Kathgodam railway station

Kathgodam railway station

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train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
05044 Kathgodam - Lucknow Jn. Inaugural Special Kathgodam Lucknow Ne starts 18:35 0
15035 Utr Samprk K Ex Old Delhi Kathgodam 22:45 ends 0
15013 Ranikhet Exp Jaisalmer Kathgodam 05:05 ends 0
12255 Kgm Garib Rath Kanpur Central Kathgodam 14:50 ends 0
12256 Cnb Garib Rath Kathgodam Kanpur Central starts 19:10 0
12233 Jammu Garib Rath Kathgodam Jammu Tawi starts 18:30 0
12234 Kgm Garib Rath Jammu Tawi Kathgodam 14:50 ends 0
03020 Hwh Festivl Spl Kathgodam Howrah Jn starts 21:45 0
02092 Doon Janstb Spl Kathgodam Dehradun starts 05:30 0
02091 Jan Shatbdi Spl Dehradun Kathgodam 23:40 ends 0
02040 Kgm Shatbdi Spl New Delhi Kathgodam 11:40 ends 0
02039 Ndls Sht Spl Kathgodam New Delhi starts 15:30 0
05013 Ranikhet Spl Jaisalmer Kathgodam 04:55 ends 0
15043 Ljn Kgm Exp Lucknow Ne Kathgodam 08:10 ends 0
15044 Kgm Ljn Exp Kathgodam Lucknow Ne starts 10:55 0
15036 Utr Samprk K Ex Kathgodam Old Delhi starts 08:45 0
15014 Ranikhet Exp Kathgodam Jaisalmer starts 20:35 0
03019 Hwh Kgm Spl Howrah Jn Kathgodam 09:00 ends 0
14120 Ddn Kgm Express Dehradun Kathgodam 07:20 ends 0
14119 Kgm Ddn Express Kathgodam Dehradun starts 19:45 0
13019 Bagh Express Howrah Jn Kathgodam 09:30 ends 0
13020 Bagh Express Kathgodam Howrah Jn starts 21:45 0
12039 Kgm Ndls Sht Kathgodam New Delhi starts 15:35 0
12040 Ndls Kgm Sht New Delhi Kathgodam 11:40 ends 0
12092 Naini Doon Jan S Kathgodam Dehradun starts 05:30 0
12091 Naini Doon Jan S Dehradun Kathgodam 23:35 ends 0
12207 Jammu Garib Rath Kathgodam Jammu Tawi starts 18:30 0
12209 Kgm Garib Rath Kanpur Central Kathgodam 14:50 ends 0
12208 Kgm Garib Rath Jammu Tawi Kathgodam 14:50 ends 0
55302 Kgm Mb Passenger Kathgodam Moradabad starts 07:25 0
55301 Mb Kgm Passenger Moradabad Kathgodam 18:20 ends 0
55304 Kgm Mb Passenger Kathgodam Moradabad starts 16:05 0
55303 Mb Kgm Passenger Moradabad Kathgodam 12:05 ends 0
12210 Cnb Garib Rath Kathgodam Kanpur Central starts 19:10 0

Rating and reviews of Kathgodam

reviewed on Jun 17 2021
ha hona chahiye or sbse bdi bat ye h ki dhyan se sari surkchh sbko krna chahiye
reviewed on Jun 16 2021
No idae apni surkchha khud kre
reviewed on Jun 13 2021
are yarr train na mil rhi tum review lelo phla
reviewed on Jun 12 2021
আমার কোনো ওভিগতা নেই তাই জানতে চাই
reviewed on May 27 2021
nice station ghandhinagar
reviewed on May 27 2021
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reviewed on May 27 2021
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reviewed on May 22 2021
all gud & be safe happy journey
reviewed on May 22 2021
all good & be safe happy journey
reviewed on May 19 2021
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Find all the trains to Kathgodam railway station quickly. Here you would find the list of trains for Kathgodam. Just scroll down to see the information that includes the arrival and departure timings of all the trains stopping at Kathgodam. It provides the train numbers as well. Some of the trains that arrive at Kathgodam are 05044 KATHGODAM - LUCKNOW JN. INAUGURAL SPECIAL, 15035 UTR SAMPRK K EX, 15013 RANIKHET EXP and 12255 KGM GARIB RATH. Check out the details for any Indian Railway train just at a glance. Clicking on a train name gives you the complete schedule of the train. Looking at the train schedule, you can find out about the timing of arrival of that particular train at Kathgodam railway station. At ixigo, you can also check the live train running status as well. What's more, you can search for trains to other stations right from this page, too. Just click on the Search tab and enter the details to find out. So, explore your choices and find the right train to your destination. This list also gives you an idea of the stoppage time of the trains at Kathgodam railway station. Use the complete train list for Kathgodam to find availability of berth in different trains. With ixigo, finding the Indian Railways trains and booking a train ticket is simple. Use the cutting-edge PNR Prediction to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket. Have a nice train journey!