all over India. Vada Pav is basically a deep fried potato fritter (batata vada) put in a bun (pav). Nowadays, you will find different variations like the Cheese Vada pav or the Schezwan Vada Pav. In earlier days, Vada Pav was called a poor man’s dish but today it is relished by both the rich and the poor alike.

  • Pav Bhaji

    Another iconic Maharashtrian street food, Pav Bhaji consists of a buttered pav (bun bread) eaten with a bhaji (mashed mixed vegetable dish). Originated as a dish for the mill workers made from the leftover food from other dishes, Pav Bhaji has attained so much popularity that it now features in the menus of major restaurants and hotels in India and abroad.

  • Solkadhi

    This is a cooling summer curry dish made using coconut milk and kokam, a dark purple fruit, which lends the drink a light pink colour and a sour taste. A bit of sugar, salt and chilli paste is added for some extra zing. Used both as an appetiser and a digestive, it can be had by itself or mixed with steamed rice. This deliciously refreshing dish is truly addictive.

  • Bharli Vangi

    This dish is a very traditional Maharashtrian fare. Bharli Vangi is to Maharashtra, as Alu Posto is to Bengal, or as Mirchi ka Saalan is to Andhra Pradesh (you get the picture?). In this recipe, baby brinjals are stuffed with a coconut, sesame and peanut mixture, and then fried a bit, followed by dropping them in a thick, spicy curry. It tastes as great as it looks and goes best with Poli, Bhakri (flat bread) or rice.

  • Puran Poli

    No meal is complete without something sweet and Maharashtrian cuisine has its own variety of desserts, the most famous being Puran Poli. It is a sweet flatbread stuffed with ground and sweetened chickpeas. Flavouring is done with cardamom, saffron and nutmeg. You mustn’t go back home without tasting this!

When it comes to food, Maharashtrians believe “Anna he purna brahma”, which means food is equivalent to Brahma, creator of the universe. In a place where food is worshipped, you are definitely in for a divine treat!

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