Kesamudram railway station

Kesamudram railway station

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train no. train name from to
17049 Running Status Machilipatnam - Secunderabad Express Machilipatnam Secunderabad Jn
17050 Running Status Secunderabad - Machilipatnam Express Secunderabad Jn Machilipatnam
77252 Running Status Mabd Pdpl Dmu Mahbubabad Peddapalli Jn
67202 Running Status Singareni Passenger Balharshah Bhadrachalam Rd
67203 Running Status Singareni Passenger Bhadrachalam Rd Sirpur Town
12861 Running Status Link Daksin Exp Visakhapatnam H Nizamuddin
12862 Running Status Kzj Vskp Link Exp Kazipet Jn Visakhapatnam
57237 Running Status Kzj Bza Passenger Kazipet Jn Vijayawada Jn
57238 Running Status Bza Kzj Passenger Vijayawada Jn Kazipet Jn
57625 Running Status Kakatiya F Pas Secunderabad Jn Manuguru
57626 Running Status Kakathiya F Psr Manuguru Secunderabad Jn
07462 Running Status Cct Sc Spl Kakinada Town Secunderabad Jn
07463 Running Status Bhadrachalam Road - Kazipet Intercity Festival Special Bhadrachalam Rd Kazipet Jn
12763 Running Status Padmavathi Exp Tirupati Secunderabad Jn
16094 Running Status Ljn Mas Exp Lucknow Ne Mgr Chennai Ctl
17026 Running Status Sc Mugr Express Secunderabad Jn Manuguru
12764 Running Status Padmavati Exp Secunderabad Jn Tirupati
16093 Running Status Lucknow Exp Mgr Chennai Ctl Lucknow Ne
12749 Running Status Mtm Bidr Sf Exp Machilipatnam Bidar
16032 Running Status Andaman Express Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Mgr Chennai Ctl
18561 Running Status Vskp Kcg Exp Visakhapatnam Kacheguda
17201 Running Status Golconda Exp Guntur Jn Secunderabad Jn
11303 Running Status Mugr Kop Express Manuguru C Shahumharaj T
17405 Running Status Krishna Express Tirupati Adilabad
07406 Running Status Adb Tpty Spl Adilabad Tirupati
02799 Running Status Bza Sc Spl Vijayawada Jn Secunderabad Jn
02800 Running Status Sc Bza Spl Secunderabad Jn Vijayawada Jn
16031 Running Status Andaman Express Mgr Chennai Ctl Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra
07405 Running Status Tpty Adb Spl Tirupati Adilabad
07201 Running Status Gnt Sc Spl Guntur Jn Secunderabad Jn
17025 Running Status Mugr Sc Express Manuguru Secunderabad Jn
06094 Running Status Ljn Mas Spl Lucknow Ne Mgr Chennai Ctl
18562 Running Status Kcg Vskp Exp Kacheguda Visakhapatnam
12750 Running Status Bidr Mtm Sf Exp Bidar Machilipatnam
11304 Running Status Kop Mugr Express C Shahumharaj T Manuguru
17406 Running Status Krishna Exp Adilabad Tirupati
17202 Running Status Golconda Exp Secunderabad Jn Guntur Jn
07202 Running Status Sc Gnt Spl Secunderabad Jn Guntur Jn
12713 Running Status Satavahana Exp Vijayawada Jn Secunderabad Jn
12714 Running Status Satavahana Exp Secunderabad Jn Vijayawada Jn
57123 Running Status Bdcr Srur Passenger Bhadrachalam Rd Sirpur Town
57124 Running Status Bpq Bdcr Passenger Balharshah Bhadrachalam Rd
07259 Running Status Nizamabad - Karimnagar DEMU Inaugural Special Sirpur Town Bhadrachalam Rd
07260 Running Status SC NS SPL Bhadrachalam Rd Balharshah
57657 Running Status Mugr Kzj Passenger Manuguru Kazipet Jn
57658 Running Status Kzj Mugr Passenger Kazipet Jn Manuguru
06093 Running Status Mas Ljn Festspl Mgr Chennai Ctl Lucknow Ne
67269 Running Status Kzj Dkj Memu Kazipet Jn Dornakal Jn
67270 Running Status Dkj Bza Memu Dornakal Jn Kazipet Jn
07754 Running Status Vskp Bza special Dornakal Jn Kazipet Jn
07753 Running Status Bza Vskp Special Kazipet Jn Dornakal Jn
77251 Running Status Pdpl Mabd Dmu Peddapalli Jn Vijayawada Jn
77254 Running Status Bza Mabd Dmu Vijayawada Jn Peddapalli Jn
02764 Running Status Sc Tpty Spl Secunderabad Jn Tirupati

Rating and reviews of Kesamudram

reviewed on Aug 21 2022
when I have went for the day happy journey
reviewed on Aug 15 2022
very very very very very very very very very very very bad results
reviewed on Aug 07 2022
good good yerri good ioughijggjjhcgnnvccbnjkvc
reviewed on Jul 13 2022
as i thought so it means I don t LIKE
reviewed on Jul 01 2022
safai bahut achha.bhojan thik nahi hai surakha kamjor hai
reviewed on Jun 15 2022
good station and good maintanence
reviewed on May 30 2022
charan harish mahesh chandu
reviewed on May 30 2022
superbike great day both have to be
reviewed on May 22 2022
iam so happy mument is train journey so happy
reviewed on May 10 2022
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Find out the list of trains that arrive at Kesamudram railway station. Get information for all trains passing through Kesamudram - Arrival, Departure, Train Number, Stops, Stoppage time, Platform Number, and Timings. Some of the trains that arrive at Kesamudram railway station are 17049 MACHILIPATNAM - SECUNDERABAD EXPRESS, 17050 SECUNDERABAD - MACHILIPATNAM EXPRESS, 77252 MABD PDPL DMU and 67202 SINGARENI PASSENGER. When you click on a train name or number, you get the complete schedule of that train. you can also check the live train running status of all the trains arriving or departing from Kesamudram railway station. Search for trains to other train stations Use the complete train list for Kesamudram to find seat availability on different trains. Use our cutting-edge PNR Status Prediction feature to know about your chances of confirmation of a waitlisted train ticket.