Castle Rock railway station

Castle Rock railway station

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list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
82665 Yesvantpur - Vasco da Gama Suvidha Special Yesvantpur Jn Vasco Da Gama 07:38 07:55 17 min
82666 Vasco-da-gama - Yesvantpur Suvidha Special Vasco Da Gama Yesvantpur Jn 23:10 23:15 5 min
07327 VSG GTL EXP Vasco Da Gama Guntakal Jn 17:05 17:10 5 min
07321 VSG HWH EXP Vasco Da Gama Howrah Jn 17:05 17:10 5 min
06585 YPR VSG EXP Yesvantpur Jn Vasco Da Gama 05:25 05:30 5 min
06586 Vsg Ypr Exp Vasco Da Gama Yesvantpur Jn 23:10 23:15 5 min
12780 Goa Express H Nizamuddin Vasco Da Gama 03:05 03:10 5 min
17603 Kcg Ypr Exp Kacheguda Yesvantpur Jn 11:30 11:35 5 min
18048 Vsg Howrah Exp Vasco Da Gama Howrah Jn 09:20 09:25 5 min
08049 Hwh Vsg Special Howrah Jn Vasco Da Gama 11:20 11:30 10 min
06921 Belagavi - Vasco Da Gama Passenger Special (unreserved) Belagavi Vasco Da Gama 08:40 08:45 5 min
06922 Vasco Da Gama - Belagavi Passenger Special (unreserved) Vasco Da Gama Belagavi 18:40 18:45 5 min
51406 CLR MRJ PASS Castle Rock Miraj Jn starts 05:40 0
11098 Poorna Express Ernakulam Jn Pune Jn 16:25 16:30 5 min
11097 Poorna Express Pune Jn Ernakulam Jn 12:55 13:00 5 min
17310 Ypr Biweekly Ex Vasco Da Gama Yesvantpur Jn 23:50 23:55 5 min
17309 Ypr Vasco Exp Yesvantpur Jn Vasco Da Gama 02:20 02:30 10 min
17311 Mas Vasco Exp Mgr Chennai Ctl Vasco Da Gama 09:20 09:30 10 min
17315 Velankanni Exp Vasco Da Gama Vellankanni 11:30 11:35 5 min
17312 Vsg Chennai Exp Vasco Da Gama Mgr Chennai Ctl 17:05 17:10 5 min
17316 Vlnk Vsg Exp Vellankanni Vasco Da Gama 02:20 02:30 10 min
17420 Vsg Tpty Exp Vasco Da Gama Tirupati 11:30 11:35 5 min
17419 Tpty Vsg Exp Tirupati Vasco Da Gama 02:20 02:30 10 min
12779 Goa Express Vasco Da Gama H Nizamuddin 17:35 17:40 5 min
06948 Ubl Vsg Link Exp Hubballi Jn Vasco Da Gama 03:00 03:10 10 min
51405 Mrj Clr Pass Miraj Jn Castle Rock 23:45 ends 0
18047 Amaravathi Exp Howrah Jn Vasco Da Gama 11:20 11:30 10 min
17021 Hyb Vsg Express Hyderabad Decan Vasco Da Gama 02:20 02:30 10 min
17022 Vsg Hyb Exp Vasco Da Gama Hyderabad Decan 11:30 11:35 5 min
02779 Vsg Sbc Link Exp Vasco Da Gama Ksr Bengaluru 17:35 17:40 5 min

Rating and reviews of Castle Rock

reviewed on Mar 08 2020
good improvement done with in short time by konkan railway with 50 km average speed journey shouldn't be more than 10 hours prakash varik. Goa
reviewed on Mar 05 2020
ट्रेन किधर पहुंची है कहां पर है इटारसी में उतरना है
reviewed on Mar 03 2020
margoa station should be clean
reviewed on May 25 2017
the UK and Ireland and the other day and night and I am
reviewed on Dec 12 2014
reviewed on Jul 30 2014
reviewed on Jun 12 2014
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