Aluabari Road railway station

Aluabari Road railway station

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Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
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train no. train name from to
82305 Running Status Hwh Njp Suvidha Howrah Jn New Jalpaiguri
82306 Running Status Njp Hwh Suvidha New Jalpaiguri Howrah Jn
23141 Running Status Testa Torsa Link Rningr Jlpaigri Hoshangabad
15610 Running Status Avadh Assam Express (PT) Lalgarh Jn Dibrugarh
14083 Running Status Sikkim Mahananda Express Alipur Duar Jn Old Delhi
15609 Running Status Avadh Assam Express (PT) Dibrugarh Lalgarh Jn
25610 Running Status Jivachh Link Express Darbhanga Jn New Tinsukia Jn
75709 Running Status Bndp Njp Demu Buniadpur New Jalpaiguri
75710 Running Status NJP BNDP DEMU New Jalpaiguri Buniadpur
18629 Running Status Rnc Njp Express Ranchi New Jalpaiguri
18630 Running Status Njp Rnc Express New Jalpaiguri Ranchi
05607 Running Status Dalkhola - Guwahati Passenger Special Dalkolha Guwahati
05609 Running Status Dalkhola - Guwahati - Dibrugarh Passenger Special Dalkolha Dibrugarh
05610 Running Status Guwahati - Dalkhola Passenger Special Guwahati Dalkolha
15659 Running Status Kanchanjunga Express Sealdah Agartala
25658 Running Status Kanchanjunga Express Silchar Sealdah
25657 Running Status Kanchanjanga Express Sealdah Silchar
15660 Running Status Kanchanjunga Express Agartala Sealdah
15658 Running Status Kanchanjunga Express Guwahati Sealdah
15657 Running Status Kanchanjanga Express Sealdah Guwahati
13171 Running Status KANCHANJANGA EXP Sealdah Agartala
13172 Running Status KANCHANJUNGA EXP Agartala Sealdah
55711 Running Status Mldt Njp Passenger Malda Town New Jalpaiguri
55712 Running Status Njp Mldt Passenger New Jalpaiguri Malda Town
15719 Running Status Intercity Katihar Jn Siliguri Jn
25910 Running Status Ntsk Jivachh Lin Darbhanga Jn New Tinsukia Jn
13141 Running Status Testa Torsa Exp Sealdah New Alipurduar
22310 Running Status Njp Hwh Ac Exp New Jalpaiguri Howrah Jn
15724 Running Status Smi Njp Express Sitamarhi New Jalpaiguri
15723 Running Status Njp Smi Express New Jalpaiguri Sitamarhi
23142 Running Status Teesta Torsa Exp Haldibari Sealdah
22309 Running Status Hwh Njp Ac Exp Howrah Jn New Jalpaiguri
15484 Running Status Mahananda Exp Old Delhi Alipur Duar Jn
13142 Running Status Testa Torsa Exp New Alipurduar Sealdah
15960 Running Status Kamrup Express Dibrugarh Howrah Jn
13173 Running Status Kanchanjunga Exp Sealdah Agartala
05463 Running Status Blgt Sguj Spl Balurghat Siliguri Jn
03176 Running Status Scl Sdah Special Silchar Sealdah
03142 Running Status Noq Sdah Special New Alipurduar Sealdah
15909 Running Status Abadh Assam Exp Dibrugarh Lalgarh Jn
05961 Running Status Hwh Dbrg Spl Howrah Jn Dibrugarh
05720 Running Status Sguj Kir Special Siliguri Jn Katihar Jn
15483 Running Status Mahananda Exp Alipur Duar Jn Old Delhi
05719 Running Status Kir Sguj Special Katihar Jn Siliguri Jn
03148 Running Status Bxt Sdah Special Bamanhat Sealdah
03149 Running Status Sdah Apdj Spl Sealdah Alipur Duar Jn
03141 Running Status Sdah Noq Spl Sealdah New Alipurduar
03175 Running Status Sdah Scl Spl Sealdah Silchar
05962 Running Status Dbrg Hwh Special Dibrugarh Howrah Jn
05960 Running Status Dbrg Hwh Special Dibrugarh Howrah Jn
02611 Running Status Mas Njp Express Mgr Chennai Ctl New Jalpaiguri
