Khaga railway station

Khaga railway station

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Cleanliness: /5.0
Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
list of trains
train no. train name from to arrives departs stop time
51823 Ald Fbd Passenger Prayagraj Jn. Farrukhabad 08:20 08:21 1 min
51824 Fbd Ald Passenger Farrukhabad Prayagraj Jn. 17:39 17:40 1 min
16788 Jat-Ten Himsagar Exp Erode Jn Tirunelveli 05:48 05:50 2 min
18110 Jat Muri Rou Express Jammu Tawi Rourkela 14:18 14:19 1 min
114113 Ald Ddn Link Express Subedarganj Dehradun 19:30 19:32 2 min
00106 Allahabad - Kanpur Kumbh Special (unreserved) Prayagraj Jn. Kanpur Central 21:54 21:55 1 min
00105 Allahabad - Kanpur Central Kumbh Mela Special (unreserved) Prayagraj Jn. Kanpur Central 18:24 18:25 1 min
18310 Jat Sbp Exp Jammu Tawi Sambalpur 14:13 14:15 2 min
114163 Sangam Express Prayagraj Jn. Meerut City 19:32 19:34 2 min
00101 Allahabad - Fatehpur Kumbh Mela Special (unreserved) Prayagraj Jn. Fatehpur 06:34 06:35 1 min
00103 Pnvl Madgaon Spl Prayagraj Jn. Fatehpur 11:44 11:45 1 min
00102 Vlnk Thivim Exp Prayagraj Jn. Kanpur Central 07:58 07:59 1 min
00104 Mao Panvel Spl Prayagraj Jn. Kanpur Central 18:25 18:26 1 min
04117 Pryj Cnb Spl Khajuraho Lalitpur Jn 17:15 17:17 2 min
04118 Cnb Pryj Spl Lalitpur Jn Khajuraho 08:33 08:35 2 min
14164 Sangam Exp Meerut City Prayagraj Jn. 05:50 05:52 2 min
14114 Link Express Dehradun Prayagraj Jn. 05:50 05:52 2 min
115004 Chaurichauraexp Gorakhpur Jn Kanpur Anwrganj 09:58 10:00 2 min
18102 Muri Express Jammu Tawi Tatanagar Jn 14:13 14:15 2 min
64592 Kanpur Central _SubedarGanj Menu Kanpur Central Subedarganj 17:49 17:50 1 min
64591 Allahabad - Kanpur Central Memu Subedarganj Kanpur Central 07:55 07:56 1 min
13008 U A Toofan Exp Shri Ganganagar Howrah Jn 20:45 20:47 2 min
04164 Sangam Spl Meerut City Prayagraj Jn. 06:00 06:02 2 min
15003 Chaurichauraexp Kanpur Anwrganj Gorakhpur Jn 18:40 18:42 2 min
15004 Chaurichauraexp Gorakhpur Jn Kanpur Anwrganj 09:38 09:40 2 min
22442 Ald Intercity Kanpur Central Chitrakutdham K 08:13 08:15 2 min
22441 Cnb Intercity Chitrakutdham K Kanpur Central 19:43 19:45 2 min
13007 U Abhatoofan Exp Howrah Jn Shri Ganganagar 06:24 06:26 2 min
14163 Pryj Mtc Spl Prayagraj Jn. Meerut City 19:20 19:22 2 min
18101 Tata Jat Exp Tatanagar Jn Jammu Tawi 10:30 10:32 2 min
05003 Chaurichauraexp Kanpur Anwrganj Gorakhpur Jn 18:40 18:42 2 min

Rating and reviews of Khaga

reviewed on May 03 2022
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reviewed on Apr 14 2022
good and clean just apposite then before
reviewed on Mar 13 2022
no facilities is there by state government
reviewed on Feb 20 2022
साफ सफाई अच्छी नही है और न ही भोजन अच्छा है
reviewed on Dec 05 2021
hgfdjehud htdhhd gbjdjjdj
reviewed on Nov 28 2021
Very neat and clean station, but only monkey are tomuch. Otherwise station is very good
reviewed on Nov 09 2021
ok good station for khaga
reviewed on Sep 25 2021
best of the best statiom
reviewed on Sep 25 2021
one of the best stations in north east.
reviewed on Aug 19 2021
Welcome back to you and your family a very happy new song namaste namaste 🙏 I like you dear friend brother namaste I like you dear brother
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