Mavli Jn railway station

Mavli Jn railway station

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list of trains
train no. train name from to
52071 Running Status Bi Mavli Passenger Bari Sadri Mavli Jn
52072 Running Status Mvj Bi Passenger Mavli Jn Bari Sadri
09625 Running Status Madar Jn - Udaipur Urs Special Madar Jn Udaipur City
09626 Running Status Udaipur - Madar(Ajmer) SpecialFare URS Special Udaipur City Madar Jn
12965 Running Status Khajuraho - Udaipur City Express Khajuraho Udaipur City
12966 Running Status Udaipur City - Khajuraho Express Udaipur City Khajuraho
19657 Running Status Veer Bhumi Chittaurgarh Express Indore Jn Bg Udaipur City
19658 Running Status Veer Bhumi Chittaurgarh Express Udaipur City Indore Jn Bg
52073 Running Status Mj Mvj Passenger Marwar Jn Mavli Jn
52074 Running Status Mvj Mj Passenger Mavli Jn Marwar Jn
09669 Running Status INAUGL HUMSAFAR Udaipur City Patliputra
09670 Running Status HUMSAFAR EXPRESS Patliputra Udaipur City
12995 Running Status Bdts Aii Udz Ex Bandra Terminus Udaipur City
09677 Running Status Udz Bkn Spl Udaipur City Bikaner Jn
09680 Running Status Kota Udz Spl Kota Jn Udaipur City
09679 Running Status Udz Kota Spl Udaipur City Kota Jn
09678 Running Status Bkn Udz Spl Bikaner Jn Udaipur City
22901 Running Status Bdts Udz Aii Exp Bandra Terminus Udaipur City
04972 Running Status Udz G Rath Spl Jammu Tawi Udaipur City
04971 Running Status Jat G Rath Spl Udaipur City Jammu Tawi
12981 Running Status Chetak Exp Delhi S Rohilla Udaipur City
09575 Running Status Okha Ndtspl Okha Nathdwara
09576 Running Status Ndt Okha Spl Nathdwara Okha
12982 Running Status Chetak Exp Udaipur City Delhi S Rohilla
12963 Running Status Mewar Express H Nizamuddin Udaipur City
22986 Running Status Raj Hamsafar Exp Delhi S Rohilla Udaipur City
19576 Running Status Ndt Okha Exp Nathdwara Okha
09782 Running Status Udaipur City - Khatipura Exam Special Udaipur City Khatipura
09781 Running Status Jaipur - Udaipur City Exam Special Jaipur Udaipur City
12992 Running Status Jp Udz Exp Jaipur Udaipur City
12316 Running Status Ananya Express Udaipur City Kolkata
19660 Running Status Udz Shm Exp Udaipur City Shalimar
12315 Running Status Annanya Expres Kolkata Udaipur City
19575 Running Status Okha Ndt Exp Okha Nathdwara
22985 Running Status Raj Humsafar Exp Udaipur City Delhi S Rohilla
19669 Running Status Ppta Humsafar Udaipur City Patliputra
19601 Running Status Udz Njp Exp Udaipur City New Jalpaiguri
19670 Running Status Humsafar Express Patliputra Udaipur City
19602 Running Status Njp Udz Express New Jalpaiguri Udaipur City
22902 Running Status Udz Bdts Sup Udaipur City Bandra Terminus
19710 Running Status Kyq Jp Kaviguru Kamakhya Udaipur City
12996 Running Status Udz Bdts Sf Exp Udaipur City Bandra Terminus
12991 Running Status Udz Jp Exp Udaipur City Jaipur
19666 Running Status Udz Kurj Exp Udaipur City Khajuraho
19659 Running Status Shm Udz Express Shalimar Udaipur City
19709 Running Status Kavi Guru Exp Udaipur City Kamakhya
12964 Running Status Mewar Express Udaipur City H Nizamuddin
19329 Running Status Veer Bhumi Exp Indore Jn Bg Udaipur City
19330 Running Status Virbhumi Cor Exp Udaipur City Indore Jn Bg
09618 Running Status Udz Mdjn Exp Spl Udaipur City Madar Jn
02902 Running Status Udz Bdts Sf Spl Udaipur City Bandra Terminus
02992 Running Status Jp Udz Sf Spl Jaipur Udaipur City
09330 Running Status Udz Indb Spl Udaipur City Indore Jn Bg
09666 Running Status Udz Kurj Exp Spl Udaipur City Khajuraho
09327 Running Status Rtm Udz Special Ratlam Jn Udaipur City
09329 Running Status Indb Udz Special Indore Jn Bg Udaipur City
09609 Running Status Udz Ynrk Spl Udaipur City Yog N Rishikesh
02316 Running Status Udz Koaa Spl Udaipur City Kolkata
09659 Running Status Shm Udz Spl Shalimar Udaipur City
09624 Running Status Kne Udz Special Kishanganj Udaipur City
09623 Running Status Udz Kne Hsp Spl Udaipur City Kishanganj
02991 Running Status Udz Jp Sf Spl Udaipur City Jaipur
02315 Running Status Koaa Udz Spl Kolkata Udaipur City
09709 Running Status Udz Kyq Special Udaipur City Kamakhya
09328 Running Status Udz Rtm Spl Udaipur City Ratlam Jn
09721 Running Status Jp Udz Sf Spl Jaipur Udaipur City
09722 Running Status Udz Jp Sf Spl Udaipur City Jaipur
59605 Running Status Cor Udz Passenger Chittaurgarh Udaipur City
59606 Running Status Udz Cor Passenger Udaipur City Chittaurgarh
59604 Running Status Udz Aii Passenger Udaipur City Madar Jn
59603 Running Status Aii Udz Passenger Madar Jn Udaipur City
59835 Running Status Nmh Udz Passenger Mandasor Udaipur City
59836 Running Status Udz Nmh Passenger Udaipur City Mandasor
09696 Running Status Mavli - Marwar Express Special Mavli Jn Marwar Jn
09695 Running Status Marwar - Mavli Express Special Marwar Jn Mavli Jn
09602 Running Status Njp Udz Special New Jalpaiguri Udaipur City
19327 Running Status Rtm Udaipur Exp Ratlam Jn Udaipur City
19328 Running Status Cor Rtm Passenger Udaipur City Ratlam Jn
19609 Running Status Udz Hw Exp Udaipur City Haridwar Jn
52076 Running Status Mvj Mj Pass Mavli Jn Marwar Jn
52075 Running Status Mj Mvj Pass Marwar Jn Mavli Jn
05835 Running Status Mandsor - Udaipur City Passenger Special Mandasor Udaipur City
05836 Running Status Udaipur City - Mandsor Passenger Special Udaipur City Mandasor
09660 Running Status Udz Shm Spl Udaipur City Shalimar
09665 Running Status Kurj Udz Exp Spl Khajuraho Udaipur City
19665 Running Status Kurj Udz Exp Khajuraho Udaipur City
19610 Running Status Hw Udz Exp Haridwar Jn Udaipur City
02994 Running Status Chetak Sf Spl Udaipur City Delhi S Rohilla
02993 Running Status Chetak Sf Spl Delhi S Rohilla Udaipur City
09601 Running Status Njp Festival Spl Udaipur City New Jalpaiguri
09710 Running Status Kyq Udz Special Kamakhya Udaipur City
02964 Running Status Mewar Spl Udaipur City H Nizamuddin
02963 Running Status Mewar Exp Spl H Nizamuddin Udaipur City
02901 Running Status Bdts Udz Sf Spl Bandra Terminus Udaipur City
09610 Running Status Ynrk Udz Spl Yog N Rishikesh Udaipur City
09617 Running Status Mdjn Udz Exp Spl Madar Jn Udaipur City

