Dekpura Halt railway station

Dekpura Halt railway station

all trains stopping at this railway station

list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
73257 Bkp Gaya Demu Bakhtiyarpur Jn Gaya Jn 14:56 14:57 1 min
73258 Gaya Bkp Demu Gaya Jn Bakhtiyarpur Jn 12:49 12:50 1 min
53209 Rajgir - Fatuha Passenger (UnReserved) Rajgir Fatuha Jn 07:43 07:44 1 min
53210 Fatuha - Daniyawan - Rajgir Passenger (UnReserved) Fatuha Jn Rajgir 19:11 19:12 1 min
53230 Dnr Rgd Passenger Danapur Rajgir 21:15 21:16 1 min
03339 Rajgir - Danapur Exam Special MEMU Rajgir Danapur 06:09 06:10 1 min
53225 Bakhtiyarpur - Gaya Passenger (UnReserved) Bakhtiyarpur Jn Gaya Jn 14:22 14:23 1 min
53226 Gaya - Bakhtiyarpur Passenger (UnReserved) Gaya Jn Bakhtiyarpur Jn 12:28 12:29 1 min
53231 Tia Dnr Passenger Tilaya Danapur 20:26 20:27 1 min
53232 Dnr Tia Passenger Danapur Tilaya 12:01 12:02 1 min
03231 Danapur - Secunderabad Exam Special (UnReserved) Danapur Secunderabad Jn 06:22 06:23 1 min
03232 Secunderabad - Danapur Exam Special (UnReserved) Secunderabad Jn Danapur 21:09 21:10 1 min
03223 Ptg Pnbe Special Rajgir Fatuha Jn 07:35 07:36 1 min
03224 Pnbe Ptg Special Fatuha Jn Rajgir 18:59 19:00 1 min
63340 Danapur - Rajgir Memu Danapur Rajgir 21:08 21:09 1 min
03625 Gaya - Bakhtiyarpur Passenger Special Bakhtiyarpur Jn Gaya Jn 14:23 14:24 1 min
03626 Bakhtiyarpur - Gaya Passenger Special Gaya Jn Bakhtiyarpur Jn 12:05 12:06 1 min
63330 Fatuha - Rajgir Memu Fatuha Jn Rajgir 18:59 19:00 1 min
63329 Rajgir - Fatuha Memu Rajgir Fatuha Jn 07:35 07:36 1 min
63339 Rajgir - Danapur Memu Rajgir Danapur 06:09 06:10 1 min
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