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iXiGOers Dec 09 2012

Which are the top attractions around Udaipur?

Anupriya Bedi Mar 31 2014
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Keep a day or two to visit the Top attractions around Udaipur. A tourist’s itinerary in Udaipur inevitably revolves around the sites of the erstwhile rulers: the palaces they lived in, the lakes they built, the gardens they frequented and the cenotaphs built for them. Ranging from forts turned into luxurious resorts to temples of high religious importance, keep another day or two to visit nearby places of interest handpicked by us.

Eklingji Temple

The Eklingji Temple is located in Kailashpuri Village and is definitely one of the top attractions around Udaipur. A form of Shiva, Eklingji is considered to be the real ruler of Mewar and the kings ruled as the deity’s representatives.The present form is attributed to Maharana Raimal (15th century), according to a plaque on the south gate of the temple. The temple complex has 108 shrines. The main temple has a four-faced idol of Eklingji. Most of the Udaipur tour packages usually include a trip to the holy temple.

Photo of Eklingji Temple (by Dennis Jarvis)

Devi Garh Resort

Once an old Rajput fortress straddling the hills, Devi Garh Resort is now one of the world’s most feted luxury resorts. The privacy, imaginative ideas and customised care it offers its guests explains the accolades it has won. The Aravalli Hills make for lovely views from picture windows. The bathrooms are a scented, sensual experience and the food is excellent making it a must do on the checklist of top attractions around Udaipur

Photo of Devigarh Resort (by Official Website)


Haldighati is about 18 km from Eklingji and is one of the top attractions around Udaipur. Haldighati got its name from the yellow-coloured soil here. Its fame rests upon a short battle fought here on June 18, 1576, between Rana Pratap’s forces and those of Akbar. Pratap lost his horse Chetak in a famous skirmish and was forced to flee the battle. Take a drive down this valley and you will see an interesting yellow-orange coloured landscape.

Photo of Haldighati Valley (by Vijay Bhadani)

Karni Fort, Bambora

Bambora is a large village that is becoming a sleepy town. It has, though, a striking structure perched on top of a hill. An 18th-century edifice known as Karni Fort has undergone the inevitable renovation and conversion to a Welcomheritage Hotel. The result is a superbly relaxing place, where there is nothing else to do but sit in the strong breeze or swim in the pool or go horse riding. So if you want to have a quiet and rejuvenating time in the lap of luxury, head to this one of the top attractions around Udaipur.

Photo of WelcomHeritage Karni Fort Resort (by Official Website)

Nathdwara Temple

The Shrinathji Temple at Nathdwara is among the most sacred places of worship for adherents of the Pushtimarg sect, who come here to worship the icon of Krishna. Pushtimarg, which means ‘Path of Divine Grace’, is a sect founded by Vallabhacharya in the 16th century, which revolves around devotion to Krishna. The place is also known for pichhwai paintings done on hand-spun fabric. But beware of the imitations here. So do visit Nathdwara which is one of top attractions around Udaipur

Photo of Nathdwara Temple (by Official Website)

Jaisamand Lake

Said to be India’s largest artificial lake, Jaisamand Lake, its a really popular attraction around Udaipur. The embankment has marvellous marble cenotaphs and a Shiva temple. On either side are summer palaces built for royal entertainment. The lake has seven islands and hills surround it on all sides. Two of the hills have palaces on top. One of these is Hawa Mahal and the other palace is Roothi Rani ka Mahal. There are wonderful views of the lake and the surrounding countryside from the palaces. The Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary in the vicinity is home to panthers, wild boars, blue bulls and spotted deer.

Photo of Jaisamand Lake (by Ganullu)

Kankroli and Rajsamand

Rajsamand Lake and Kankroli are definitely one of the top attractions around Udaipur. Rajsamand Lake is a huge expanse of water between Kankroli and Rajsamand towns. The lake was formed by damming the rivers Gomti, Kelwa and Tali. Towards the Kankroli end, the lake has an immense white stone embankment called Nau Chowki, with ornamental arches and pavilions. Nearby, in Kankroli, on the banks of the lake, is the beautiful temple to Dwarkadheesh, the Krishna of Dwarka.