Rating and reviews of Mavli Jn

reviewed on Jul 28 2022
not good chittorgarh paletform
reviewed on Jul 25 2022
reviewed on Jul 22 2022
good station 👍🙂👍🙂👍🙂👍👍 🙂👍👍👍🙂👍👍🙂🙂
reviewed on Jul 18 2022
great, cleaning are very well and very good
reviewed on Jul 17 2022
reviewed on Jul 17 2022
reviewed on Jul 17 2022
thik h baifndbdvsla bsdjdnsbdjs d
reviewed on Jul 17 2022
thik he but bhahut let timi he
reviewed on Jul 05 2022
इस स्टेशन पर ना तो साफ सफाई है कुत्ते गंदगी करते रहते हैं बैठने का साधन भी नहीं है कुर्सी पर लैट्रिन बाथरूम कर देते हैं कुत्ते
reviewed on Jun 25 2022
I don't know ...................
Find out the list of trains that arrive at Mavli Jn railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Mavli Jn - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Mavli Jn railway station are 52071 BI MAVLI PASSENGER, 52072 MVJ BI PASSENGER, 09625 MADAR JN - UDAIPUR URS SPECIAL and 09626 UDAIPUR - MADAR(AJMER) SPECIALFARE URS SPECIAL. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Mavli Jn railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Mavli Jn to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.