13149 Running Status Kanchankanya Exp Sealdah Alipur Duar Jn
13147 Running Status Uttar Banga Exp Sealdah Bamanhat
15959 Running Status Kamrup Express Howrah Jn Dibrugarh
07543 Running Status Katihar - Siliguri Demu Express Special Katihar Jn Siliguri Jn
07544 Running Status Siliguri - Katihar Demu Expres Special Siliguri Jn Katihar Jn
07519 Running Status Pandharpur - Khanapur Ekadashi Special (UnReserved) Malda Court Siliguri Jn
07520 Running Status Khanapur - Pandarpur Ekadashi Special (UnReserved) Siliguri Jn Malda Court
05483 Running Status Apdj Dli Special Alipur Duar Jn Old Delhi
05484 Running Status Dli Apdj Spl Old Delhi Alipur Duar Jn
03147 Running Status Sdah Bxt Spl Sealdah Bamanhat
03150 Running Status Apdj Sdah Spl Alipur Duar Jn Sealdah
05910 Running Status Avadh Assam Spl Lalgarh Jn Dibrugarh
15463 Running Status Blgt Sguj Intercity Express Balurghat Siliguri Jn
15464 Running Status Sguj blgt special Siliguri Jn Balurghat
15709 Running Status Malda Town - New Jalpaiguri Express (unreserved) Malda Town New Jalpaiguri
15710 Running Status New Jalpaiguri - Malda Town Express (unreserved) New Jalpaiguri Malda Town
15720 Running Status Intercity Siliguri Jn Katihar Jn
13176 Running Status Kanchanjunga Exp Silchar Sealdah
13175 Running Status Kanchanjanga Exp Sealdah Silchar
02612 Running Status Njp Mas Special New Jalpaiguri Mgr Chennai Ctl
75719 Running Status Mldt Dhh Dmu Malda Court Siliguri Jn
75744 Running Status Sguj Kir Passenger Siliguri Jn Katihar Jn
75720 Running Status Dhh Mldt Dmu Siliguri Jn Malda Court
75743 Running Status Kir Sguj Passenger Katihar Jn Siliguri Jn
75707 Running Status Rdp Njp Demu Radhikapur Siliguri Jn
75708 Running Status Njp Rdp Demu Siliguri Jn Radhikapur
05909 Running Status Dbrg Lgh Express Dibrugarh Lalgarh Jn
03174 Running Status Agtl Sdah Spl Agartala Sealdah
05464 Running Status Sguj Blgt Spl Siliguri Jn Balurghat
13150 Running Status Kanchankanya Ex Alipur Duar Jn Sealdah
13148 Running Status Uttar Banga Exp Bamanhat Sealdah
13174 Running Status Kanchanjunga Exp Agartala Sealdah
03173 Running Status Sdah Agtl Spl Sealdah Agartala
15910 Running Status Avadh Assam Exp Lalgarh Jn Dibrugarh
05959 Running Status Hwh Dbrg Spl Howrah Jn Dibrugarh

Rating and reviews of Aluabari Road

reviewed on Jun 21 2022
gd fdgjhcch ydfjjhcd uddgu
reviewed on Jun 16 2022
good and best for hole journey
reviewed on Jun 15 2022
faiyaj ansari faiyaj ansari
reviewed on Jun 09 2022
Station facilities are very good, Cleanliness also very well.Taxi services not very good.
reviewed on Jun 07 2022
reviewed on Jun 06 2022
No cleaness No safty and security poor food
reviewed on Jun 04 2022
Very goog good good good good good
reviewed on May 26 2022
reviewed on May 23 2022
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reviewed on May 23 2022
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Find out the list of trains that arrive at Aluabari Road railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Aluabari Road - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Aluabari Road railway station are 82305 HWH NJP SUVIDHA, 82306 NJP HWH SUVIDHA, 23141 TESTA TORSA LINK and 15610 AVADH ASSAM EXPRESS (PT). When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Aluabari Road railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Aluabari Road to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.