Photo of Rajsamand Lake (by Official Website)

Deogarh Mahal

This magnificent 17th century, Deogarh Mahal, includes several palaces within a complex, each of which opens into its own private courtyard. Make your reservations in advance and do visit Deogarh which is one of the top attractions around Udaipur. The Chundawat Rawats, the owners of the luxury resort, occupy a part of the mahal and personally supervise the hotel.

Photo of Deogarh Mahal (by Official Website)

You can also visit other top attractions around Udaipur like Mount Abu or Jaipur with prior planning. Flights are the popular modes to reach Udaipur. You can use ixigo app and website to find cheap air tickets to Udaipur. Though the roads of the state are smooth, traffic and pothole free, the facilities here are in scanty. It is the best idea to fill up your fuel tanks, get your air pressure checked and stack up some snacks for the way. Happy Travelling!!

Saurabh Srivastava DEC 10 2012
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If you are headed to Udaipur for a longer holiday, you would not want to miss the places to see around the city. The roads of Rajasthan are a delight and are often called the best in all of India. Why am I telling you this? To give you another reason to rev up and head to the following when you are vacationing in Udaipur!

  • Ranakpur
    A religious excursion located at a distance of 95 km from Udaipur, Ranakpur has the Jain temple of Adinatha. The two hour drive to Ranakpur through fields and small hamlets is a remarkable experience, giving you the occasional brushes with swaying cultivated fields in the midst of the barren desert.

    An important pilgrimage centre for the Jain, Ranakpur is cut off from the mainstream tourism in Rajasthan. The temple here is dedicated to Adinatha, the first of the 24 Tƒ´rthankaras in Jainism. It is a standing example of the craft of the Indian artisan and stone sculptor, with intricacy and detail unseen and unheard of. The delicate carvings on the 1444 pillars of this temple are all different from each other, making it an architectural marvel. This grand structure rising in the middle of the desert inspires such awe that it is difficult to believe it is man made, seeming almost divine. Carved in amber stone and surrounded by lush green gardens, when viewed with the backdrop of the dry sand dunes of the desert, the temple defines ethereal beauty.

  • Kumbhalgarh
    A small village in Rajasthan known world over for having the second largest wall after the Wall of China at the Kumbhalgarh Fort, this destination is a popular excursion located at a distance of 65 kilometers from Udaipur. A structure of magnificence located in the middle of the desert, this fort is an example of intricacy in stone sculpture. Also worth seeing: Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary for birds and animals like wolves and leopards, among others.

    Built by Rana Kumbha in the 15th century, this place is also the birthplace of the legendary warrior Maharana Pratap. Locals have many fables about the construction of this fort, do ask your guide in to narrate them as the story-telling proves to be engaging in the tiring uphill trek required to see the fort. Lace up and stock liquids before you start seeing the fort, they come in handy later. The fort top is breezy and provides sweeping 360 degree views of the surrounding Keekar tree jungles. This fort also has a light and sound show in the evenings which presents the history of the Mewar rulers, if you are interested, plan accordingly. Not only this, you can even hire an open jeep and crusade through the winding roads in the Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary, sighting many exotic birds and animals such as wolves, leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, jackals, jungle cats, sambhar, nilgai, chau singh deers. Best time to visit is in the winter months of October- February.

  • Nathdwara
    Bustling with a pious energy, Nathdwara houses the famous Shrinathji Temple and the surrounding cult of Krishna devotion. Just 42 kms from the popular city of Udaipur, this little town is buzzing with tourists all year round.

    Legend has it that the idol in Shrinathji shrine emerged naturally out of the Govardhan hill, which is associated with the compassion of Lord Krishna. To escape the destruction unleashed by Aurangzeb on Hindu temples in the 17th Century, this idol was relocated from Mathura to Nathdwara. Devotees and even tourists throng to this little "doorway to the almighty", to experience the cult of Krishna Bhakti (or devotion), especially in the elaborate aarti's and the intricate and ornate shringar. Experience its rich heritage in Pichhwai paintings and beautiful terracotta products, while you soak in the beauty of lush, green surroundings and a calm, fresh air. Feast on some delicious thandai and refreshing shikanji in typical Nathdwara style.

Though the roads of the state are smooth, traffic and pothole free, the facilities here are in scanty. It is the best idea to fill up your fuel tanks, get your air pressure checked and stack up some snacks for the way! If you want even more places to explore, head to Haldighati, Eklingji or Mount Abu!

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