Singarayakonda railway station

Singarayakonda railway station

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Cleanliness: /5.0
Food: /5.0
Safety: /5.0
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train no. train name from to
57639 Running Status TPTY GNT PASS Tirupati Guntur Jn
07748 Running Status Vskp Tpty Special Visakhapatnam Tirupati
07747 Running Status Tpty Vskp Special Tirupati Visakhapatnam
67279 Running Status Gdr Ogl Memu Gudur Jn Ongole
67280 Running Status Ogl Gdr Memu Ongole Gudur Jn
07047 Running Status KCG TPTY SF SPL Vijayawada Jn Tirupati
57258 Running Status Tirupati Psgr Kakinada Port Tirupati
57257 Running Status Kakinada Psgr Tirupati Kakinada Port
57278 Running Status Bza Bttr Passenger Vijayawada Jn Bitragunta
57277 Running Status Gdr Bza Passenger Gudur Jn Vijayawada Jn
07631 Running Status Gdr Bza Spl Gudur Jn Vijayawada Jn
07632 Running Status Bza Gdr Spl Vijayawada Jn Gudur Jn
07442 Running Status Tpty Festvl Spl Kakinada Town Tirupati
07443 Running Status Cct Festvl Spl Tirupati Kakinada Town
13352 Running Status Dhanbad Express Alleppey Dhanbad Jn
12744 Running Status Simhpuriamrvati Vijayawada Jn Gudur Jn
12711 Running Status Pinakini Exp Vijayawada Jn Mgr Chennai Ctl
12743 Running Status Simhpuriamrvati Gudur Jn Vijayawada Jn
17644 Running Status Circar Exp Kakinada Port Chengalpattu
18568 Running Status Qln Vskp Exp Kollam Jn Visakhapatnam
18567 Running Status Vskp Qln Exp Visakhapatnam Kollam Jn
17250 Running Status Coa Ru Exp Kakinada Port Renigunta Jn
16094 Running Status Ljn Mas Exp Lucknow Ne Mgr Chennai Ctl
12603 Running Status Hyderabad Exp Mgr Chennai Ctl Hyderabad Decan
12733 Running Status Narayanadri Exp Tirupati Lingampalli
17482 Running Status Tpty Bsp Exp Tirupati Bilaspur Jn
16093 Running Status Lucknow Exp Mgr Chennai Ctl Lucknow Ne
12709 Running Status Simhapuri Exp Gudur Jn Secunderabad Jn
17481 Running Status Bsp Tpty Express Bilaspur Jn Tirupati
12710 Running Status Simhapuri Exp Secunderabad Jn Gudur Jn
17406 Running Status Krishna Exp Adilabad Tirupati
12604 Running Status Chennai Exp Hyderabad Decan Mgr Chennai Ctl
12734 Running Status Narayanadri Exp Lingampalli Tirupati
17479 Running Status Puri Tpty Exp Puri Tirupati
12712 Running Status Pinakini Exp Mgr Chennai Ctl Vijayawada Jn
17643 Running Status Circar Exp Chengalpattu Kakinada Port
17405 Running Status Krishna Express Tirupati Adilabad
17249 Running Status Ru Coa Exp Renigunta Jn Kakinada Port
07405 Running Status Tpty Adb Spl Tirupati Adilabad
02734 Running Status Lpi Tpty Spl Lingampalli Tirupati
02709 Running Status Gdr Sc Spl Gudur Jn Secunderabad Jn
07210 Running Status Sbc Cct Fest Spl Ksr Bengaluru Kakinada Town
02603 Running Status Mas Hyb Exp Mgr Chennai Ctl Hyderabad Decan
02604 Running Status Hyb Mas Spl Hyderabad Decan Mgr Chennai Ctl
16031 Running Status Andaman Express Mgr Chennai Ctl Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra
07481 Running Status Tpty Bsp Spl Tirupati Bilaspur Jn
17480 Running Status Tpty Puri Exp Tirupati Puri
17230 Running Status Sabari Exp Secunderabad Jn Trivandrum Cntl
13351 Running Status Dhn Alappuzha E Dhanbad Jn Alleppey
17229 Running Status Sabari Express Trivandrum Cntl Secunderabad Jn
07479 Running Status Tpty Puri Spl Tirupati Puri
16032 Running Status Andaman Express Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Mgr Chennai Ctl
08567 Running Status Vskp Qln Spl Visakhapatnam Kollam Jn
07482 Running Status Bsp Tpty Spl Bilaspur Jn Tirupati
02743 Running Status Gdr Bza Spl Gudur Jn Vijayawada Jn
08568 Running Status Qln Vskp Spl Kollam Jn Visakhapatnam
02710 Running Status Sc Gdr Spl Secunderabad Jn Gudur Jn
07229 Running Status Tvc Sc Express Trivandrum Cntl Secunderabad Jn
07249 Running Status Cct Tpty Spl Kakinada Town Tirupati
07230 Running Status Sc Tvc Spl Secunderabad Jn Trivandrum Cntl
07262 Running Status Kakinada Port - Tirupati Special Vijayawada Jn Gudur Jn
07261 Running Status Tirupati - Vijaywada Tatkal Fare Special Gudur Jn Vijayawada Jn
06093 Running Status Mas Ljn Festspl Mgr Chennai Ctl Lucknow Ne
06094 Running Status Ljn Mas Spl Lucknow Ne Mgr Chennai Ctl
07480 Running Status Tpty Festvl Spl Puri Tirupati
18189 Running Status Tata Allp Exp Tatanagar Jn Alleppey
67234 Running Status Bza Bttr Passenger Vijayawada Jn Bitragunta
67233 Running Status Bttr Bza Passenger Bitragunta Vijayawada Jn
67231 Running Status Tpty Gnt Passenger Tirupati Guntur Jn
67232 Running Status Gnt Tpty Passenger Guntur Jn Tirupati
67298 Running Status Bza Ogl Memu Vijayawada Jn Gudur Jn
07643 Running Status Cgl Coa Spl Chengalpattu Kakinada Port
67297 Running Status Ogl Bza Memu Gudur Jn Vijayawada Jn
17210 Running Status Sheshadri Exp Kakinada Town Ksr Bengaluru
17209 Running Status Seshadri Expres Ksr Bengaluru Kakinada Town
03352 Running Status Allp Dhn Spl Alleppey Dhanbad Jn
02733 Running Status Tpty Lpi Spl Tirupati Lingampalli
02711 Running Status Bza Mas Spl Vijayawada Jn Mgr Chennai Ctl
02712 Running Status Mas Bza Spl Mgr Chennai Ctl Vijayawada Jn
07250 Running Status Tpty Cct Spl Tirupati Kakinada Town
03351 Running Status Dhn Allp Spl Dhanbad Jn Alleppey
07209 Running Status Cct Sbc Spl Kakinada Town Ksr Bengaluru
07644 Running Status Coa Cgl Spl Kakinada Port Chengalpattu
07406 Running Status Adb Tpty Spl Adilabad Tirupati
02744 Running Status Bza Gdr Spl Vijayawada Jn Gudur Jn

Rating and reviews of Singarayakonda

reviewed on Oct 04 2022
supper chala clean ga vundhi
reviewed on Oct 01 2022
reviewed on Oct 01 2022
good hsjhdkudmudkbdhdouwidbxgdnhidndud
reviewed on Sep 29 2022
superb quality in the stations super clean ness food is so testy in gift railway station
reviewed on Sep 29 2022
This station is very key point to 2 Taluks (Kandukur and Kanigiri). No public transport available from this station to Kandukur and Kanigiri. The coach position display is not working for the last 3 years. Station authorities will announce the coach position after announcing the train arrival announcement. It is very difficult to the aged and passengers with small children to reach the bogie in last minute. The passenger foot over bridge between platforms 1&2 is very inconvenient because of the design they build. Please check the bridge it is very steep and nightmare to the old age and passengers with respiratory/ cardiac problems. It is very useless one.
reviewed on Sep 26 2022
fuojvfuiggu kbhi high gf k
reviewed on Sep 20 2022
good track and good timing and clean compartment
reviewed on Sep 17 2022
waste no space to sit it was worst train 🚂🚋🚃🚋🚃🚋🚃
reviewed on Sep 08 2022
food narmal or cleanliness normal'or safety super 👌👍
reviewed on Aug 24 2022
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